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Here I want to share with you some things that I love! So, where to start?

First on a personal note I have three sites I use to save money, so let’s start there. Because who doesn’t want to save money? And money saved on household needs such as food and cleaning supplies is more money to spend on painting supplies! HaHa! That’s my favorite way to look at it! I’d much rather spend money on fun things!

Shopping & Saving Sites That Pay You Back

Rakuten is a great site that honestly pays you quickly. You earn money by doing your normal online shopping. I started using Rakuten right before Christmas of 2020 and already I have received cashback of $86! And that goes straight to my Paypal! Love it. If you want to sign up for Rakuten just use my referral code

I mainly use Ibotta for scanning my grocery store receipts and matching the receipts with savings. Basically you shop and then match offers at stores to what you bought and scan your receipt. They deposit money into your account and you can transfer that to Paypal! It only takes a few minutes and so easy peasy! Check it out at

Well I said Ibotta and Rakuten are easy, but Fetch Rewards are even easier. With the Fetch app on my phone all I do is take a picture of my grocery receipts and hit submit and you get points. Once you buildup points you redeem them for gift cards, including gift cards to Amazon and other well-known retailers! Sign up at Fetch Rewards here.

I’m a sucker for Amazon Prime that’s for sure. I love the convenience of quickly finding almost anything I need to shop for and for most items having them delivered in 2 days with free Prime delivery! If you don’t have Amazon Prime and would like to check it out you can go here for more information to sign up for a free 30 day trial. So easy and if you don’t like it you can always cancel after the free trial.

Now For Blogging Resources That I Count On

For Blogging Mentorship, Support, & Coaching

Blogging On Point is a Blogging Mentorship Group led by Tracy and Caroline and it’s the next best thing to an easy button for blogging! Not only are the smart and super nice but these ladies are also hilarious and make the group so fun! But not only fun as they help bloggers achieve their goals. You don’t need to figure things out on your own so check out Blogging On Point here!

For Pinterest Help and Super Cool Pinterest Templates

I love Carly Campbell’s Pinterest Mastermind Group! She is just the bomb diggity when it comes to knowing all things Pinterest. You can find more info on the Pinterest Mastermind Group here.

To Create Pins and Images & General Fun Playing with Photos and Graphics

I have three sites/apps I use to create Pinterest Pins, Instagram Reels, Videos and more.

First I love I upload photos and create images on Canva on both my desktop and my iphone Canva app. And Canva is free unless you want the Pro version. Honestly you can do just fine and create fun and beautiful images and Pins with Canva free version. Get more info here.

Second, I also use Pic Monkey. Pic Monkey is a lot like Photoshop for us regular, non-photographer folks. It’s easy to use once you play around with it. Pic Monkey has a free and a paid version. The free version is quite sufficient for most needs! Check it out here.

And, for video editing I use InShot Video app! I love InShot, especially for creating super fun Instagram Reels! When you create Reels on an Instagram business account, you don’t have access to the music downloads, but cool thing is that you can add music and other fun creative stuff to your videos using the InShot video app. And, there is a free version as well! Check InShot out here.

For Email List Help

For help with email list building and generally how to talk to your people I would highly recommend Jennifer Maker. If you are a crafter or DIY’er you may have heard of Jennifer Maker. She is just a super sweet person and knows her audience of crafters so well! She has a fabulous course called the List Love Master Course. It isn’t always open for enrollment but you can sign up to get on her wait list. And while you are waiting for enrollment to open check out her book called “LIST LOVE: Introduction to List Building” and she’s giving it away FOR FREE. (She loves to give away free things—it’s one of the secrets to her success!)

The LIST LOVE e-book is a gentle and fun introduction to list building. She answers a lot of questions and explains WHY you need a mailing list (she’s got a huge list of great reasons why it can be a HUGE help for your blog), recommendations for great email service providers (and the ones to avoid), five real-life examples of specific ways she’s built her list of over 24,000 subscribers (to save you some trial and error of your own), and an overview of her formula. Jennifer’s included some information I can almost guarantee you’ve never thought of or heard of, so you don’t want to miss this!

So go grab this e-book now at for absolutely free! You’re gonna love this.

Blog Creation/Management Tools & Sites

If you are looking to start a blog but don’t want to spend too much money, check out SiteGround for inexpensive, very affordable blog hosting plans! SiteGround also offers great website support. If you plan to blog for long or think you really want to make your blog a business you need to have a platform site. And after you sign up for and get a domain name, next you need blog hosting and that is where SiteGround comes in. If you want more info check out SiteGround.

For managing an email list including cool easy to use opt-in boxes, I recommend Convertkit. Converkit is a leader in email management for bloggers. They have excellent customer support as well. And their plans are inexpensive for beginners. Check them out at

The last thing I highly recommend for bloggers, once you get set up and get serious about this blogging thing is to look into LeadPages. LeadPages makes sales pages and landing pages easy peasy! Love them! I wouldn’t sign up for LeadPages early on, but once you get established and decide you want to start creating products highly consider signing up for Leadpages. Check them out at .