Dixie Belle Silk Paint: A Quick Review: What You Need To Know About Silk Mineral Paint

I finally got a chance to try Dixie Belle Silk Paint. Silk Paint is different from the original Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint. So, I want to share my review of Silk Paint and a few basic tips for best results with this paint line. Silk Paint is different from regular chalk mineral paint, so let’s talk also about the differences. And why you will want to give this Silk Paint a try for your future furniture painting projects!

And if you would like to learn more about all that Dixie Belle Paint Products have to offer read more in this post – How To Use Dixie Belle Paint.

Dixie Belle Silk Paint : jar of Baja Gray Silk Paint and paint brush. Background shows gray painted door

You may be wondering what is wrong with the original Dixie Belle original chalk mineral paint line? Well, I’ll start by saying that nothing at all is wrong with the original paint formula. It’s great and in fact remains very popular!

However, this new Silk Paint line gives furniture painters more options to fulfill specific painting needs. The original Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint has been my go-to paint for furniture makeovers and I still love it. But the Silk line is pretty cool to work with also!

Silk Paint Furniture Makeovers

As you’ll see in these makeovers you can combine Silk Paint with so many other design products, like moulds, decoupage papers, transfers, and more!

Me holding Jar of Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Baja Gray

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Let’s Compare Silk Paint To The Original Chalk Mineral Paint

Original Chalk Mineral Paint

  • Is a high quality water-based chalk mineral type paint that available in over 60 colors and leaves a flat finish, although not too chalky compared to other chalk style paints.
  • It is thicker in consistency and can be thinned with water if desired. A misting bottle helps spread the paint across the surface.
  • Requires little or no prep (unless desired for a smoother finish) and can be used on furniture, glass, fabric, upholstery, metal and even laminate.
  • With laminate or glass, it can be applied without a bonding primer but adherence is better with a bonding primer, like Dixie Belle Slick Stick.
  • Provides great coverage but usually more than one coat is needed for complete coverage.
  • It dries quickly within an hour usually and can be re-coated as soon as it is dry.
  • Blends so nicely for artistic finishes and colors can be mixed to make custom colors.
  • Easily distressed by either wet or dry sanding.
  • May require primer, like Zinsser BIN Shellac-Based Primer or Dixie Belle BOSS, before painting. If you suspect your piece will bleed through the paint, especially with light color paints, use primer.
  • Although it does not require a topcoat or wax, it is best to protect your finish with either poly topcoat, hemp oil or wax. In order to be water or stain resistant a good poly topcoat, like Dixie Belle Gator Hide, is necessary.
  • Easily works with all other Dixie Belle water-based products.
  • Fairly durable but more so with the topcoat or wax applied.

Dixie Belle Silk Mineral Paint

  • Not chalk-based, but just mineral paint and comes in over 20 colors. Available in neutrals and nautical colors, like tans, black, browns, grays, blues and whites. More colors being developed.
  • Dries to eggshell type finish and low sheen.
  • Very smooth silky paint, a bit thinner than the original chalk mineral paint, that glides on easily.
  • Self-leveling upon application.
  • Must be applied with a dry brush, no water misting bottle or water recommended.
  • Dries in around and hour or two and can be recoated in 2 hours.
  • Two coats recommended for durability and protection.
  • No primer required. Has a built-in BOSS style primer.
  • No topcoat needed. Has built in topcoat. But you can use a topcoat or wax if desired.
  • Scuff sand to prepare your surface for the Silk paint recommended.
  • Distressing is doable with Silk, but not as easily as the original chalk mineral paint.
  • It provides a really strong protective coating and as a bonus has built-in water, grease and mold resistance.
  • Cannot mix Dixie Belle Silk With Original Chalk Mineral Paint for custom colors. Mix Dixie Belle Silk with Silk only.

Original Chalk Mineral Paint Furniture Makeovers

Dixie Belle Silk Paint is an All-In-One Paint Product that is so Easy to Use! Primer, Paint and Topcoat in One!

Truly if you are looking for a super easy product look no further! But also you’ll find this line has so many color options to choose from!

So now that we’ve talked about some basics of the new Silk line and why it is a top notch product, I’ll go into more details.

And, we will cover some tips and techniques for use. Lastly, we’ll talk about my experience with this paint recently on a few projects.

Where to Find Dixie Belle Silk Paint

First, let’s talk about where to find Silk paint. Most of your local retailers carry it. You can go to the www.dixiebellepaint.com retailer locator here and find your local distributors. The locator will also say whether or not they carry the Silk line or just the original.

If you can’t find it locally you can order online through Etsy sellers.

And now, Dixie Belle’s Silk Paint line is available through Amazon as well. The links below take you to Amazon to purchase. But certainly check out your local retailers if you have one in your area.

Let’s Talk About Baja Gray Silk Paint

I purchased a container of Baja Gray, a lighter gray, very neutral between warm and cool tones in my opinion. Silk Paint comes only in several size containers.

When I opened the container of Silk paint, I immediately fell in love with this color. Very pretty and light! I purchased the paint for a dresser and armoire, both very large pieces of furniture.

Several years ago I painted this dresser in Annie Sloan Duck Egg. However I never painted the armoire. Therefore it remained the original stained reddish brown. That paints quite a picture right? Mismatched bedroom furniture is not optimal, but I’ll admit I just learned to overlook it!

Steps To Using Dixie Belle Silk Paint

Dixie Belle Silk Paint Prep Step 1: Scuff Sand

Before applying the Dixie Belle Silk scuff sand your piece. So, I sanded both pieces down by hand using a 220 grit sandpaper. This light sanding is just to rough up the surface a little. This really does allow the paint to adhere nicely.

Now if your surface is very slick, like a veneer or laminate, you will need to use Dixie Belle Slick Stick instead of scuff sanding.

Slick Stick is a bonding primer that comes in white and works excellently for slick surfaces like glass, slick laminates or veneers to get the paint to stick better. Typically you apply two coats of Slick Stick prior to painting.

Jar and containers of Dixie Belle Slick Stick with 3 clear glass mason jars
If you are painting a slick surface, you can use Slick Stick rather than scuff sanding to prep for paint.

Dixie Belle Silk Paint Prep Step 2: Cleaning

After I scuff sanded the pieces by hand, I cleaned them thoroughly with Dixie Belle White Lightening. White Lightening is a granular TSP-based cleaner. Before using, mix it with warm to hot water. It is amazing for removing built up residue, gunk, oils etc off of your furniture before you paint.

Even if your furniture looks clean, it likely isn’t. Use a white cleaning rag and White Lightening and you’ll see how dirty the water becomes! I keep it pre-mixed in a spray bottle for light cleaning but I mix a fresh batch of White Lightening with hot water for deeper cleaning.

However, if you are using Slick Stick instead of sanding, you would do the White Lightening cleaning step first rather than second.

Dixie Belle White Lightning clear in a jar
Dixie Belle White Lightening is the best cleaning to prep your furniture for painting

Next, remove all the cleaning residue by rinsing with clear clean water and a clean rag. Then let your piece dry.

After the armoire and dresser were dry I went ahead and put down some drop cloths and got my supplies ready.

I had already removed the hardware before sanding. This hardware was spray painted previously with Rust-Oleum Metallic Spray Paint and Primer in One in the color Champagne Mist.

Oh, how I love this pretty color. It was in pretty good shape so I didn’t do anything to the hardware other than set it aside.

How To Apply Dixie Belle Silk Paint

Another tip is to stir the paint well before applying. I use craft sticks or plastic butter knives to stir up my paints. This paint is truly like silk! And it really had little to no odor and no VOCs.

The Dixie Belle Silk has a thinner consistency than their original line. And it is just silky smooth and glides on beautifully! This Silk Mineral paint is impressive. It self-levels so easily too!

Also before I apply the paint, I like to use a Tack Cloth to remove any little spots of fuzz, dust, lint, or animal fur that may be hiding from my eyes. Believe me when I say that these pieces of lint do show up when you start to paint.

And it’s no fun trying to pick fuzz and hairs out of wet paint and then smooth out that spot. I do use gloves with the Tack Cloth though because they are sticky and I don’t want that on my hands.

How To Avoid Brush Marks With Silk Paint

Use a good synthetic paint brush with Silk Paint. And apply the paint in nice long strokes going one direction. You don’t want to go back and forth over areas already painted. It is somewhat like putting on gel stain or top coat.

Work in small sections, keeping a wet edge, and move your brush in long strokes one direction. If you need to go back and feather out any areas where the paint is not leveled that is fine. Just do it with very light strokes to avoid brush marks.

Good Paint Brush Choices For Dixie Belle Silk Paint

Another big tip for using Silk is to use a good quality synthetic brush with nice smooth soft flexible bristles. I have used the Dixie Belle Synthetic Oval Medium and Oval Small as well as the Cling-On S50 and S30 with this paint. Also the Dixie Belle Synthetic Mini-Angle does beautifully.

