Alice In Wonderland Lamp Makeover – With Chalk Paint & Decoupage

Step with me into the magical world of make believe with this Alice In Wonderland theme decor makeover. Today’s blog post shares a creative makeover featuring Alice In Wonderland decoupage papers combined with pastel chalk paints and gold shimmer. I’ll share how an ordinary thrift store lamp turned into a piece of art inspired by the Mad Hatter’s tea party, the Cheshire Cat’s grin, and the enchantments of Wonderland So let’s tumble down the rabbit hole and get started on this magical journey in the Alice In Wonderland Lamp Makeover with Chalk Paint & Decoupage

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Alice In Wonderland Lamp Makeover

Project Inspiration For The Alice In Wonderland Lamp Makeover

This project really involved two parts – the lamp base and the lamp shade. Both got a super creative and whimsical upgrade in an Alice theme. And I’ll admit it turned out very “busy” with lots of colors and shimmer, but also very fun.

The inspiration for this Alice In Wonderland Lamp Makeover came from the Alice themed decoupage papers I’ll list below. They are so sweet. All the products were picked to match these decoupage papers.

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I know the whimsical artsy style of this lamp makeover is not for everybody, but it was such a fun project. So to start here’s the Supply List:

Supplies For Alice In Lamp Base

Supplies For The Alice In Lamp Shade

Prepping The Lamp Base For Paint

First, I taped off the parts of the lamp I didn’t want to get paint products on, mainly the cord and the electrical parts at the top. Then I spray painted over lamp base with a white primer.

This lamp base makeover was inspired by a Kacha video I watched. Kacha is an amazing furniture artist. In this video she used Redesign With Prima 3D Stencil Fiber Paste to create a funky textured planter’s pot. She applied the paint over the textured base once the stencil fiber paste dried.

Create A Textured Base For Paint

So using the inspiration from the Kacha video I decided to create a textured funky design for lamp base. It’s so fun and you could do this technique on lamps, canvases, planting pots, vases and more. I’ll say though that this is a messy process so wear gloves and an apron!

So don those gloves and then start applying your handfuls of the Stencil Fiber Paste. Spread the paste across the lamp surface, creating peaks and valleys. Once you cover the whole lamp base let it dry completely.

It will take anywhere from 6 hours to overnight to dry. I gave my lamp base a whole day to dry.

This was such a fun process and I loved the way it turned out. So next, we’ll paint the lamp base. To see more ways to use the 3D Stencil Fiber Paste:

Paint The Textured Lamp Base

Okay, next comes another fun part. I know I said that about the first part – creating the texture. However, this whole project was so fun. I chose the paint colors to match the backgrounds of the Alice In Wonderland Decoupage Paper.

Alice In Wonderland theme Lamp Makeover

I used Dixie Belle Chalk Paint in several colors for this fun colorful base. These colors are Peony – a bright pink, Sea Glass – a light mint green, and finally Burlap – a deep tan. Using small chip brushes I applied the colors in a funky pattern across the textured base.

I combined a bit of the peony with some white to create a light pink also and dabbed that on. Then I used some sparing dabs of the bright peony also.

The pattern of the colors on this lamp base reminded me of a map with oceans and land masses. I tried to blend the edges a bit so it looked like it flowed better. And truly there is no right or wrong way to apply this paint. Each lamp pattern will by unique.

Once this paint dried. I finished up by dry brushing on some Pebeo Gilding Wax in Empire Gold. This gilding wax is my favorite. It added such shimmer to this lamp base. And in my opinion a little gold bling never hurt anything! To learn more about gilding wax check out these posts:

Prepping The Lamp Shade For Decoupage

Now that the lamp base is finished, next we’ll work on the lamp shade. Did you know that you can paint lamp shades with chalk paint? It sounds weird, but you sure can!

For this lamp shade I chose Dixie Belle Chalk Paint in Buttercream. Using a large natural bristle brush and a misting bottle is the ticket. I used my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Brush that I’ve had forever and my Dixie belle misting bottle.

Painting a lamp shade is somewhat like painting upholstery. First use a spray misting bottle and mist the surface well and then apply the paint. You can also mix the paint with a little water to thin it. It acts somewhat like a stain and soaks into the lamp shade fabric. It took two coats, letting each coat dry in between.

Painting a Lamp Shade With Chalk Paint

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Apply The Alice In Wonderland Decoupage Papers To The Lamp Shade

I absolutely fell in love with these Alice in Wonderland Decoupage Papers. They are so sweet. These are made by Stamperia and I found them on Etsy. I ordered a single sheet and then a pack of several designs. And you can find them here:

I chose several portions of the various designs and cut them out using scissors. Certainly you could apply a full sheet all across the shade. Whatever style you prefer.

After I cut out my design pieces I applied them to the lamp shade by placing down a layer of Redesign With Prima Decoupage Matte Gel. Then next, stick down your decoupage paper and smooth it out gently using your fingers or a decoupage brayer.

Let it dry and then apply a topcoat, either the Decoupage Matte Gel or a Clear Coat. I wore gloves to apply the decoupage papers because they are thin and you don’t want them to tear.

Decoupage A Lamp Shade With Alice Themed Decoupage Papers

To learn more about decoupage check out these posts;

Adding Final Touches To The Lamp Shade

And then, once the decoupage papers are on, let’s dab on some paint in the coordinating shades. This will help blend the edges of decoupage papers to make it flow better.

First I dabbed Dixie Belle Chalk Paint in Burlap around the edges of the decoupage paper designs. Following that, I dabbed on Sea Glass Chalk Paint by Dixie Belle.

I applied touches of these colors alternatingly until I got a blended look around the decoupage pictures. Finally I added peony, sparingly. Peony by Dixie Belle Chalk Paint is a very strong bright pink color so a little goes a long way.

applying chalk paint colors to the painted lamp shade

Finally, to really add a bit of shimmer I dry brushed some Pebeo Gilding Wax around the lamp shade using a stiff bristle artist brush. Then to add a sweet bit of gold shine to lamp shade top and bottom edge I applied the gilding wax with my finger.

To learn more about Gilding Wax read this post: Gold Accents With Gilding Wax.

Summary – Alice In Wonderland Lamp Makeover With Chalk Paint And Decoupage

I hope you enjoyed this fun and creative Alice In Wonderland Lamp Makeover. I adore these Alice In Wonderland Decoupage Papers. But if you aren’t a fan of the Alice in Wonderland theme this project would be easy to do with so many other themes..

Just switch up the colors to suit whatever themed decoupage papers you choose. Did you know that you could also use stencils and even furniture transfers on the lamp shades? The creative possibilities are endless!

It’s hard not to stand back and marvel though at this simple lamp transformation. It amazes me what you can do with some fun design elements like decoupage papers and chalk paints. So pick up a thrift store lamp and let your imagination run wild! I’d love to see what you come up with!

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