Chalk Painted Dollar Tree Foam Pumpkins – With Texture

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Have you been to Dollar Tree this fall and seen all of their cool cheapo decorations for fall and Halloween? Well, last year at Dollar Tree I found these little round foam pumpkins. And I thought they were just perfect for painting and crafts. Hopeful to find them again, I headed to Dollar Tree a few weeks ago and luckily they had one box left. I picked up a few of these pumpkins, uncertain as to what I would do with them. I opted for painted Dollar Tree pumpkins using chalk paint and Sea Spray texture.

Budget Friendly DIY Décor Using Foam Dollar Tree Pumpkins

I purchased three of these little pumpkins to paint. Last year I painted a few of these foam pumpkins with Dixie Belle Patina paints, followed by some Dixie Belle Moonshine Metallics. They turned out pretty sweet. While I didn’t write a post on that project, I did take some photos during the project. So, here is a photo from that project.

Painted Dollar Tree Foam Pumpkins with Patina and Moonshine Metallics

However this year, I really wanted to try something just a little different with these pumpkins. I therefore opted to paint them with chalk paint and then add a little texure and a wooden stem. I figured I would see how it turned out. Well, I’ll say they do look cute and different from other projects I’ve seen using these same pumpkins!

Dollar Tree foam pumpkins and Dixie Belle Sea Spray Texture Additive

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Project Supplies

Dollar Tree Orange Foam Pumpkins

Various Colors of Chalk Paint

Dixie Belle Sea Spray Texture Additive

Old Paintbrushes or Chip Brushes

Small Limbs or Stick From Yard Cut into Lengths for Stems

Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Steps For Painting Dollar Tree Pumpkins With Texture

First Two Steps of This Project

Step 1: Wipe off any dust or loose bits of foam from your pumpkins

Step 2: Mix a small amount of chalk paint in your choice of colors with a some Dixie Belle Sea Spray Texture Additive. Straight from the Dixie Belle website it says “Mix two scoops of Sea Spray with 8 oz of the Dixie Belle Paint. If needed mix another 1/2 scoop Sea Spray until you achieve a thick, brownie batter-like consistency.” But these little pumpkins don’t require much paint, so it’s not likely necessary to mix a whole 8oz jar of paint with the Sea Spray. Instead, just do a little guesswork and adjust as you mix. The mixture will be thick and gloppy. Of course if you get it too thick you can add a little water.

Dixie Belle Sea Spray Mixture with Terracotta colored paint

Last Two Steps of This Project

Step 3: Use an old paintbrush or chip brush to dab on the thick gloopy paint. Apply by forming peaks with the paint as you dab it on. You aren’t going for smooth here, more of a thicker textured application. I recommend that you use a paintbrush you don’t mind tossing out. Your paintbrush will get really messy with this goopy Sea Spray mixture. Therefore, these brushes won’t likely be reusable, so I prefer to use disposable brushes.

I chose to use Dixie Belle’s Colonel Mustard and Terracotta, two of my favorite Dixie Belle paints for fall. They are just the perfect fall colors to match fall leaves and other décor. Let the paint dry and apply a second coat if needed to touch up any spots missed.

Dollar Tree pumpkins painted with yellow and terracotta paint and sea spray texture

Step 4: Now attach your pumpkin stems. For the stems, I found a thick stick from my yard. The stick was easily cut with brush cutter into the right lengths for faux pumpkin stems. These pumpkins have a green square foam stem held onto them by a toothpick. Just grasp the green stem and pull it out of the pumpkin. Next apply a dab of hot glue to the top of your pumpkin and stick on your wood stem! It’s is truly so easy peasy and really cute!

The green stem of the Dollar Tree pumpkin is on a toothpick.
Three Painted Dollar Tree Foam Pumpkins with Sea Spray and Chalk Paint - one yellow and two terracotta
Fall Decorated Mantle with fall wood signs, candles, painted pumpkins and painted mason jars with fall greenery

Find More Painted Pumpkin Projects

If this chalk painted Dollar tree pumpkin project doesn’t sound like it is up your alley you can find many more projects using these foam pumpkins on Pinterest. I just typed in “Painted Dollar Tree Foam Pumpkins” into the search bar. You will be amazed at how many ideas you’ll find! And if you can’t find these pumpkins at Dollar Tree, I found these copy cat foam pumpkins on Amazon. And honestly any pumpkin shaped object will do fine, whether it be foam or plastic or other material. If it’s a shiny material like glass or metal you can use Dixie Belle Slick Stick first to prime it.

Here’s a cool project by Do Dodson on how to make these orange pumpkins look like faux concrete! Check it out here at You might also want to check out this cute and easy project on how to give these pumpkins a crackle finish at

A Few Other Dollar Tree Painted Pumpkin Ideas

I hope you find this project quick and fun! Because there’s always room for another painted pumpkin around the house!

Fall Painted Mason Jar  in golden yellow with fall leaves décor.

Other Fall and Winter Seasonal DIY Home Décor Ideas

Here are a few other related fall and winter seasonal projects:

I”d love to know what projects you’ve been up to! And I’d love to know if you have tried any projects with these little foam pumpkins. If so, I’d love to see pictures in the comments below!


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