Best All-In-One Paint For Furniture Makeovers

Are you tired of using multiple products for one furniture makeover project? Do you want a paint that is easy to use and produces a professional-looking finish? If so, all-in-one paint may be the solution you’ve been waiting for. In this blog post, we’ll dive into some of the best best all-in-one paint brands, including my favorite, Dixie Belle Silk Paint.

And if you are totally new to painting furniture and want to learn how to get started, go to Chalk Mineral Paint Basics.

Best All-One-Paint for Furniture Makeovers

What is All-In-One Paint?

All-in-one paint combines primer, paint, and topcoat in one formula, simplifying the painting process and saving you time and effort. This makes it easy to get a great finish with less work!

When you use all-in-one furniture paint, you achieve beautiful results with minimal effort. Therefore, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced DIYer, all-in-one paint is a game-changing product. And it will transform the way you approach furniture makeovers.

Furniture Makeover Using All-In-One Paint Examples

I’ll talk more about specific brands of all-in-one paint for furniture makeovers later, but for now I’ll share a few makeovers I really had fun with using Silk Paint:

Benefits of Using All-In-One Paint

Using an all-in-one furniture paint can provide many benefits over traditional furniture paints. One of the most significant advantages is that it combines multiple products into one formula. This simplifies the makeover process. This can save time and make it easier also for beginner furniture painters.

All-in-one paints combine three products into one – primer, paint, and topcoat. And the typically consistency of all-in-one paints also allows for excellent coverage, which is perfect for covering up existing finishes or stains on furniture.

All-in-one paints, like Dixie Belle Silk, are often made with high-quality ingredients that produce a highly durable, long-lasting finish. Most products will tell you how many coats are required for optimal priming, coverage and durability.

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All-In-One Paint Brands

There are several types of all-in-one furniture paint brands available. Each one is different, with a slightly different finish and consistency. I’ll cover three brands here and mention a third.

Fusion Mineral Paint

The first brand I’ll mention is Fusion Mineral Paint. Fusion is a very popular furniture paint product.

  • come in over 50 colors
  • 100% acrylic, water-based paint
  • low odor, non-toxic, safe indoors
  • matte finish
  • brand claims most projects require only one coat

I have used Fusion paint but it has been years, so I need to try it again to give you my updated thoughts. It is very popular though. My friend Natalie at used Fusion Paint in Bayberry on this dresser makeover.

Heirloom Traditions All-In-One Paint

Another all-in-one furniture paint option is Heirloom Traditions. Okay, I’ll admit I have not yet tried this paint. I am now curios though and am ordering a sample right away! So hopefully I’ll have a makeover to share soon with you.

  • comes in 30 colors
  • water-based chalk type paint
  • built-in very durable topcoat made even for outdoor projects
  • low odor, low VOC, safe for use indoors
  • two coats for most projects
  • brand claims minimal prep, including no sanding needed

Lindsay at used Heirloom Traditions paint on a pretty nightstand.

Wise Owl One Hour Enamel

Wise Owl One Hour Enamel is not fully an all-in-one paint, but it is pretty darn close. What it lacks is the primer. This paint has a built in very durable topcoat, but no primer. So if priming is needed, it is done separately.

  • acrylic enamel water-based paint
  • safe, non-toxic, no VOCs and no odor
  • super fast dry time and cure time
  • most projects need several coats
  • amazing rock solid finish – ultimate durability!
  • finish has a sleekness, a bit of sheen
  • recommend using a primer if in doubt

I used this Wise Owl One Hour Enamel in the color Black Cherry on this French Provincial Desk Makeover. It took several coats but the outcome was worth it! Just beautiful especially when combined with gold accents.

Wise Owl One Hour Enamel in Black Cherry

Dixie Belle Silk Mineral All-In-One Paint

Finally, I’ll introduce Dixie Belle Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint. From its smooth and silky finish to its wide variety of colors, Dixie Belle Silk Mineral Paint is a favorite among so many furniture painters .

I have used this paint more often than than any other paint apart from traditional chalk mineral paints. And here’s why:

  • excellent coverage, most projects need two coats
  • comes in over 30 colors
  • No VOCs, water-based paint, safe for indoor use, low odor
  • Best finish with a scuff sanding prior
  • Finish is more of a matte, low reflection
  • very durable, solid finish

Dixie Belle Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint is typically my go to product for most furniture makeovers as long as they have a color available that I like.

Dixie Belle silk All-In-One Mineral Paint For Furniture Makeovers

Silk Paint For Furniture Makeovers

As mentioned, I’ve had great success with Silk paint in several makeovers recently. If you’d like to check some of those out you’ll find them listed here:

Hopefully you’ll find something in these makeovers that inspires your next project.

