Dixie Belle Crackle Finish

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Dixie Belle Crackle is a game-changer for painted furniture and home décor artists. This innovative product is designed to give painted furniture a faux cracked paint finish, creating a beautifully weathered, aged look that resonates with the farmhouse or shabby boho chic style. The Crackle effect captures the essence of time, making even new pieces look older but wiser. With Dixie Belle’s Crackle, you can breathe life into your furniture, adding layers of charm and character that seamlessly blend with your home’s ambiance. So, let’s dive in and learn more about how to create a Dixie Belle Crackle Finish.

Today’s post features the use of Crackle, a popular Dixie Belle product. If you would like to learn more about all that Dixie Belle Paint Products have to offer read more in this post – How To Use Dixie Belle Paint.

Dixie Belle Crackle Paint Finish

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Can you Crackle Chalk Paint?

The answer is that absolutely you can by using Dixie Belle’s Crackle! The Crackle is applied over the chalk painted layer and, as it dries, it creates that sought-after cracked effect.

This crackling technique enhances the rustic, time-worn character of your chalk painted furniture, amplifying its charm and visual interest.

However, keep in mind that the crackle effect can be unpredictable, and no two pieces will ever crackle in the same way, making each creation uniquely beautiful.

When To Add A Crackle Finish To Your Painted Furniture

Dixie Belle Crackle is a versatile product and fits in seamlessly with various styles or finishes.

  • It’s perfect for the distressed look, which is characterized by deliberate imperfections and signs of wear to create a vintage aesthetic.
  • Also works well for rustic style finishes, where the goal is to evoke a warm, natural, and rough-around-the-edges vibe.
  • This product is a must-have for shabby chic designs, a style that mixes antique furniture with pastel colors, lace, and feminine florals.
  • Farmhouse style finishes can also benefit from the addition of Crackle, creating a homely, charming, and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Lastly, for Boho chic styles, known for their layering and texture, Crackle can add depth and character.

And if you’d rather watch a short video, here is a YouTube Tutorial I created on using Dixie Belle Crackle:

How To Create A Crackle Finish Technique

  1. Start with a Clean Surface: Before applying Dixie Belle Crackle, ensure that the surface is clean. You can use a mild detergent or pre-paint cleaner to remove any dirt or grease.
  2. Apply Base Paint Color: Paint your furniture with the color of your choice. Use can use any DIY furniture chalk mineral style paint. Allow it to dry completely. Remember that your base color is the color showing through the cracks you create with Crackle.
  3. Apply Crackle: Spread Crackle over the dry paint. Remember, the thinner the layer, the finer the cracks. If you want larger, chunkier cracks, apply a thicker layer of Crackle. Dixie Belle recommends using a “cross-hatch” motion to create good cracking effect. I like to use a Dixie Belle Premium Chip Brush to apply Crackle but any brush will do.
  4. Allow Crackle to Dry: Let the Crackle dry completely. This usually takes about a couple of hours but might vary depending on the thickness of the layer and the room temperature.
  5. Apply Final Color Coat Of Paint: Once the Crackle is dry, paint over it with a different color of chalk mineral style paint. The cracks will begin to appear as the paint dries. When you apply the final color don’t “back-brush”. This means only move your paintbrush one direction and don’t go back over already-painted areas. Also apply thinner coats to see more cracking.
  6. Sealing the Surface: After the paint has dried, you can seal the surface with a clear coat to protect the Crackle finish. Use a gentle hand to avoid damaging the delicate crackle effect. For more on topcoats see this post: Protect And Seal Painted Furniture.

A Few Projects Using Dixie Belle Crackle Finish

Next up I’ll share a couple of projects using Crackle. The first one I explain in detail in a blog post:

  • Round Accent Table Makeover – with a Boho Redesign Transfer and dark wax for aging.
  • secondly I haven’t done a blog post on yet, but here are a few photos below of this little storage box I finished with Crackle and the same style of Boho Western Themed Redesign Transfer.
  • Lastly, another blog post to be written is this USA themed decorative wall art with Redesign With Prima transfer on a “crackled” base. That will posted later this week.

Some photos of the first two projects showing the Crackle effect.

Summary: Dixie Belle Crackle For A Cool Distressed Finish

In summary, Dixie Belle Crackle finish truly provides an amazing touch to your DIY projects. It breathes new life into your creations, showcasing a timeless, distressed aesthetic.

Whether you’re working on furniture makeovers or decorative art pieces, the versatility and ease of use of this product is nothing less than impressive. Remember, practice makes perfect with this technique.

So, don’t hesitate to experiment and let your creativity shine. Stay tuned to my blog for more tips, tricks, and project ideas to transform everyday items into extraordinary pieces.

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