These brushes all lay down the paint nicely and smoothly with minimal brush strokes. Very important is to apply this paint with a dry brush! No misting bottle or water needed or recommended!

This is a big difference from the original chalk mineral line. I used the smaller brushes, the Oval Small and the Cling-On S30 to get into the grooves of the fine details on this furniture.

three synthetic brushes that are good choices for application of Dixie Belle Silk Paint all coated with Baja Gray Silk Paint
These are the brushes I am using for this project! I love these brushes!

Putting The Hardware Back On

So, with paint stirred and brushes ready I painted this dresser and armoire using the Silk Baja Gray. And then once everything was fully dry, I put the hardware back on.

This hardware was painted with Champagne Mist spray paint by Rust-Oleum was really pretty with the gray. You can find this spray paint on Amazon and at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot. There are plenty of color options besides the Champagne Mist.

The hardware on the dresser is the original hardware, but on the Armoire I had to find some similar hardware from Amazon. You can check it out here.

How To Clean Silk Paint Out Of Your Paint Brushes

Also it’s important with Silk Paint to wash soiled paintbrushes immediately after painting. This paint is water-based, but it does dry a bit harder. So I did find it harder to fully clean my brushes.

I used water and the Scrubby Soap to clean. But I did have some paint dry in one of the brushes. So I let it soak a bit and then use a paintbrush comb to remove the paint stuck in the bristles. So, wash your brushes as soon as you can following your painting.

Scrubby Soap in Orange Scent is my favorite way to clean my paintbrushes and the stuff smells great too!

2 boxes of Scrubby Soap brush cleaner, a great cleaner for paint brushes. Shown in orange and lime
Scrubby Soap is excellent at removing paint and build up from your brushes and hands too

A Few Important Tips About Silk Paint Dry Time

The Silk Mineral Paint dried pretty fast, about 1.25 hours. I did wait 2 hours at least to do a second coat, which the product recommends. Coverage with the first coat was really good, but a second coat looked even better.

The Dixie Belle Paint Company recommends two coats to ensure durability and protection from bleed-through, water, grease and mold. Regular chalk paint has no built-in protection from grease, water, or mold.

Jar of Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Baja Gray and caption in neon pink large block letters says Dixie Belle Silk!

This Dixie Belle Silk Mineral paint also has a built-in topcoat. But the finish is definitely eggshell and not satin or shiny. So if you want a shiny finish or some sheen you can do a topcoat with one of the Dixie Belle Clearcoats or waxes or even Gator Hide.

I did choose to do a topcoat just on the top of the dresser. This dresser will have stuff set on it and it will have a picture frame, lamp and a few other decorative items on it.

To increase the durability I did apply two coats of Dixie Belle Gator Hide to the dresser top only. And, I also wanted just a little sheen on the dresser top, and Gator Hide provided that.

Dixie Belle Silk Paint: Built-In Topcoat & Primer

Topcoats over Dark Furniture Paint Colors

I used Dixie Belle Clear Coat in Satin over a Silk Deep Seas on another piece recently. And I’ll admit that I did not like the way the Satin Clearcoat looked over this dark navy paint.

It is tricky to do poly over dark paints like navy and black, but over the Silk Deep Seas the Satin Clearcoat looked very streaky and uneven. I ended up just laying on a third coat of Silk in Deep Seas and leaving it with no topcoat.

After the paint was fully dry I put the hardware back on. So, to say this paint is pretty easy to use is an understatement!

No priming, no topcoat needed, and just two coats to beautiful, durable protection!


Dixie Belle Silk Paint provides another great option for furniture painting. It’s really great when you want an all-in-one paint product.

I love that it has built-in protection from grease, water, and mold. And it is washable, easily wipeable so this would be a great option for kids’ furniture, kitchens, and high-use furniture.

After using this paint, I can definitely recommend that you give Silk Paint a try!

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    1. I haven’t tried that but yes, I do believe that should work just fine. I have tinted Slick Stick with the regular Dixie Belle Paint and I don’t see why Silk would be different. Thanks so much Lindsey for reading my blog! I appreciate you! I’d love to know if this worked for you!

    2. Hi Lindsey, I think you can tint Slick Stick with either Silk paint or regular chalk mineral paint.
      I have done this especially with the darker colors like black or browns.
      I hope this helps and good luck with your projects.

