Best Tips For Using Chalk Mineral Paint

It’s no secret that I love to use Chalk Mineral Paint in my furniture and home décor makeovers! In fact I love it so much that I chose to start this blog to share this passion with others! So, to begin let’s talk about Chalk Mineral Paint Basics.

Chalk Mineral Paints paved the way for a whole new world of furniture flipping and design, from simple color changes to fancy decorative techniques and touches. Honestly it makes it easy for anyone to update an old piece of furniture without the huge prep work that normal latex and hardware store paints required.

So let’s talk about the basics of using Chalk Paints so you can get started on your project, whether it is your first or your next project!

Chalk Paint Basics: Tips For Success.

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Prep For Chalk Mineral Paint Application

What Prep Is Necessary & Some Basic Tips For Getting Your Furniture prepped for the chalk mineral paint makeover!

Why is the prep so important you might ask? And why is it worthy of its own category? Well, prepping your furniture project properly is so very important. Your paint will adhere better, go on smoother, and last longer if you start with a clean, properly prepared paint surface!

Read below for helpful tips on proper furniture prep for your chalk mineral paint project makeover!

  • Prepping By Stripping Paint: How To Strip Furniture with How To Use Citristrip Orange Paint Stripping Gel

Chalk Mineral Paint Supplies

There are so many chalk mineral paint supplies on the market. But you don’t need everything to get started. Start with basic supplies and work up from there if you love furniture painting.

Believe me, it won’t be long until you accumulate more supplies than you know what to do with!

Tips For Success With Applying Chalk Mineral Paint

Below I’ve linked some helpful posts on tips and techniques to help you avoid the mistakes most beginner chalk mineral painters make! While I certainly don’t have all the answers, I’ve learned some things along the way that I can share with you on your furniture painting journey!

  • Chalk Paint Project Planning: Tips for Planning Your Next Makeover
  • Also check out this post: 12 Chalk Paint Projects: Before & After Makeover: Each of these furniture makeovers uses a unique technique. You can click the links to check out each makeover post and get tips and techniques that you can do too!

Chalk Mineral Paint Finishes: Seal & Protect Your Makeover Project With Poly TopCoats & Wax

Just like the prep work is so important, the finishes or topcoats are also important. Your beautifully painted project will last longer if it is sealed and protected from scratches, dings, and stains by a topcoat or wax. I’ve listed a few helpful resources on how I choose the finishes for my projects.

A Few Of My Favorite Products For Priming and Sealing

Let’s Talk About Dixie Belle’s Silk Paint!

Baja Gray Silk paint id a winner!

Okay one of my all time most used paint products is Silk. This is an all-in-one paint by Dixie Belle Paint Company. Silk is a lovely “silky smooth” mineral paint made with a built-in primer and topcoat but it also works well with other Dixe Belle paint products. You can even add a topcoat if you want additional protection and sheen. I have a few posts all about Silk Paint and you can find those below:

Several of my recent makeover posts feature Silk Paint. Like this Silk Midnight Green Dresser Makeover using the Kacha Gold Damask Transfer and the Vintage Vanity Makeover Using Silk Paint in Anchor.

You can find Silk Paint on Amazon and you can find Silk Paint on Etsy! Also check your local retailers!

Other Paint Products to Use With Chalk Mineral Paint

Gel stains are another type of paint product that look fabulous when combined with chalk mineral paint!

A few posts to help you learn to use gel stains in your furniture makeover projects:


Chalk Mineral Painting can be fun and it can be addictive. The resources listed above can help get you started with this creative art form. Chalk Mineral Painting is a great outlet for stress and it is a great way to update older furniture and décor items in your home to make them “new to you”!

If you have any questions about any of the resources listed please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Send me an email or a DM on Instagram! I’d love to hear what you are working on!