Vintage Vanity Makeover With Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Anchor and Ballerina Decoupage

Silk All-In-One Paint Reviews

Dixie Belle Silk Paint is one of the best all-in-one paints for furniture makeovers. This is based on several facts about this product.

It is easy to apply, self leveling, dries quickly, and provides excellent coverage. And using an all-on-one paint product makes furniture makeovers fairly quick.

By combining primer, paint, and topcoat in one product allows you to complete products quickly. And to do so without sacrificing quality and finish.

If you’d like to learn more application tips and techniques, read this review on Dixie Belle Silk Paint.

And did you know that you can spray Silk Paint? In this post I’ll cover a quick review of How To Spray Silk Paint with the Home Right Paint Sprayer.

HomeRight Paint Sprayer

Paint With Primer For Furniture

It can be very convenient for furniture makeover projects to have paint that contains primer. This saves an extra step. With Silk Paint, they recommend two coats to provide adequate priming equal to that of using Dixie Belle Boss Primer.

You may be wondering if you can still use additional primer? And the answer is yes! I for sure, often choose to prime anyway, even with Silk. Usually I do this because I am covering a very dark wood with a light paint color or white.

In this case, I often put on at least one coat of primer alone. But of course you do not have to do this step. In this post, I talk more about When to Prime before painting and my favorite primers.

Little Half Moon Table Makeover Silk Paint Hampton Olive

Paint With Built-In Topcoat For Furniture

Additionally, all-in-one furniture paints also include a built-in topcoat. Which is super handy! You can apply additional topcoat is you desire for extra protection. I have found that the Silk Paint is very durable even without extra topcoat.

But, I often choose to apply a couple of coats of a good tough topcoat, like Wise Owl Varnish in Satin or Dixie Belle Gator Hide just for some extra sheen and protection. I mainly add this extra layer to the tops of furniture that get high use, such as tables and kids furniture.

Also you will need topcoat if you apply a transfer or decoupage to your base of all-in-one paint. Water based topcoats work perfectly with all of the paint brands mentioned here, including Silk Paint.

So, the bottom line is that topcoat is not required with true all-in-one paint products, like Silk Paint, but they are an option. And it is safe to add additional topcoat if you choose.

Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Anchor

All-In-One Paint Colors

Whether you prefer bold and bright or subtle shades, there is an all-in-one furniture paint color to suit every furniture makeovers.

Choosing the right color of all-in-one furniture paint can make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of your furniture makeover project.

Most of these brands mentioned have so many colors available. Some of the most popular colors include white, black, and gray, but blues and greens are popular also.

The recent trends have been to move away from all white or gray furniture so we are certainly seeing more and more color options in the all-in-one furniture paint lines.

My favorite colors of Dixie Belle Silk Paint are Anchor – a rich true black, Midnight Green – a gorgeous deep green, Deep Seas – a perfect navy blue, and Salt Water – a great neutral white. You can’t go wrong with any of these colors for you next project.

White Painted End Table Makeover Salt Water Silk by Dixie Belle

All-In-One Paint For Cabinets – Not Just For Furniture

Did you know that you can also use all-in-one paints on cabinet makeovers for bathrooms and kitchens? Yes, you sure can! So all-in-one paints are not just for furniture makeovers!

I painted my kitchen cabinets a few years ago, before I knew about all-in-one paint options. Read more about my kitchen cabinet makeover in this post, Paint Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding. I used General Finishes Milk Paint which did require a topcoat.

But, if I chose to makeover my kitchen cabinets again, I would definitely go with an all-in-one paint, possibly Silk or Fusion, but I’d do a bit more research first before deciding.

Best All-In-One Paint For Furniture

Choosing the best all-in-one paint for furniture can be a difficult task, as different brands offer unique features and benefits that suit different needs. And I’m sure every furniture painter has their favorites. And it’s great to have so many wonderful options!

Dixie Belle Silk Deep Seas

You may guess that my favorite brand at this time is Dixie Belle Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint. It has not let me down yet in any project I’ve used it for. So I’ll continue to purchase this brand.

But I’m not opposed to trying different brands. Sometimes it comes down to which brand has the color of paint that you are looking for. And also, ease of purchasing locally or online, cost and availability. All of these things must be compared.

And to be honest, ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and the specific needs of your project. Researching and comparing different brands can help you find the best all-in-one paint for your next furniture makeover project.

My advice is just get started and don’t be afraid to try new products!

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