Favorite Redesign With Prima Products

Welcome to our blog post featuring my top picks from Redesign With Prima! I’m excited to share my Favorite Redesign With Prima Products. In this post I’ll share why I love them and how I’ve used them in my painted furniture makeovers.. Stay tuned to discover unique design products and tools that can transform your furniture and home décor makeover projects. Let’s dive right in!

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Favorite Redesign With Prima Products

What Is Redesign With Prima?

Redesign With Prima is a renowned brand in the world of décor products. Best known for their easy-to-use, beautiful products that bring a unique flair to any project. Whether you want to transform furniture with transfers, or want to create interesting elements with their décor moulds, or want to customize your piece with a stencil design, Redesign With Prima offers so many possibilities. Their products are high-quality and durable and they add such creativity, making every project unique.

Painted furniture can be enhanced and personalized using Redesign With Prima’s transfers, moulds, stencils, decoupage papers or more. Not all of us are artistic enough to draw our own designs so that is where Redesign With Prima comes in to help. They allow even those who can’t draw our own designs a way to add beautifully designed elements to our painted furniture. And no two pieces come out exactly alike unless you want it that way. Thus, with a bit of creativity, Redesign With Prima can make your painted furniture stand out, infusing it with your unique style and personality.

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My Favorite Redesign With Prima Products

So let’s dive in and talk about some of my Favorite Redesign With Prima Products. I’ll also share links to how I’ve used them in so many painted furniture projects.

Furniture Décor Transfers

These uniquely designed decals are transferred onto your furniture to add unique design touches. Each transfer is different. So many themes available also to choose from. From farmhouse to floral to metallic golds and even gothic themes.

Prima Décor Moulds

These allow you to create intricate textures on your furniture pieces. They’re easy to use and come in various designs. There are several mediums that work well with the moulds, but I tend to use Alumilite Casting Resin. It is easy to mix and sets up quickly allowing you to demold in 10-15 minutes. Here are a few projects on which I’ve used moulds:

Redesign With Prima Décor Stencils

Redesign With Prima’s stencils help you create beautiful patterns on your furniture. They’re reusable and perfect for giving an old piece a new look. There are so many beautiful ones to choose from. A few projects displaying stencil designs: They make the Stick-N-Style Stencils and the larger Décor Stencils.

Metallic Gilding Wax

This product allows you to add metallic accents to your furniture. It’s perfect for highlighting details and adding a touch of glam. I have used the Gold Metallic Wax which is called Eternal

Redesign With Prima Decoupage Papers

Redesign With Prima’s high-quality decoupage paper and Rice Decoupage Papers provide an easy way to add intricate designs and texture to your furniture projects. These papers are durable and easy to apply. Decoupage papers can be applies with Redesign’s own Decoupage Gel or you can use a clear topcoat.

Stencil 3D Fiber Paste

An exceptional product by Redesign With Prima, the Stencil Fiber Paste is the perfect for creating textured three dimensional stenciled designs. It’s easy to apply, dries quickly, and can be painted over with any color you desire. The paste is ideal for adding an extra level of depth and creativity to your décor projects, making your projects literally “stand out”.

Metallic Acrylic Sheen Paint

This exceptional product from Redesign With Prima offers a rich, metallic finish that can be used on furniture and home décor projects. Easy to use and quick to dry, this metallic acrylic paint is suitable for many surfaces, from wood to metal, and its durable finish ensures your designs will last.

I’ve applied it with an artist brush and I’ve applied with a roller and stencil brush to stencils. So many uses and it is so rich and highly pigmented. All of these posts below used the Metallic Acrylic Sheen in Goldenrod, a rich gold highly pigmented color.

Kacha Collaboration: Moulds, Transfers, and Stencils

In collaboration with Kacha, Redesign With Prima presents a line of furniture transfers moulds, and stencils that allow you to effortlessly add intricate designs onto your furniture. These items feature stunning details designed exclusively by Kacha..They give your projects instant glam and glitz. So gorgeous.

Kacha Gold Leaf and Gold Leaf Glue

The Kacha Gold Leaf is a very high quality gold leaf product. It comes in small sheets and is perfect for adding a touch of luxury and shine to your furniture pieces. When used with the Kacha Gold Leaf Glue, these gold sheets provide a radiant finish that elevates your furniture to a whole new level of glamorous.

Glass Bead Gel

Redesign With Prima’s Glass Bead Gel is an innovative product that can bring a striking, textured effect to your project. This gel is composed of tiny, clear glass beads in a thick, clear acrylic gel. Once dry, it adds shimmering dimension to your pieces. It’s easy to use and durable and dries hard. It can be tinted with pigments like the Metallic Acrylic Sheen Paint.

Summary: Favorite Redesign With Prima Products

In conclusion, these Favorite Redesign with Prima products are game changers for furniture painters. They are high quality products that can bring a unique flair making your projects stand out from the crowd.

From glamorous gold accents, beautifully designed transfers and decoupage papers, fun and unique stencils to shimmering glass bead gel designs, you can truly express your creativity and elevate your furniture and home décor makeovers using Redesign With Prima products.

So, use your imagination, and let these products guide you to your next show-stopping furniture transformation. Happy Painting!

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