Americana Mason Jar Décor: Chalk Painted Mason Jars for Fourth Of July

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Americana Painted Mason Jars Title Picture

Since it’s already mid-June, I figured it was time to get out my Fourth of July décor. And you all know how much I love chalk painted mason jars. So, I decided to do some Americana painted Mason Jars to get my table and mantle ready for the Fourth Of July! Did you know that chalk painted mason jars make for super easy décor for your home? And as a bonus, painted mason jars also make an especially lovely centerpiece that you can change out each season. Additionally as I always have plenty of chalk paint colors on hand, I was ready with the red, white and blue chalk mineral paint.

Stars & Stripes Themed Pattern

Next up was just deciding what style to go with for the mason jars. So, I decided to go with a patriotic red, white and blue stars and stripes theme for my chalk painted Americana Fourth of July mason jars. These are fairly easy to make. And additionally just a few items are needed besides the red, white, and blue chalk paints, so the supply list is simple.

Doing the star stenciling takes just a little practice. However, I suggest that you practice on a piece of paper before trying it out on your painted jars. And if you might find it helpful, I did add a link to a little video below in the blog post about how I use the stencil pouncer to do the stars.

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Supplies List

Ball Mason Jars 32 oz. size regular mouth version – you can often find Ball brand or other brand mason jars at your local Tractor Supply, JoAnne’s Fabrics, or Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

Chalk mineral Paints: I used Dixie Belle Barn Red, Dixie Belle Cotton, and Dixie Belle In The Navy

Dixie Belle Slick Stick primer for slick surfaces. I keep my Slick Stick in a Fifo Bottle for easy dispensing and no stuck on lids. And a bonus is that these bottles come in handy for more frequently used paints.

Dixie Belle Premium Chip Brushes or other paint brushes

Assorted artist brushes in various sizes

Painter’s tape – I used Scotch Blue Tape

Star Stencil from Amazon – these stencils by Studio R 12 on Amazon are sturdy and hold up well to washing and repeat usage

Stencil Foam Pouncers

Dixie Belle Clear Coat in Satin

Various Faux Flowers and Patriotic Décor Items from Hobby Lobby

Paper Plates and Paper Towels

Easy Steps to Chalk Painted Americana Fourth Of July Mason Jar Décor

Prep Your Jars & Paint the Base Coat

  1. Wash your mason jars and let them dry.
  2. Apply 2 coats of Dixie Belle Slick Stick primer for glass or slick surfaces and let each coat dry thoroughly. If you don’t have Dixie Belle Slick Stick you can use Zinsser BIN Bulls Eye 123 Primer.
  3. Apply One Coat of Dixie Belle Paint in Cotton and let it dry.

Painting The Stripes

  1. Next, use the Painter’s tape to mark off lines for doing the stripes. I like to work from the lightest color, which in this case is Cotton, to the darkest color, In The Navy. After the Painter’s Tape is on apply your 1st color, Cotton, in the areas you marked off for the white stripes. Let that coat dry. Apply a second coat if needed and let it dry.
  2. Lastly, remove the tape and re-tape for the other stripes. In this case my next color was the Barn Red. Apply 1-2 coats, letting each coat dry before removing the painter’s tape. Then reapply your painter’s tape and do your last color in the designated area. I used flat thick artist brushes to apply the paint for the stripes.

How To Do The Star Stenciling

  1. Next, once all the stripes are dry you are ready to stencil the stars. You hold the star stencil in place and tape it down if necessary. Then, you put a small amount of the chalk paint, in this case, Dixie Belle Cotton, on a paper plate. Dip the top of your stencil craft pouncer into the paint and dab it off on a paper towel before pouncing the stencil. You don’t want to overload your stencil pouncer with paint. Just a very small amount of paint on the pouncer will do fine. With stencils it is better to go light than to overdo it when using stencils. You may have to hold the stencil down as you go to hug the curves in the top part of the mason jar.
  2. Then, once one area of stars is dry you can move the stencil and do another area until all areas are finished and dry.

Touch Up & Adding The Topcoat

  1. Lastly, I use fine point artist brushes to go back and touch up any spots needed with all three chalk paint colors.
  2. And finally, once everything is dry, I apply a clear topcoat to my jars. I used Dixie Belle Clear Coat in Satin applied with a Dixie Belle Premium Chip brush. I did two coats of the Clear Coat. You can choose flat or glossy clear coat if you prefer.

Link To Short Video On Using The Star Stencil

Now here is a link to a short video where I show you how I use the foam pouncer or dauber for the stencil. As mentioned earlier, I prefer to use the stencil pouncer to do the stenciling on the mason jar. I hope this video is helpful.

You can find this video here on my YouTube channel

Summary: Chalk Painted Americana Mason Jars Are Fun, Easy, and Perfectly Patriotic!

And voila, there you have some really sweet, really simple chalk painted Americana Fourth Of July painted mason jar décor. Add a cute tray, some burlap or colored ribbons and some flowers and patriotic decorative items for an extra special touch. All of these items pictured I found at Hobby Lobby on sale! I love me some Hobby Lobby for seasonal decorations!

Americana Stars and Stripes Painted Mason Jars for Fourth Of July

Few Last Thoughts About These Americana Painted Mason Jars

Chalk painted mason jars are such a fun way to decorate your home for any holiday. They really do make easy fun décor. I’d love to hear your thoughts and as always if you have any questions please shoot me a DM or email.

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And finally, If you like these Americana Stars & Stripes chalk painted mason jars you may want to check out these posts: DIY Fall Chalk Painted Mason Jar Ideas and Christmas Painted Mason Jars. Because as we know time flies and fall and the holiday season will be here before we know it!

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