Best Stencils For Painted Furniture

Chalk painted furniture can add a distinct and personalized style to any room, but it can be a challenge to know how to take it to the next level. There are several products on the market that add unique, creative elements to painted furniture, and that includes stencils. Stencils are an excellent way to elevate your chalk painted furniture, turning it into a personalized work of art. In this post, we’ll explore some of the best stencils for painted furniture and how you can use them to ensure your next project is a show-stopper.

And, if you are new to painting furniture you can learn more in this post – Chalk Mineral Paint Basics.

Best Stencils For Painted Furniture

Why Use Stencils To Enhance Painted Furniture?

Stencils are a remarkable tool for painted furniture makeovers. They allow you to introduce intricate patterns and designs that would be nearly impossible for most people to achieve by hand. By using stencils, you can transform a simple piece into something truly unique.

Furthermore, stencils are reusable, making them a cost-effective choice for multiple projects. They also provide a level of consistency across different pieces of furniture, ensuring a professional finish. There are so many stencil design styles available. So, literally the options are endless when using stencils.

And finally, you can combine stenciled patterns with other painted furniture enhancements. These include decoupage papers, transfers, moulds, and even gold leaf and gilding waxes. Combining products allows you to expand your options for creativity and create a truly unique piece.

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Silk Midnight Breen Painted Vintage Table With Gold trim and stencil

Where To Buy Stencils For Painted Furniture

When it comes to buying stencils for painted furniture, the options are abundant. You can find them at most craft stores, home improvement stores, and many online retailers. However, not all stencils are created equal. So it’s essential to consider buying high-quality stencils.

Ensure that your chosen stencil is made from durable material that will hold up to multiple uses and washings.

There are many brands of stencils on the market. And there are equally as many places to purchase stencils. If you have a local chalk paint retailer you love, I encourage you to buy locally from small business owners when possible.

But if local retailers are limited in your area, stencils are available of course on Amazon and Etsy. And also at retailers where you can find craft supplies. I’ve found some really cool stencils at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s Crafts.

In the following post I used a French Patisserie Stencil I found at my local Hobby Lobby – A Vintage Chair SaltWash Makeover With A Textured Paint Finish.

vintage Chair Makeover With SaltWash

But, next let’s talk about some of my favorite stencils for painted furniture makeovers made by Dixie Belle Paints and Redesign With Prima.

Dixie Belle Stencils For Painted Furniture

Dixie Belle makes excellent paint products. In fact, if you’ve seen any of my makeovers, you’ll know that Dixie Belle Silk Paint is my top choice paint product. You can learn more about Dixie Belle Paints and Silk in the following posts:

But Dixie Belle Paint Company makes more than just paint. They make lots of products to go with their paint, such as transfers and stencils.

In fact several of their stencils are among my favorites. These include the Morocco Stencil, Greek Key, Victorian Damask, and the Royal Damask Stencil

Makeovers Featuring Dixie Belle Belles & Whistles Stencils

Redesign With Prima Stencils For Painted Furniture

Another company that makes gorgeous high quality stencils is Redesign With Prima. Their stencils are various sizes. some of their stencils are done in collaboration with furniture painting artists, such as Kacha and Cece.

You can learn more about Redesign With Prima products, including their stencils in these posts:

Favorite Redesign With Prima Products

Redesign With Prima Furniture Transfers

and my favorite Redesign With Prima stencils are the ones that were designed by Kacha. For more about Kacha check out this post – Redesign With Prima Kacha Products.

Some of my favorite Redesign With Prima Stencils include:

Makeovers Featuring Redesign With Prima Stencils

Above I listed some of my favorite Redesign With Prima branded stencils. Now I want to share a few makeovers featuring use of these stencils:

And as you can see from many of these makeovers, don’t be afraid to incorporate use of stencils with other products, like decoupage and transfers. Also gilding waxes and gold leafing make great accompanying products to stencils.

You can really create some beautiful and totally unique designs by incorporating various products.

Adhesive Stencils

There are stencils that are adhesive. This makes them easy to use because they stick in place securely. You can certainly make any stencil adhesive by using a stencil adhesive spray.

However, I tend to prefer the use of painter’s tape or just simply holding the stencil in place with my free hand. This can be a little risky because if the stencil moves your design can smudge.

