Best Silk Paint Colors

When it comes to furniture flips, a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference. Yet, not just any paint will do. For a truly luxurious, smooth, and long-lasting finish, Dixie Belle’s Silk paint is the way to go. This line offers an array of colors sure to fit any style or mood. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the Best Silk Paint Colors that can transform an old piece of furniture into a beautiful work of art.

And if you are totally new to Dixie Belle Paint products, you’ll find more information here – How To Use Dixie Belle Paint.

Best Silk Paint Colors

What Is Dixie Belle Silk Paint

Dixie Belle Silk Paint is a high-quality, mineral-based paint mainly intended to be used for furniture refinishing. Its unique formula offers a silky smooth finish and it offers exceptional coverage with minimal brushstrokes. The paint is self-leveling, which contributes to a professional-looking finish even for beginners.

Silk Paint is cool because it is a three-in-one paint, meaning it contains primer, paint and topcoat in one product. And it comes in a wide range of colors. And as with other Dixie Belle products, Silk Paint is environmentally friendly, with low VOCs and it is non-toxic so you can use it indoors. Also it is very durable and has a beautiful eggshell sheen.

Dixie Belle Silk Paint comes in so many great colors. From neutrals, like whites, grays, and beiges to bright colors such as teals, reds, and blues. You can’t go wrong with any color of Silk Paint. So, before we talk specifically about a few of the best colors of Silk Paint, here is a list of posts about Silk Paint.

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How To Use Silk Paint

Hopefully these posts will help you learn a bit more about this really excellent paint line. And of course, you can probably guess that this paint is my favorite.

I haven’t tried all the colors of Silk of course, but I do have experience with a few and the product never fails to be amazing!

Best Dixie Belle Silk Paint Colors

Okay there are so many great colors of Dixie Belle Silk Paint, but here is a synopsis of some really great shades.

  1. Salt Water: A clean, perfect white that can give any piece a refreshing.
  2. Anchor: If you’re looking for the perfect black shade, this is it.
  3. Hampton Olive: A soothing mild olive green that can bring a natural feel to your piece.
  4. Deep Sea: This is a wonderful deep navy shade.
  5. Desert Rose: A lovely coral color with mauve undertones.
  6. Serenity: A beautiful calm bluish green color.
  7. Fiery Sky: A beautiful rich red.
  8. Midnight Green: Gorgeous shade of jade green, a rich bold color.
  9. Baja Gray: The perfect shade of cool gray.
  10. Oasis: Exquisite deep rich teal blue.

This list is not at all exhaustive. There are so many other colors out there that I am dying to try! And I’ll get to them eventually.

And next I’ll share few links to posts featuring furniture makeovers with each of these fantastic colors.

Best Silk Paint Colors

Salt Water

Salt Water by Dixie Belle is my favorite white paint. It is the perfect shade, not a bright white that hurts your eyes but a true white that suits many styles.

White paint is great for styles such as rustic farmhouse, coastal, and even modern fresh spaces. Some people find white paint boring while others find it refreshingly simple, and no one can argue the fact that white paint like Salt Water brightens up a dull space.

And with whites you can always add some dark wax to give it even more character, adding a little dramatic contrast if you desire. So let me share a few projects that show off the power of a simple perfect white paint using Salt Water:


Okay next up let’s talk about anchor. Anchor is a true black paint and it’s a really nice rich black color. Black paint is a solid staple in my paint collection and Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Anchor is my favorite black paint ever.

It dries to such as gorgeous matte eggshell finish with just enough sheen. Black is a versatile color in that you can make it modern and glamorous or you can make it rustic and more sedate. Personally I love combining black paint with gold accents.

Here are few makeovers featuring Silk Paint in Anchor:

Hampton Olive

This olive color is such a classic neutral. It has a greenish gray undertone and is so versatile. Before using this paint on a couple of pieces I wouldn’t have imagined purposefully choosing an olive colored paint. But once you open this container and see the rich color you’ll be hooked.

Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Hampton Olive is a classic and can fit into any home décor style. If you are looking for a good alternative to black or white, this paint color is a great choice. It can earthy, modern, rustic or paired with gold to give it a more glamorous appeal.

Furniture makeovers featuring Hampton Olive:

Baja Gray

This is a unique grey color with a cool undertones. It gives off a more natural appearance and can easily blend in with other neutrals or stand out on its own.

Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Baja Gray pairs well with most any metallic accents such as silver, bronze or gold. I love using Baja Gray as an alternative to white paint. It gives a softer look than white, while still maintaining the neutral feel.

I used Baja Gray to paint my armoire and large dresser in my bedroom and absolutely loved it. These two pieces were painted a couple of years ago and even with daily use this paint holds up so well. Honestly, that’s one of my favorite attributes of Dixie Belle Silk Paint – the durability.

Furniture makeovers featuring Baja Gray:

Deep Sea

Okay, I may say this about every color of Silk we discuss but truly Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Deep Sea is one of my favorites. It’s such a perfectly rich navy paint color. I have used this paint on several pieces and it never disappoints.

Deep Sea is a versatile color and can be incorporated into different home styles. It pairs well with gold accents, giving a more luxurious feel or with natural wood tones for a rustic look. This color is also great for adding depth and dimension as a base coat when layering paints.

Furniture makeover featuring Deep Sea:

Desert Rose

Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Desert Rose is a beautiful dusty pink color. It’s not too bright or overpowering, but still adds a touch of femininity to any piece. This color pairs well with neutral tones and natural textures like wood and wicker. But also looks wonderful paired with black.

This is a great color for adding as an accent even if you don’t want to paint your whole piece in this shade. It’s a color that can add warmth to any space.

And the gentle blush of Desert Rose also offers a refreshing contrast when used with dark, dramatic colors like charcoal or navy. This makes it a versatile choice for both bold and subtle design schemes.

Furniture makeover featuring Desert Rose:


The Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Serenity is like a breath of fresh air for any living space. It is a calm light blue hue with a slight green undertone. It is a color that invokes feelings of tranquility and peacefulness.

Serenity is therefore the perfect color choice for creating a soothing atmosphere, making it ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, and honestly any area. This color also pairs beautifully with a range of complementary colors. The versatility of Serenity ensures it can be adapted to any style preference, from coastal chic to glamorous.

You can see how I used Serenity in this makeover:

Midnight Green

Just as I said with Deep Sea, I’ll also say that this Silk Paint color is another one of my top choices. If you are looking for the absolute perfect shade of deep rich jade green this is it. Midnight Green is a color that adds depth and richness to any piece.

You just can’t go wrong with green in my opinion. But that may be the Irish in me talking. I simply love green paints! And Silk Paint Midnight Green exudes luxury and elegance, making it a great choice for painting statement pieces like dressers or accent chairs.

Furniture makeover featuring Midnight Green:

You may have also noticed that I love green and gold together. And Midnight Green looks stunning when paired with gold accents and gold hardware.

Fiery Sky

Fiery Sky is a vibrant and eye-catching red color in the Silk Paint line. This bold hue adds a pop of color to any space. It works beautifully as an accent color or can be used to make a statement on larger pieces like dressers or cabinets.

This is a great color choice for those daring to make a statement, igniting a space with its dynamic presence. Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Fiery Sky is the perfect color to brighten and dull space. Just like the Midnight Green I love the see Fiery Sky paired with gold accents and hardware.

I do love the Christmas season and this paint is a great choice for painting furniture and home décor to create a holiday atmosphere. I’ve only used Fiery Sky on one furniture makeover so far:


The final color of Silk Paint that I’ll share is called Oasis. It’s a color I hadn’t used before this post. Silk Paint in Oasis is a beautiful blue-green shade. It’s absolutely vibrant, bold, rich, and full of life.

An amazing teal greenish blue, this paint would be perfect for the coastal home looking to brighten up their space with some bold pops of color. I tend to gravitate toward the nautical navy blues or the jade greens but when I opened this paint and saw this color I was amazed.

So here’s a photo to show a sneak peek at this Silk Paint in Oasis.

Summary: Best Silk Paint Colors

Dixie Belle Silk Paint offers a magnificent palette that can transform furniture and decor into eye-catching statement pieces. Whether you’re drawn to the elegance of Midnight Green, the bold pop of Fiery Sky, or the vibrant teal of Oasis, each color brings its unique personality to your space.

These Silk Paint colors are not just about the aesthetic appeal but also about creating an environment that resonates with your personal style.

Remember, the best color for your project is one that not only looks good but also feels right. Rest assured that Silk Paint’s diverse range of color choice guarantees there’s a shade that’s perfect for you.

So grab that brush and let your creativity flow — a splash of color is all it takes to breathe new life into your space.

Best Silk Paint Colors

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