Furniture Painting Supplies

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If you’re looking to tackle a furniture painting project, having the right supplies on hand can make all the difference in achieving a beautiful finish. From prep work essentials to paint and finishing touches, this post covers all of the furniture painting supplies you need to complete your furniture makeover project with ease and confidence.

And if you are new to furniture refinishing, check out my post on Chalk Mineral Paint Basics

Furniture Painting Supplies

Furniture Painting Supplies Can Be Overwhelming

You might look at this long post and stop in your tracks as it may look overwhelming! But don’t fret! Each makeover will be different depending on the condition of the furniture piece and how you plan to paint it.

So, whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or new to the world of furniture painting, use this post as a guide to help ensure that you have all the necessary supplies to achieve beautiful and long-lasting results.

But also know that thankfully you won’t need all of these items for every project. But there are a few basic items to have on hand. And, I promise you will reach for them over and over again.

A Few Fun Makeovers To Check Out For Inspiration

If you’re just looking to get started and wanting to check out a few makeovers, here’s a few I’ll share:

And here’s a shorter post I wrote way back on my Top Ten List of Chalk Mineral Paint Supplies.

And if you’d like this list in handy-dandy checklist form here’s a link:

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    Furniture Painting Supplies For Prep Work

    First, we’ll start with the prep work. This includes all the basic supplies you may need to prepare your furniture piece for painting.

    From cleaning to painting and sealing your projects, we’ll cover it all.

    Supplies For Cleaning

    It’s never a good idea to paint dirty furniture! You need to remove any grease, dirt or grime to allow the paint to stick well. Even if you can’t see any stains or dirt, believe me, it’s there! And it will keep your paint from sticking and staying put.

    There are quite a few options for cleaning the furniture. Choose what works best for you. The important thing that whatever you do, do not skip this step.

    One option is that you can use some Dawn dish soap and water.

    Another option and one that I use often is Dixie Belle White Lightening, a granular TSP-based cleaner. Mix it with warm water in a bucket or spray bottle for a powerful yet gentle cleaner.

    And finally, another choice is a spray cleaner, like Krud Kutter Original or Krud Kutter Pre-Paint Cleaner. This cleaner claims it’s no rinse. So that is a plus for a quick option.

    No matter which method I use to clean your piece, I always follow with a rinse with clean water. Then allow your furniture to dry well before moving forward.

    Dixie Belle White Lightening cleanser

    Sanding Pads & Blocks

    If you choose to sand, there are many options for smoothing out any rough spots to create a better surface for paint adhesion.

    Sandpaper comes in blocks, sheets, and also in flexible foam pads. I like to keep various grits of coarse, medium, and extra fine. I talk more about sanding furniture in this post on getting a smoother finish.

    But, here are a few good options for sanding materials:

    I’ll talk more about the option of using an electric sander later.

    end table makeover: sanding and cleaning prep

    Tack Cloths

    These little tack cloths are excellent for removing any particles prior to painting. These pick up little no-see lint, fuzz, and animal fur.

    These come in handy especially for households with animals. It seems no matter how well I clean there is always a pet fur around!

    Wood Fillers

    Wood filler is used to fill any holes or deep scratches in the furniture. I like Gorilla All-Purpose Wood Filler

    There are good fillers used to repair broken pieces and gauges out of furniture, although it takes a bit of practice. For this, I’ve used Bondo Wood Filler

    Putty Knife in Various Sizes

    Putty knives are used apply the wood filler. These are also helpful for lifting loose veneer. You can also use a putty knife to create textured finishes with texture paint products.

    Screwdriver Set

    So necessary for removal of any hardware from furniture before painting. You just can’t go wrong with having a good basic set of screwdrivers.

    Painter’s Tape

    You often need to tape off any areas you don’t want to paint such as hardware, edges, and corners. Painter’s tape is also great for creating striped patterns.

    I keep regular painter’s tape in a couple of widths and Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape for certain projects.

    Painting Stripes With Painter's Tape

    Drop Cloths

    These are great to have on hand to protect floors and other surfaces from paint drips and spills. There are a wide variety of drop cloths available but I usually just get a 3 pack of thin plastic drop cloths.

    You can also use large trash bags for smaller projects and even old flattened cardboard boxes.

    Having these essential furniture painting supplies will help ensure that your prep work is done thoroughly. Thereby, creating a smooth surface that will ensure the best paint adhesion and a professional finish.

    No Prep Furniture Paint?

    After seeing list list of supplies for prepping furniture for painting, you may be confused. So many times, folks think that DIY furniture paints are “no prep”. Well, there is always the option of no prep. You can put some color on and spruce up an old piece of furniture with very little prep work if you wish.

    But most furniture refinishers choose to do a little prep work to achieve a really beautiful, smooth, and long-lasting outcome. However, the amount of prep work you do before painting is totally up to you and the project you are completing.

    PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) Supplies For Painting Furniture

    While most all DIY furniture paints are low odor, low VOCs, and non-toxic, there are some products used that require personal protective equipment.

    And to be honest, it is always safer to paint with a few PPE items.


    Gloves are useful to protect your hands from chemicals and for a cleaner painting job. I love these gloves because they work great for prep and paint products, as well as for my epoxy resin projects.

    Respirator Mask With Filters

    A good respirator mask mostly necessary to protect yourself from inhaling dust particles during sanding and harmful fumes from chemical solvents. