Black Painted Furniture Makeover Ideas

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Are you looking for some creative ideas to give your furniture a fresh, new look? Then why not try giving it a makeover with black paint? Black paint offers an easy way to add an elegant touch of sophistication to any room. In this round up blog post, we’ll be exploring some inspiring black painted furniture makeover ideas that will help you flip your tired old furnishings into stunning statement pieces!

And if you are new to painting furniture check out Chalk Mineral Paint Basics.

Black Painted Furniture Makeover Ideas

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Best Black Chalk Mineral Paint For Furniture

First, let’s start by listing some of my favorite paint brands and their options for black paint. So as many know my general go-to paint is Dixie Belle Paint, but I have also used Wise Owl, Fusion, and General Finishes paints. Here are a few great black paint options:

You’ll see many different painters use different brands. And that is okay! It’s fun to try different brands and colors! Each has it’s own benefits.

How To Paint Furniture Black

Painting furniture black is just like painting any other color. You want to consider all the prep things, like filling any holes or other repairs and any sanding.

To learn more about how to get ready for painting, check out:

Do You Need To Prime Before Painting Furniture Black?

While you don’t have to always prime before painting furniture, it’s a good idea. Priming helps to seal in the furniture’s original finish and provides a better bond between the paint and the furniture.

It also ensures a smooth finish when applying coats of black paint.

But you wouldn’t want to use a while primer, so consider a clear or gray color primer. Also you can tint your primer with a little of the black paint that you plan to use.

Using a clear or darker primer will result in use of less coats of paint overall. However, most projects will require two coats of paint.

Consider Using An All-In-One Paint In Black

Another option is to consider using an all-in-one paint, like Dixie Belle Silk. The color Anchor is a gorgeous black and it has a built-in primer and topcoat, saving steps in the process.

To learn more about Silk Paint and other similar options read:

and below I’ll share a couple of makeovers using Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Anchor.

What Is The Best Topcoat For Black Painted Furniture?

Again, this question is tricky. Honestly any great poly or wax topcoat will do fine.

Some people find that clear coats get a little streaky over black and other dark color painted furniture. However, applying thin coats can help.

To learn more about topcoats and other sealants check out:

In that post I cover polys, waxes, and which ones to choose.

Consider Sealing With Hemp Seed Oil

One option for black painted furniture is to consider using Hemp Oil.

Dixie Belle Hemp Oil is an excellent sealant and provides amazing shine to darker color painted furniture.

The oil will soak into any porous chalk mineral paint that doesn’t have a built-in topcoat in it.

AJ from shares a video about using Hemp Oil to seal painted furniture. You can find that video on YouTube with he link above.

Black Painted Furniture Makeover Ideas For Inspiration

Okay, so now I’ll share a few black painted furniture makeover ideas. The first two are mine and then a few others that I love from other furniture artists.

First up, I’ll share the Vintage Vanity Makeover.

Products used:

Next up is a project featuring Glass Bead Gel on a painted harp table and chair. Products used:

Black Painted Furniture With Gold Accents

I am a bit obsessed with gold accenting on furniture! So, If you like to see more furniture makeovers with gold accents here are a few links:

Black Painted Furniture Makeover Ideas

Next you will find amazing black painted furniture makeover ideas. These makeover offer so much variety. I encourage you to check out each link to see what these furniture artists are up to!

Summary: Black Painted Furniture Makeover Ideas

Black painted furniture has become increasingly popular in recent years and is an easy way to add an elegant touch of sophistication to any room.

Whether you’re looking for something modern or more traditional, there are endless possibilities when it comes to transforming your existing pieces with this timeless color choice.

I hope these makeovers inspire you to get started on your next project!

Whether it’s an antique dresser or a modern nightstand, black paint is sure to give them all a luxurious look that will stand the test of time.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun! You just never know what kind of amazing flips you might pull off!

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