  1. I am considering the silk paint for kitchen cabinets which I painted previously with “cabinet paint” and the surface has worn off and looks horrible in the frequently used doors from the oils of our hands I guess. Considered Anne Sloan chalk paint but now considering the Dixie belle silk paint?

    1. Hi Connie,
      I think Silk Paint is a great option for cabinets. It was not available when I painted my cabinets. But I would definitely look into it as an option. I used it on a dresser and armoire and it has a nice silky application and very self leveling. It is a matte finish so you could topcoat if you wanted more shine, but it is super durable! And so easy! I’d love to know what you go with, so please let me know. I would prefer Silk over the Annie Sloan as the silk is smoother to apply and the AS is more chalky and dry to apply, but that’s just my experience. Let me know how it goes for you!
      Thanks so Much,

    1. Hi I don’t think the Silk does well with water. I wonder why it got so thick? You could try a little water likely but I think just a few drops. I know they say not to mist with water when you paint with Silk but for thinning I think is should do okay.
      I apologize for my slow reply! Thank you for reaching out to me on my blog! Good luck with your painting projects!

  2. How long did you wait before applying your topcoat? I am using the paint for a console table and I was wondering if I should wait the 30 days until it cures before adding the wax. I’m completely knew to refinishing furniture and appreciate your experience and skill. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jessica,
      I am sorry for my delay in replying. It seems life got a bit crazy there for a bit. Again I apologize. I have used both oil-based wax by Annie Sloan and the water-based waxes by Dixie Belle. You only have to wait until your paint dries and that is all. There is no requirement to wait any longer before waxing. Once the paint is good and dry usually a couple of hours I go ahead and topcoat. If the surface is nice a dry and not “cold to touch” then it should be dry thoroughly and ready for topcoat and/or wax. I hope this helps. Happy to help in any other way I can!

  3. I just used Deep Sea silk paint on two faux leather or vinyl chairs .well I did one and will do other next day off. It looks fabulous. I may test something for a bit more shine but may not.thanks for sharing your blog and review

    1. Wow! I bet those chairs are beautiful in that color! It is such a gorgeous rich color isn’t it? I hadn’t thought of using Silk on faux leather or vinyl, but what a great idea that is! Thanks for your comment and I apologize for my very slow reply to your message!
      Thanks again and good luck with all your painting projects!

  4. I used Dixie Belle chalk paint a couple years ago on my dresser. Looking to repaint it now. I never did a top coat. I should have since the paint is scratching off the top a bit. Will their silk paint work over the chalk paint ( I do plan to sand it down some) or should I stick with the chalk paint?

    1. Hi Jamie,
      Thank you so much for checking out my blog post. Yes, the Silk paint will go fine over your prior chalk paint. Just do a little scuff sanding and it should be fine. The Silk paint is really nice. Two coats of the Silk pain gives great coverage and the durability is fantastic. I painted my bedroom dresser and armoire and have been so pleased. It seems to be a great tough paint! Good luck with your project and I’d love to know how it turns out!

  5. Hi I recently painted a dining table with Dixie Belle Silk in Anchor. However, the tabletop dried streaky even after three coats. Any advise?
    Love your post by the way.

    1. Hi,
      Thank you so much for checking out my blog post! I really appreciate it and glad you found the information helpful!
      I’m sorry that you’ve had trouble with streaking with Anchor. I love Anchor by the way, such a gorgeous color! I think black is a very hard color to work with especially on a tabletop because it is so reflective of any streaks, especially on a large flat surface. What brush did you use to paint with? I wonder if you did one more coat but used a small foam roller, like a 4inch roller, if that would work better to avoid streaks. And I would keep the coat thin. Here is a video I’ll try to link where I saw the Dixie Belle affiliate rolling the dark Silk paint on. She says in the video that it’s a microfiber roller in the Staalmeister Brand. I don’t know if we have that brand in the US but I get microfiber rollers from Lowe’s or HOme Depot. Here is that video if you might find it helpful! Video FAFF designs Good luch!

  6. I recently bought a china hutch w beautiful inlays. The wood looks like it has a lot of wax and dirt on it. I want to clean the wood and relax it but I don’t know what to use. I don’t want to strip it or paint it just clean it. I’d like to use a Dixie Bell product. What would you suggest I use. Thanks for your help

    1. Hi. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. The china hutch sounds lovely! I like to use the Dixie Belle White Lightening Cleaner. It come as a granulated product in a jar. It is TSP based but works fabulously to remove lots of built up dirt and oils. I would mix it following the instructions on the product in a bucket with hot water. Then you apply with a cloth. And then use a clean water wipe down to remove residue. That should do the trick. If you need to get into grooves or inlays you could try using a toothbrush or scrub brush with bristles to get dirt out of inlays.
      I hope this helps. I’d love to hear how your project turns out!

