Amy Howard One Step Paint Review

For anyone passionate about painting furniture, you’re probably on the hunt for the perfect paint to transform your furniture. If you’re like me, a furniture painting enthusiast, you understand the importance of finding the right paint for your projects. The quality of your work greatly depends on the quality of the paint you use. Recently, I decided to give Amy Howard’s One Step Paint a try. In this Amy Howard One Step Paint Review post, I’ll share my experience using this paint. I’ll discuss its features, and compare my findings with others’ reviews.

And, if you are totally new to painting furniture, check out this page for more helpful tips on how to get started: Chalk Mineral Paint Basics.

Amy Howard One Step Paint Review

What Is Amy Howard One Step Paint?

This paint is a water-based chalk paint. It has no VOCs and is safe for use even on baby and kids furniture and such. This is however true of most chalk based paints. But another big bonus is that Amy Howard Paint is produced in the USA.

The Amy Howard One Step Paint promises a beautiful, chalky finish without the need for stripping, sanding or priming, a claim which immediately piqued my interest. Could this be the ultimate solution to my redecorating needs? I wanted to test out this paint for myself and see if these things are true.

And finally, like many chalk based paints you can use Amy Howard One-Step Paint on most any surface with no prep, so this includes things like metal, laminates, glass and stone. I am testing this paint out on a nightstand. The top has a mildly slick veneer so we’ll see how this paint adheres.

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First Impressions

The color I purchased first was Southern Hospitality. It is a beautiful coastal teal blue color.

Immediately upon opening the can of Amy Howard One Step Paint, I was greeted with a stunning hue reminiscent of the warm, inviting tones of Southern coastal charm. The color promised to add a tranquil yet vibrant touch to my makeover project.

And one other thing I noticed right off was this amazing smell. This paint smells so good! In fact, I think it smells like baby lotion. So literally my garage still smells like baby shampoo, even a few days after having that can of paint open. The fragrance is gentle though, not too strong or overpowering.

And lastly, I noticed how thick and lovely the paint texture is. When stirring this paint, I could immediately tell that I was going to love it. The texture is silky smooth and creamy.

Application Experience With The Amy Howard One Step Paint

True to its claim, the Amy Howard One Step Paint required no prior surface preparation.

In fact, because I really wanted to test out that claim, I simply cleaned my project piece off. No other prep work was done. No sanding, no priming, just simply wiping it clean. I cover the details of the makeover in this post, Coastal Blue Nightstand Makeover.

But to prepare the piece for the painting, I simply cleaned with Krud Kutter spray cleaner and then rinsed with clean water.

I talk so much more about prepping for paint, and other helpful painting tips including supplies in these posts:

Paint Consistency & Texture

The standout feature of this paint is its consistency. It strikes the right balance by not being too viscous or too watery, which is something many paints fail to offer. This consistency plays a significant role in the overall application process.

A good quality paint spreads evenly across the surface, adhering well without creating any lumps or streaks. This uniform application results in a seamless, professional finish that enhances your interiors’ visual appeal.

Using a good quality paintbrush, the paint went on smoothly, adhering well to the surface. The consistency was impressive, not too thick nor too runny, making the application process a breeze. I used my Dixie Belle Synthetic Flat Medium Brush.

I cover my recommendation for the Best Brushes For Painting Furniture in another post. But I tend to use mostly Dixie Belle Synthetic Brushes.

After just one coat, the coverage was satisfactory, but for a more opaque look, I applied a second coat.

The result? A smooth, mildly chalky matte sheen finish that completely transformed the look of my project piece.

Paint Drying Time

Another great feature of the Amy Howard One Step Paint is its quick-drying properties. This is particularly beneficial for DIY enthusiasts who want to see their project’s end result without delay. The paint dries to the touch in record time, allowing you to apply additional coats if necessary, without having to wait for a long period.

Paint Coverage

As mentioned above, I applied two coats and this worked well for excellent coverage with the Southern Hospitality color. There are various factors that can affect coverage and opaqueness though.

The paint’s coverage, even after just one application, is commendable. It provides a satisfactory opaque look, but an additional coat can amplify the color, giving a deep, rich finish. This aspect is especially useful when dealing with very dark or very light surfaces that require more coverage to achieve the desired look.


After letting the paint cure for a few days, it was time to test its durability. To my delight, the Amy Howard One Step Paint proved to be quite resilient to everyday wear and tear. The paint stayed put even after several cleanings, and it didn’t chip or peel, which is a common concern with many other brands.

Final Verdict

The Amy Howard One Step Paint has exceeded my expectations. The ease of application, quick-drying properties, and excellent durability make it a great choice for DIY enthusiasts and professional decorators alike.

The color “Southern Hospitality” brings a sense of calm and comfort to any room and is versatile enough to blend with various décor styles. Another color I tried recently was Majesty, a pinkish plum color. I’ll share links to that post below when it is completed.

In conclusion, if you’re in search of a high-quality, easy-to-use paint that delivers professional results, the Amy Howard One Step Paint could be your answer. Whether you’re a seasoned decorator or just getting started on your DIY journey, this paint can help you achieve the refreshed, vibrant space you envision.

Next, let’s show off a few Amy Howard One Step Paint Reviews from other furniture artists. You’ll see a variety of makeovers and styles in these reviews. I’ll start with my recent transformation of a simple nightstand.

Coastal Blue Nightstand Makeover

So, this was my recent makeover of a simple brown nightstand. I used Amy Howard One Step Paint in the beautiful coastal blue color called Southern Hospitality. The color was warm and the coverage was generous. Two coats was perfect for my project.

To see more details of this makeover go to: Coastal Blue Nightstand Makeover

And since I wanted this makeover to have a coastal theme I used the Redesign With Prima Coastal Tiles Stencil on the top in white. Also the same stencil was used to create a raised stencil design using Redesign With Prima 3D Stencil Fiber Paste.

And lastly to really give this nightstand a weathered salt washed coastal appearance I used some dry brushing with white and white wax. This nightstand makeover turned out to be really sweet and such a fun project!

Amy Howard One Step Paint Reviews

A review of Amy Howard One Step Paint. Hear what other furniture artists also have to say about their experience with this chalk style paint product.

Amy Howard One Step Paint is a great option to consider for your next painted furniture makeover projects.

Conclusion: Amy Howard One Step Paint

To sum up, the Amy Howard One Step Paint is a fantastic choice for those on the lookout for high-quality, easy-to-use paint. It offers professional results that can transform any living space into a refreshed, vibrant area. Whether you’re a seasoned decorator or just beginning your DIY journey, this paint can deliver the results you desire. It does more than just change the color of your space; it changes the entire feel and vibe, making it more enjoyable.

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