Crackle And Transfer Wooden Box Makeover

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Today, we are breathing new life into a wooden box using a Redesign With Prima transfer and Dixie Belle Crackle. This innovative combination allows us to create a Boho vintage vibe with a really unique and fun outcome. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this Crackle and Transfer Wooden Box Makeover!

In this post I talk about several Dixie Belle Paint Products including the Crackle Medium. If you would like to learn more about other Dixie Belle Products read more here – How To Use Dixie Belle Paint.

Crackle and transfer wooden box makeover using Dixie Belle Crackle and Redesign Transfer

A Simple Wooden Box

The focal point for this makeover will be a unique wooden box, pretty as it is, but ready for transformation. I found this adorable wooden box on a stand at my local vintage store. It was in her markdown area.

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity. While I didn’t immediately have a plan for it I knew that I would soon find a way to transform it into something cute.

With a touch of imagination I knew it could change into a one-of-a-kind, Boho-inspired masterpiece. This makeover offers an opportunity to create something that’s not just beautiful, but truly unique – a reflection of style and vision.

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Prepping For The Crackle And Transfer Wooden Box Makeover

Okay, I started by gathering supplies for the project. And cleaned the box. This box was in great shape so there wasn’t really any prep besides some simple cleaning with Dawn dish soap and water.

Oh and yes, I almost forgot, I opted to remove those tall black legs. My plan was to replace them with some smaller type of furniture feet.

To learn more about prepping for paint read: How To Prep Furniture For Painting.

And Furniture Painting Supplies Checklist

Next let’s talk about priming.

Prime For Painting

One big question many beginning furniture painters have is, “when do you need to prime?” This little wooden box did need to be primed. It is a slightly slick surface and a very dark wood. And if I didn’t prime the paint would not have stuck very well.

The answer is a good primer. For this Crackle and transfer wooden box makeover I used Dixie Belle BOSS Primer in Gray. Two coats covered the dark wood perfectly.

Create The Crackle Finish

Okay so now comes the fun part! To start creating the Crackle finish apply a base layer of color. This is the paint color that you want to show through the cracks created by the Crackle. It’s such a fun concept.

So, for this project I opted to use Dixie Belle Chalk Paint in Muscadine Wine as my base color for the wooden box. I applied two coats of Muscadine Wine, letting each coat dry fully.

Next with the Crackle process is to apply the layer of Dixie Belle Crackle. This product is a thick, gel-like product. Dixie Belle suggests that it be applied thickly and in a sort-of crisscross manner.

The Crackle is thick and once applied needs to dry completely. It will look very glossy and wet even when it is fully dry.

Once the Crackle is dry, apply the top layer of color. This layer should be applied somewhat thinly. I opted to apply Dixie Belle Chalk Paint in Fluff, a slightly off white paint. As this top layer dries, it will begin to “crack” showing the base layer through.

It is so cool to see this happen.

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Paint The Wooden Box Top

Next up, I went for a blended paint base to show off the transfer. So I started with a center circle of my lightest color, the Dixie Belle Fluff. Next up, I applied and 2nd outer circle of Dixie Belle Chalk Paint in Tea Rose. And then, finally, and outer rim to include the edges of the top, the Muscadine Wine paint was applied.

Before the paint dries, I used a misting bottle and a dry synthetic brush, the Oval Medium by Dixie Belle, to blend the paint colors together gently where they intersected. All the while maintaining the subtle difference between the colors so that the lighter color in the middle of the circle gently morphed into the darker color at the outer circle.

Unfortunately I did not get pictures of the process, but there are some great tutorials on blending Dixie Belle Chalk Paints by some of their artists. Most of these you can find on YouTube.

Blended Paints Colors on the wooden box top

Apply The Transfer To The Painted Top

And for the final really neat design touch, I applied the transfer design. It was this piece of the Beautifully Native Redesign With Prima Transfer on which I based the colors used in the makeover. This Western Boho design is just so fun and unique! I used another piece of this transfer on a different makeover which you can find here:

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Apply The Topcoat To Protect And Seal The Painted Finish

The last step is to apply a couple of coats of a clear topcoat to seal the Crackle finish and the transfer. My choice of topcoat for this and many projects is the Dixie Belle Gator Hide topcoat.

It is an excellent topcoat for most any project. It has a subtle sheen but not glossy. In fact, it’s between a satin and a matte topcoat.

Check out this post for more tips on choosing the best topcoat for your project:

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Summary: Crackle And Transfer Wooden Box Makeover

In conclusion, the process of transforming a simple wooden box into an artistic piece of decor, imbued with a unique Western Boho design, is a testament to the magic of creativity and quality materials.

From the thoughtful selection of Dixie Belle Chalk Paints, adding the Crackle Finish, and finally to the application of the Beautifully Native Transfer, each step adds a unique layer of uniqueness to the end product.

I hope this tutorial has inspired you to embark on your furniture painting journey, experiment with different techniques, and create your masterpiece. Remember, the most important ingredient in any project is your creativity, so let it shine!

Crackle and transfer wooden box makeover using Dixie Belle Crackle and Redesign Transfer

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