Dixie Belle No Pain Gel Stain

Welcome to our in-depth exploration of Dixie Belle’s No Pain Gel Stain. In this post, we’ll dive into the transformative qualities of this remarkable product, renowned for its ease of application and exceptional finish. Whether you’re a seasoned or beginner furniture painter, let’s dive into why Dixie Belle No Pain Gel Stain is a game-changer in the furniture refinishing game.

And if you would like to learn more about all that Dixie Belle Paint Products have to offer read more in this guide: How To Use Dixie Belle Paint.

Dixie Belle No Pain Gel Stain
photo shows a car of No Pain Gel Stain by Dixie Belle in Espresso

What Is Dixie Belle Paint?

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Dixie Belle Paint Company makes excellent products used for furniture upcycling. Their products stand out for several key reasons:

  • User Friendly
  • High Quality
  • Versatile to use on various surfaces and finishes
  • Eco-friendly
  • End Result is A Is A Professional Finish

No Pain Gel Stain is an excellent example of a great product in the Dixie Belle Paint Company lineup.

What Is Dixie Belle No Paint Gel Stain?

Dixie Belle No Pain Gel Stain is a high-quality, oil-based product designed for the purpose of staining wood. This stain transforms furniture or other wooden items by adding a rich and deep color .

This unique gel stain stands out for its thick and creamy consistency, making it easy to control during application. Because of the thick consistency and easy spreading of this gel stain, it tends to drip less than other stains.

And, because of its thick consistency it is able to adhere to most surfaces without the need for stripping or priming. No Pain Gel Stain is particularly popular among both beginner and experienced furniture painters. It’s perfect for projects like staining furniture, cabinets, doors, decorative woodwork projects and much more.

Dixie Belle No Pain Gel Stain is available in a variety of colors. I’ve used Espresso and Walnut. Other colors include a black, a white, weathered gray, Cherry and a few other wood tone stains.

And each color offers a stunning finish, ensuring your projects have the look and feel of high-quality piece of furniture furniture.

No Pain Gel Stain

How To Use Dixie Belle No Pain Gel Stain

Prepping The Surface For Dixie Belle No Pain Gel Stain

Using the Dixie Belle No Pain Gel Stain is a fairly simple even for first time furniture painters and refinishers.

Additionally, Dixie Belle Gel Stain is suited for unfinished wood, previously stained finishes, painted finishes or even sanded finishes.

To learn more about prepping furniture for paint or stain read:

Gel stains have the ability to sit on top of the finished surface so they do not require sanding. Of course if you prefer you can sand a wood surface first before application.

If you use this stain over a painted surface you need to wait 72 hours after painting with a water-based paint.

Lastly, clean the surface well. Then next, I recommend using a tack cloth to remove any little specks of dust, lint, or animal furs.

How To Apply No Paint Gel Stain

Apply gel stains with a stain applicator pad, a brush, or lint-free cloth.

Apply a small amount, working in small sections at a time moving one direction to the other, across the surface. It’s best not to overwork a section.

Continue across the surface and then wipe away excess with a clean applicator or lint-free rag.

Next, allow it to dry fully. It can take about 6-8 hours. Wait about 72 hours to apply if the topcoat is water-based. Most gel stains say topcoating is optional. But it does further protect the surface from scratches and such.

To learn a bit more about topcoat and sealants read:

Several coats can be applied as long as each coat dries fully before applying the next.

Dixie Belle No Pain Gel Stain Is Oil-Based

Use Precautions With Oil-Based Products

Safety is top of the list when using oil-based stains, and this includes No Pain Gel Stain.

  • You should always work in a well-ventilated area. The fumes from oil-based stains can be harmful if inhaled.
  • Wear PPE and avoid skin contact. I like to wear some protective glasses too. These stains will stain skin too so wearing chemical resistant gloves is important and protect clothes also. And if you want to be extra careful use a respirator or mask, especially if your area is not well-ventilated.
  • Always store the product in a cool, dry place and keep it out of reach of children.
  • Used rags or brushes soaked in oil-based stain can pose a fire risk so keep them away from heat and flame sources and allow them to dry in an open area before disposal.
  • Lastly, always read the product safety labeling and instructions.

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I have used other brands of gel stains on projects, but always find Dixie Belle No Pain Gel Stain to offer great quality and beautifully saturated colors that go on silky smooth.


In conclusion, Dixie Belle No Pain Gel Stain is a reliable and quality choice for your staining projects. Its rich colors and smooth application make it a favorite among many.

With careful use, following safety instructions, this stain can transform your worn-out pieces into beautiful, refreshed items.

Give it a try, and you won’t be disappointed with the results! And as always Happy Painting!

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