Dixie Belle Vs Annie Sloan

Welcome to our comparison of two great products in the world of chalk paint – Dixie Belle Vs Annie Sloan. Both brands are renowned for their quality in the realm of furniture transformations. In this blog post, we’ll dive headfirst into learning more about these two chalk paint products. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced furniture painter, this overview will help you make an informed decision on which paint brand best suits your needs.

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Dixie Belle Vs Annie Sloan
Dixie Belle Vs Annie Sloan = shows two cans of Dixie Belle Chalk Paint and one can of Annie Sloan Paint

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Both of these furniture paint brands make quite a few different furniture refinishing products. For example, Dixie Belle offers their original chalk mineral paint, Silk Paint, and the newer Terra Clay line. While Annie Sloan offers their original Chalk Paint, Wall Paint, and Satin Paint.

But for the purpose of this post we’ll focus on the original chalk paint products by these brands only.

So, these two are a little different. Annie Sloan is a chalk paint. Dixie Belle, on the other hand offers what they call a chalk mineral paint, but the basis of both paints is a chalky finish paint.

Just a quick word about Annie Sloan Paint. This brand is a pioneer in the chalk paint industry – Annie Sloan herself invented the term “Chalk Paint” for her product. She designed the paint to make furniture painting accessible and easy for anyone, even beginners.

Dixie Belle Vs Annie Sloan Chalk Paints

So, now let’s talk about a few areas where these paints are similar and different. This is all based on my opinion and experience. And you just have to test both products and figure out which one works best for your needs.

But before we begin, I want to say that I love both paints honestly. They are both top quality and great products. And you can’t go wrong with either choice. And sometimes the one you pick often comes down to which brand offers a color that you want to use.

Color Range

Both paints offer a wide range of colors but Dixie Belle offers a bit larger range. You should be able to find a color in either brand that you love, from neutrals to bright colors, and more muted dark tones.


This is an area where I see a bit of difference. Annie Sloan is very rich, thick and creamy. Whereas Dixie Belle is a bit thinner but still rich and smooth. It glides on so easily in my experience.


Both paints offer excellent coverage. Annie Sloan touts a one-coat coverage. Meanwhile, Dixie Belle’s thinner consistency means it may require two coats for solid coverage, but it also allows for easy layering of colors. Dixie Belle spreads a bit easier in my experience, whereas Annie Sloan goes on just a bit thicker. I tend to do two coats for most projects no matter which brand I use.


Annie Sloan promotes her clear wax as the optimal product to protect furniture painted with her Chalk Paint. Chalk paints are porous so they do need a sealant in most cases, depending on their use. Same thing for Dixie Belle paint really, but they say you do not have to use a topcoat.

A topcoat or wax sealant would be recommended for high-use projects.

Dixie Belle fans most often use their Clear Coat or Gator Hide. Dixie Belle also makes a wax but it is a water-based wax. I go over more on topcoats and sealants in: Protect and Seal Painted Furniture and Best Clear Top Coat.


Both paints adhere excellently to the surfaces of most projects. Annie Sloan says that her paint adheres to all types of surfaces. Dixie Belle is similar, but for slick surfaces, you would benefit by using a bonding primer, like Dixie Belle Boss.


Annie Sloan prides itself on requiring minimal prep work. Most of the time, a simple clean is enough to start painting. Dixie Belle also claims to require little to no prep.

But honestly, a little prep can go a long way. The amount of prep you do depends on the project and any issues you run into. For example, scratches or any spots that may require a wood putty to fix. Even a slight scuff sand can make a big difference in the final finish. To learn more read: How To Sand Furniture Before Painting.

To learn more about prepping furniture read: How To Prep Furniture For Painting

How To Use These Paints: Dixie Belle Vs Annie Sloan

Both Annie Sloan and Dixie Belle paints go on nicely and can be applied with a brush, roller and both can be sprayed. I personally have not sprayed either paint, apart from Dixie Belle Silk Paint.

Typically, I use paint brushes. Both brands make their own brushes. Annie Sloan makes natural bristle brushes that are thick and dense and hold a lot of paint. They also makes wax brushes.

Dixie Belle makes both natural and synthetic bristle brushes. Usually I use the Synthetic bristle brushes with the original Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint.

To learn more about paint brush choices read: Best Brushes For Painting Furniture

And a misting bottle of water can be used to help both paints spread. Or if you open the container and find it too thick, then thinning with water is acceptable.

As far as self leveling, I find Dixie Belle to win in this matchup. I tend to see a bit more brush strokes with Annie Sloan however it seems once you apply the Annie Sloan Soft Wax those brush marks really aren’t so visible. And both paints are fairly self leveling.

I think Dixie Belle has a bit of a more matte smooth finish while Annie Sloan is a bit more of a chalky finish, but leave a nice finish.

Chalk Painted Projects Using Annie Sloan

I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on my very first project ever. This dresser and nightstand makeover needed an update. Using a mixture of 50/50 Pure White and Old White I painted these two pieces.

Needless to say after that first project, I was completely hooked on furniture painting. So here’s a look at that project.

Next up is this Painted Accent Table using Annie Sloan in French Linen. This project also featured Redesign With Prima Mould and Furniture Transfers.

You can learn more about: Redesign With Prima Transfers and Furniture Transfers And Stencils & More in these linked posts.

Chalk Paint Projects Using Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint

As I mentioned earlier Dixie Belle is my go-to for most projects. These days I usually reach for Dixie Belle Silk paint rather than the original chalk mineral paint, but they are both great products. But I do like to mix things up from time to time and try different brands.

But here are projects completed with Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint:

Summary: Dixie Belle Vs Annie Sloan

I hope that post has helped you understand a few differences and similarities between these paints. In the end, both Dixie Belle and Annie Sloan offer high-quality chalk style paint that can transform any piece of furniture.. And truly, both are just excellent and you absolutely can’t go wrong with either one.

It really comes down to personal preferences. Sometimes it also depends on which brand offers the best color match for your projects. And finally, what paint brand is available for you to get when you need it. Both are usually sold by local retailers and online by Etsy retailers.

Therefore I encourage you to try both brands and see what you think for yourself! So, what are you waiting for? Grab a can of paint and let your creativity fly!

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