Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen Countertop Décor

Round Hand Painted Wooden Riser with Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen Countertops

Some people think farmhouse style décor is dead, but I’ll admit that I still love it! I recently did a budget-friendly kitchen makeover which I’ll talk about a bit later in the post. So, I wanted to find a way to add some farmhouse inspired kitchen countertop décor to without going to rustic.

f you think farmhouse style is out, just ask all the Joanna Gaines fans out there! Farmhouse style is for certain alive and well. It is easy to add some little farmhouse touches here and there without getting too rustic. Of course, it all depends on your style preferences as well.

Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen Makeovers

I mentioned that I had done a budget-friendly kitchen makeover. This included 3 basic updates:

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These updates made a huge difference in this kitchen. If you’d like to know more about these updates click on each link above. And for a bit more info on other kitchen updates click the link below:

FarmHouse Kitchens: Countertop & Cabinet Makeovers

Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen countertop décor for a newly updated DIY Budget Friendly Kitchen Makeover
You can see the old white linoleum floors in the above photos. And here are the new LVP floors!

Ideas For Adding Farmhouse Inspired Décor to Kitchen Countertops

Now let’s talk about some ways to add some fun, bright, but not-to-rustic farmhouse inspired décor to your kitchen countertops!

Create a coffee or tea bar

Coffee bars have become super popular. You can create a space by using a free countertop or you can add an additional piece of furniture like a painted hutch or rolling cart. I used a free countertop space for this. Cute coffee themed signs, towels, coffee cups and canisters are everywhere you look.

Top half is picture of coffee bar area with farmhouse inspired kitchen countertops and bottom half is up close picture of coffee cup with "up and At 'em" phrase.

If you are looking for a coffee cart for your kitchen I just adore this Kitchen Island Cart from Walmart! It has an attached towel rack and even a drawer and hidden storage too. This is a coordinating little retro metal coffee sign to hang near your coffee bar as well.

Coffee canisters are the best! I got this Hearth And Hand Coffee Canister from Target, so you can check your Target for it. But, I’ve seen comparable ones other places as well. If you can’t find the Hearth and Hand one, this cute coffee, sugar and tea canister set is very similar.

And to match the cute retro metal coffee sign above, you may love this coffee themed tea towel on Etsy!

Coffee Pot Choices

So many people use Keurig’s now for their coffee making. And if you are a Keurig user this Keurig coffee pod container would be perfect for any coffee bar farmhouse décor.

And, last but not least let’s talk about coffee pots! Most love a Keurig and I do use one of those at work. But the coffee pot I use at home is a Ninja Brew System. It is more versatile because I can use my own cone style filters. Or I can rinse out the filter built in. And I can make a single serving with different size choice or a half or full small pot. This is plenty for me and any guests!

coffee mug at Magnolia cafe in Waco Texas reads "where everyone has a seat at the table" also creamer and splenda
While we are talking about coffee this was taken at Magnolia Cafe in Waco, Texas!

Baskets, Baskets, and More Baskets. . .

It wouldn’t be a completely farmhouse inspired kitchen without some baskets on the countertops. And baskets can be cute too and very stylish! To get that farmhouse feel though, wire and/or metal baskets are perfect. I recommend checking TJ Maxx, Home Goods or Hobby Lobby for baskets for your farmhouse inspired kitchen countertop décor. But if you prefer to order online I’ll list a few great finds here also:

Tiered Trays & Risers

Another option if you don’t like baskets is to use tiered trays to style your farmhouse inspired countertop décor. These tiered trays are also really nice in the coffee bar area or near the sink because they can be styled so many ways to show off cute décor.

Okay, so moving on to another option to display décor which is a riser. You can make your own riser easily with wood rounds or rectangles from your local craft store and some type of decorative feet.

Here is a couple photos from where I made these.

But decorative risers are also readily available to buy online or at TJ Maxx or Home Goods. Here are a few of my favorites.

Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen Countertop Décor: Faux Greenery, Lemons & Lavender

Next up in the farmhouse inspired kitchen countertop décor lineup is greenery and faux flora. Nothing beautifies and brightens a kitchen like greenery. I’m seeing lots of lemons and lavender also in the trending décor. In this post I share how I patina painted jars. These looks super cute with a few sprigs of faux greenery and a burlap ribbon.

Patina Painted Mason Jars With flowers and Greenery

If you don’t want to paint your own here are a few sweet options I found for you:

DIY wooden Herb Planter Box with herbs for Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen Countertop Decor
Hand Made wooden herb planter box. Would make a cute kitchen herb garden

Canisters & Utensil Holders

What kitchen is complete without a canister set? I have two canisters other than the coffee canister, one for flour and one for sugar. Both by Hearth & Hand from Target. Canisters are handy to have on the counter at least for you more commonly used ingredients. Having just the two canisters is suitable for me because I also don’t want to junk up my counters with too much stuff.

If you can’t find the Hearth and Hand ones look at this cute farmhouse style canister set from Amazon.

two canisters both white, sugar and flour from Hearth and Hand at Target

For a less “farmhouse-y” canister set, an embossed design canister set like this one from Etsy is really sweet. So is this old world blue and white theme canister set from Amazon.

If you prefer a more simple look without labels this simply white canister set with wooden lids is perfect.

Linens & Towels & Such

Now, lastly for the perfect farmhouse inspired kitchen countertop décor let’s talk about linens and things. Do you love to find cute kitchen towels? So many options for kitchen linens, and it totally depends on your colors and other décor style. But, keeping it simple with some cheerful rustic designs is a good place to start. This simple black and white set is great. And it comes in other colors too if you prefer.

For a cute twist on the hanging kitchen dish towel I found this mini tea towel ladder on Etsy. And you can always find adorable tea towels and kitchen linens at TJ Maxx and Home Goods. I like this cute pancake recipe tea towel also from Etsy. Paired with the mini ladder it would make a great housewarming gift too.

I hope that you have gotten some ideas on how to “farmhouse” up your newly painted kitchen countertops! There are so many ways to add a little modern farmhouse, but not-to-rustic style to your kitchen! And what a better way to celebrate a newly updated kitchen than with a few new decorative yet useful items!

Feel free to message me with any questions. You an always email or leave a comment below. And you can also find me on:

Take Care and Happy Painting! XOXO Abbey


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