Consider using stencils that are adhesive to ensure a truly flawless stencil design finish. A really cool adhesive stencil option is the Stick And Style Stencil by Redesign With Prima. These cool adhesive stencils are on a roll. They stick remarkable well. And they can be reused or the used portion can be discarded after use.

See these makeover posts for use of Stick And Style Adhesive Stencils:


These were fun makeovers and these adhesive stencils are just so fun and super easy to use.

Raised Stencils

Now, here’s a really cool idea for a unique stencil effect. Have you ever heard of a raised stencil? Well there are several ways you can create a raised stencil. Most use some type of texture product along with a stencil to create a raised effect.

Consider using a product like Dixie Belle Mud, Redesign With Prima 3D Stencil Fiber Paste, Glass Bead Gel, or Posh Chalk Textured Paste for the raised design.

So, let’s talk about wo of those products: The Glass Bead Gel and the 3D Stencil Fiber Paste.

Redesign With Prima 3D Stencil Fiber Paste

A really amazing product for creating raised stencils is the Stencil Fiber Paste by Redesign With Prima. It is a white thick paste that dries rock hard. It can be used with and without a stencil for a dramatic 3D design effect.

And the paste can be left it’s white color or it can be mixed with paint or other pigmenting products to colorize it. To use the paste you will want to tape down or adhere your stencil well to the surface. Then you apply the paste to your stencil using a putty knife to smooth the paste across the design.

And you want to avoid applying excess pressure because you don’t want the paste to smear under the design edges. Once you lift the stencil then you allow your paste to dry fully.

The result is a gorgeous raised stencil design with texture and depth. Check out these posts:

Glass Bead Gel Raised Stencils

Another way to create a raised stencil design is by using Glass Bead Gel. This is a really cool product that is made by using small glass beads to create designs. Like the fiber paste it can be used both with and without a stencil to create designs.

Glass Bead Gel can also be left plain or be left pigmented. And you can use a putty knife to drag the glass bead gel across the stencil to create the beautiful raised design. It is important to take caution though that your stencil is adhered well.

And the glass bead gel will take a while to dry so keep the created design flat until it is fully dry.

You can find more details about using this cool product here:

How To Stencil Painted Furniture

Stenciling painted furniture is not at all hard. And the more you try out stenciling on pieces of painted furniture the more you will love it!

For more details here is a post on stenciling:

How To Stencil Painted Furniture

Stencil designs can be created with a stencil brush or stencil dauber. They can also be done using a small paint roller. My favorite brush to use for larger stencil designs is the Dixie Belle Best Dang Brush. It functions excellently as an applicator for stencil designs.

Probably the most important aspect of stenciling is to avoid overloading the paint onto the brush. Dab off excess paint onto a towel or paper prior to applying to the stencil. too much paint will cause smeared edges, losing that desired crisp stencil design.

Applying the Stencil Design With the Best Dang Brush By Dixie Belle

Best Mediums To Use For Stenciling

Another cool thing about stenciling is that you can literally use any medium. From chalk paint to acrylics. And consider gliding waxes, pigment powders that you mix with a clear coat or infuser. Also another great option is a chalk paste.

Some of my favorite mediums other than chalk paints with which to stencil are gold metallic paints.

Gold Stencil Designs

If you love adding some glam and bling to your chalk painted furniture don’t discount the use of gold for stencil designs. My favorite mediums for creating gold stencils are:

These are both excellent ways to add a little gold to your stencil designs. You can use metallic paints as well as regular paints to do your stencils.

If you’d like to learn more about adding gold accents to painted furniture read:

Summary: Best Stencils For Painted Furniture

In conclusion, stenciling can significantly enhance the appeal of your chalk painted furniture. Creative options are limitless, from the type of medium you choose to the design of your stencil.

Remember, the key to a successful stencil application is to avoid overloading your brush or roller with paint to maintain crisp edges. Opt for quality tools such as the Dixie Belle Best Dang Brush and don’t be afraid to experiment with different mediums like chalk paste or even metallic paints for a touch of glamour.

I hope I’ve shown in this post that not only is stenciling a great option for painted furniture it is also fairly easy, even for beginners! So, pick up your stencils, choose your medium, and breathe new life into your painted furniture. Happy stenciling!

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