  7. I just painted my first piece with Silk. It is a small console table. Do I need to wait until the curing period of 21-30 days before placing decorations in the table?

    1. Hi Jana,
      I’m happy to hear you tried the Silk paint and I hope the project went well. Typically I wait a few days to place anything on my table tops. After that I think as long as they are light items that are just for decoration they should be fine. But for any heavy items or for more intense use of the table top, I think it is best to wait the full cure time. For very light use or small items, a few days should be okay.
      I hope that helps! That is my experience with Silk. I know everyone feels differently!
      XOXO Abbey

  8. I have heard the howdy do hemp oil works great over dark colors. Do you know if it can be used over silk paint? Thanks!

    1. Hi Kat, I apologize for my delay in replying to your comment and questions. I’m so sorry! I too have heard that about Howdy Do Hemp Oil and I have used it over the regular Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint. I have not tried it over Silk Paint though. From what I understand the oil works best by soaking into the Porous surface of chalk mineral style paints and raw wood. But with Silk having a built in topcoat I don’t know how it would work. I think it might sit on top of the product and not soak in properly given that Silk has that topcoat component. I’ll have to give it a try on a sample board and test it out! I hope that helps!

      1. Update: I used the hemp oil over the silk paint and it’s been what 1.5 years or so?? And there is no chipping or scuffing. The hemp oil (and silk paint) worked wonderfully!

        1. Thank you so much for your comment! I agree! I love the Hemp Oil and it really seals in the paint finish and adds a beautiful shine as well.
          I appreciate your reply! Best wishes, Abbey

  9. Hi, I have two questions. I have already primed a piece of furniture with Zinsser Bin Primer. Can I use Dixie Belle Silk over that? Secondly, will Dixie Belle Clearcoat or Gator Hide yellow over a white shade of paint? Thanks!

    1. Hi Sharon,
      Thanks so much for reading my blog. I hope you found it helpful. I love Silk Paint. And I often apply the Silk Paint over Zinsser Bin Primer. So yes this works just fine. You can apply Silk without primer because it has a built in primer. but you can also apply it over top of a primer. I often do prime anyway and if I prime, I usually most often use Zinsser BIN Primer. So yes, this will be just fine with Silk. I have never had a problem with it.
      And I’ll say also that I have never had Gator Hide of Dixie Belle Clear Coat yellow over white paint. The only brands of white paint I have used is Annie Sloan, Dixie Belle, Rusoleum Chalked, Country Chic, and Fusion Paint. With all of these white and very light paints I have never had the Dixie Belle Top Coats yellow on me. Thankfully! I usually try to use either Dixie Belle or Wise Owl Clear Coats and I’ve not had a problem. I hope this helps! Thanks again for reading my blog and let me know if you have any other questions that I can help with!

  10. Very helpful. Thanks! I’m planning to paint a blanket chest that was stained red. I’m thinking of using Silk in Bay Breeze or Baja Gray. Can I use Boss under Silk?

    1. Hi,
      Thank you so much for reading my blog post! and good luck with your project!
      Yes, you can use Boss or any other primer under the Silk Paint just for extra protection. I know Silk Has primer built in but I like you often go ahead an use a primer anyway especially on a red wood or red stain. I really like to use Boss Primer or Zinsser BIN Shellac Based Primer in White or even the Bullseye 123 Primer by Zinsser. I hope this helps!

    1. Hi Marzella,
      Thank you for your comment. So, I’ll try to answer your question about Silk Paint. To get a Pottery Barn aged look you can use several things over the Silk. One idea is to use a dark glaze. You can also use a stain like Voo doo gel stain. Another option to get an aged look is a dark wax, like the Best Dang Wax. And you can also try a “wash” of a darker paint. A wash would be a little paint mixed with water and then brush over the surface, wiping away excess. Probably the easiest of these would be to try a glaze, like a black or brown glaze. They go on very thin and do a great job of aging and they work great over Silk. And even the Voo Doo Gel Stain by Dixie Belle will do a similar effect.
      I hope that helps.
      Please let me know if you have anymore questions.

  11. Such an awesome blog! All the information provided by you is really very helpful for all. By using tack cloth you can keep your project dust-free, it gives you a smooth finish. Keep Posting! Keep Sharing!

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