Dixie Belle Boss Primer

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Dixie Belle Boss Primer is a game-changer in the world of furniture refurbishing and DIY projects. Dixie Belle Boss is a product that offers great adhesion, stain blocking properties, and low VOCs thereby making it a primer that you can feel confident using. While there are so many primers on the market to choose from, don’t overlook this wonderful product from the Dixie Belle Paint Company product line.

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Dixie Belle Boss Primer

What is Dixie Belle Boss?

Dixie Belle Boss is a primer, which means that it goes on before the paint.

Boss and other primers are products used to prepare your furniture for painting. Not every furniture piece will require a primer.

These are situations where a primer is needed:

  • If there are stains like markers stains, grease spots, other blemishes that might leak through the paint
  • a furniture piece with odors, like that musty old furniture smell, or cigarette smoke for example
  • when a furniture item is suspected to have “bleed through” which we’ll discuss below.

For more help on preparing your furniture for painting read: How To Prep Furniture For Painting and Primer For Painted Furniture.

Boss primer comes in three colors: clear, gray and white.

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What is “Bleed Through” In Painting And How Does Boss Primer Help Prevent It?

“Bleed through” is what happens when the previous stain or paint used on the furniture permeates or “bleeds through” the overlying fresh coat of paint. The result is that the unwanted old color or stain becomes visible on the new paint job, marring its appearance.

Dixie Belle Boss Primer is one way to prevent this bleed through. Its stain-blocking properties create a barrier between the old wood, finish, or stain and new paint.

Basically, it seals in tannins and other chemicals that can cause discoloration and bleeding through layers of paint. This ensures that the fresh coat of paint remains pristine and looking good for years to come.

The Benefits Of Dixie Belle Boss Primer

  • This high-quality primer offers superior adhesion and stain-blocking capabilities, creating the perfect canvas for any paint job.
  • Dixie Belle Boss Primer also dries quickly, allowing you to start painting in as little as one hour. This is great for those who want to complete their projects efficiently and with minimal wait time.
  • Dixie Belle Boss Primer is also environmentally friendly and safe to use indoors. Its low odor and low VOC formula make it perfect for use in any setting without the worry of harsh chemical smells or harmful toxins.
  • And this primer can be tinted with water-based paints to create a tinted base for your project. This is especially useful when using Boss under darker colors.

Dixie Belle Boss Is Water-Based

Let’s talk about water-based primers versus oil-based primers. I do use some oil-based primers like Zinsser BIN Shellac Based Primer. And the oil-based primers have their benefits and are highly effective at stain-blocking. But using a water-based primer does offer some advantages.

One significant advantage of using a water-based primer like Dixie Belle BOSS is the ease of cleanup. Unlike oil-based primers, water-based primers can be cleaned up easily with just soap and water, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals.

Also, Dixie Belle BOSS does an excellent job of preserving the true color of your paint, as it doesn’t yellow over time, something oil-based primers are known for. Overall, the benefits of using a water-based primer such as Dixie Belle BOSS make it a top choice for both professional and DIY painters.

Dixie Belle Boss Primer can also be used for a variety of other projects, not just furniture. It works great on walls, cabinets, and even metal surfaces. So if you’re feeling inspired to spruce up your entire home, this product has got you covered.

How To Use Boss Primer

Dixie Belle Boss is super easy to use! Most importantly as with any furniture painting project, the first step is to clean your furniture. To clean use Dawn soap and water mix, Krud Kutter degreaser spray, or Dixie Belle White Lightening.

After the furniture is clean give it a rinse and wipe down with clean, clear water. And of course let the furniture dry thoroughly.

Next, I like to use a tack cloth to get up any little dust specks or animal hairs. Even if you can’t see it, there may be dust or fuzz on the piece.

Dixie Belle Boss Dry Time

Next apply a coat of Dixie Belle Boss with a brush or roller.

  • This first coat will typically take about one hour to dry.
  • The Dixie Belle website recommends that you apply a second coat. And then let that coat dry over night or around 24 hours.

Then, you can apply your paint color of choice. So, basically two coats of Boss is recommended for good blocking of stains and odors.

Consider Using Dixie Belle Silk All-In-One Paint

One option to consider is using Dixie Belle Silk Paint. You may be wondering what that has to do with Dixie Belle Boss Primer. Well, Dixie Belle Silk Paint is an all-in-one paint product.

Basically this means that Silk Paint is a paint, “Boss-like” primer, and topcoat all mixed into one product.

Silk Paint is not chalk paint. It is much different. The texture is very nice, silky and dries with a matte finish.

When you use two coats of Dixie Belle Silk you are basically getting the protection of two coats of Boss primer. To learn more about Silk Paint read:

What Is The Difference Between Dixie Belle Boss And Dixie Belle Slick Stick?

Both of these products, Slick Stick and Boss, are both a type of primer. But there are differences:

  • Slick Stick only comes in white. Boss comes in clear, gray and white.
  • Boss is a primer to block stains, odors, and prevent “bleed through”. And Slick Stick is a bonding primer.
  • Boss is designed simply to be a base layer for slick surfaces like glass and laminate. This base layer allows your paint to adhere well.
  • Both products dry fast and both are water-based. You could use both together but you likely won’t need to.
  • Dixie Belle recommends that both products need two coats and a 24 hour dry time before the paint color layer is applied.

Summary: Dixie Belle Boss Primer

I hope this post answered a few questions you had about Dixie Belle’s Boss Primer. There are quite a few primers on the market, but you can’t go wrong with choosing Boss. It’s easy and safe to use and works well with any type of chalk or chalk mineral paint.

In conclusion, Dixie Belle Boss Primer is a game-changing product for anyone involved in furniture refurbishing or painting. Its versatility, superior quality, and ease of use make it a top choice among both DIY enthusiasts and professionals. So, don’t hesitate to give Boss primer a try the next time you need to effectively block out some stains and odors!

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