Best Dixie Belle Paint Brushes

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Welcome to this blog post where we’ll be shining the spotlight on Dixie Belle Paint Brushes – the ultimate tools for your painting projects! Whether you’re a seasoned artist or an excited beginner, selecting the right paintbrush can transform your painting experience. And when it comes to quality, versatility and durability, Dixie Belle brushes have consistently topped the charts. So let’s dive in and uncover the Best Dixie Belle Paint Brushes to elevate your creativity

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Best Dixie Belle Paint Brushes

Helpful Blog Posts For The Beginner Furniture Painter

In this post I will focus on my favorite what I consider the Best Dixie Belle Paint Brushes. But here are a few other posts you might find helpful. Good quality paint brushes go a long way to a beautiful paint finish on your projects, but it’s helpful to consider other supplies you may also need:

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Best Dixie Belle Paint Brushes: Natural And Synthetic Varieties

Dixie Belle Paint brushes are available with two main types, synthetic and natural bristle. Synthetic brushes, made from man-made fibers, are known for their durability and ability to retain their shape. They hold quite a bit of paint but apply it smoothly with less brush marks. Natural bristle brushes tend to be coarser and usually a bit stiffer. Next, we’ll talk about my favorite brushes in each category.

Synthetic Bristle Brushes

These come in several shapes: Round, Oval, Flat and Mini. And in each of these shapes there are several sizes.

  • Oval Small and Medium: These brushes are a great shape for applying paints to most any surface especially curved surfaces such as legs and spindles. Also good for getting paint into decorative engravings and such.
best brushes for painting furniture
  • Round Small and Large: These brushes are also great for most projects. The small round brush is really great at getting paint into small crevices and spaces and also under edges.
  • Flat Small, Medium, and Large: To be honest these are my go-to brushes. I use them for most every project, especially any general paint application. I love the Flat Small brush for those tighter spaces and corners. And, the Flat Medium is my favorite all-around useful brush for applying paint to flat furniture surfaces.
Best All-One-Paint for Furniture Makeovers
  • Mini and Mini Angle: I can’t speak to the Mini as I don’t have that one but the Mini Angle is a great little brush. The handle is just the perfect size and very comfortable to hold on to when painting. Again this is a great brush for just about any project you will do.
Priming with Dixie Belle Boss Paint

Out of all these Dixie Belle Synthetic Bristle Brushes if I had to pick only three to have in my arsenal I would pick the Oval Medium, Flat Medium and Mini Angle.

  • Scarlet Brush: The last synthetic brush I want to mention is the Scarlet Brush. This brush is a synthetic specialty Italian-made brush. The bristles are super fine and silk-like. It is just the softest brush and very thin and flat. it is touted at doing a great job at applying glazes and stains. While I haven’t tried this brush with stains or glazes yet, I have found it very useful for applying topcoats to decoupage. And many tout it for use with Silk Paint because it applies the product so smoothly.

I used the Scarlet Brush in these decoupage application projects:

Natural Bristle Brushes

Three Dixie Belle Natural Bristle Brushes
Best Dang Brush, The Belle Brush, & French Tip Brush

Next, let’s talk about the best Dixie Belle Natural Bristle Brushes.

  • Premium Chip Brushes: These little high-quality chip brushes are so very useful. I have several of these and they hold up remarkably. They are not your typical one use chip brush. These also wash well can can be used over and over. Perfect for applying textures like SaltWash, dry brushing and more.

I used the Premium Chip Brush in these project posts:

Crackle And Transfer Wooden Box Makeover

Prima Decor Transfer And Crackle Finish: Patriotic Wall Art

Coastal Blue Nightstand Makeover With Raised Stencil Design

Textured Paint Finish Using SaltWash: Vintage Chair Makeover

  • Best Dang Brush: This is one of my favorite brushes. I use it most often for stenciling. It is a large heavy brush with flat, dense, compact round shape and blunt bristles. Stenciling is so easy with this brush. It is also excellent for applying waxes. Many tout its usefulness for blending but I haven’t tried this yet.

If you want to learn more about stenciling check out: How To Stencil Painted Furniture. In this post, I go over how to stencil with the


Here are some project posts featuring stenciled designs:

  • The French Tip Brush: This natural bristle brush has long thin bristles that come to a pointy tip. This brush is excellent for applying colored waxes to specific areas. Also good for dry brushing to accent or highlight features. The pointy tips are also really great for getting into engravings and small detailed ornate areas.
  • The Belle Brush: This little brush has compact bristles that come to a nice rounded head. The handle is very ergonomic also. It’s just a good little all around brush for about any project. I’ll admit I forget to reach for this brush and I need to use it more often!
  • The La Petite Brush: A small brush with a short chunky rounded handle and natural bristles that come to a tapered point. It reminds me of a short stubby version of the French Tip Brush. I personally haven’t tried this brush yet, so I can’t really speak to it’s usefulness.

Dixie Belle Paint Brush Cleaning And Care

The most important thing about having good quality paint brushes is keeping them clean. Dixie Belle brushes hold up well to cleaning. I have had the same brushes for so very long.

Most importantly, don’t let the paint sit on the brush and get dry and hard. As soon as you are done with your project, you will need to wipe off excess paint from the brush.

Then rinse under clear water to remove as much paint as possible. Gently work your fingers through the bristles to loosen paint and help with the rinsing process.

Then clean your brush with a gentle soap and water. Some options are Dawn dish soap or my favorite, Scrubby Soap.

Scrubby Soap is a natural soap, available in several scents, and it is made with citrus oils. It is just the best at dissolving paint from brushes.

A bonus is that the Scrubby Soaps have a built-in scrubby sponge to loosen paint. So I tend to soap up the brush and then wipe in the direction away from the handle with the scrubby sponge to help loosen and work out any stuck-on paint particles.

Scrubby Soap is also great to use on hands to remove paint. Once your brushes are clean allow them to hang to dry.

The Scrubby Soap

Summary: Good Quality Paint Brushes Lead To A Beautiful Finish

Investing in quality paint brushes like those from Dixie Belle can dramatically impact the outcome of your painting projects. These brushes not only ensure a smooth application but also prove to be durable, holding up well to frequent cleaning and use.

Moreover, proper brush care – promptly removing excess paint, rinsing, and cleaning with gentle soap – can significantly extend the lifespan of these brushes.

Hence, a good-quality, well-maintained paint brush is an essential investment for any painting enthusiast.

In conclusion, the right tools can make all the difference in your painting projects. The Best Dixie Belle Paint Brushes, coupled with good maintenance practices, are sure to provide you with a pleasant painting experience.

With these tools and techniques in your arsenal, you’re all set to create beautiful works of art. Here’s to your next masterpiece!

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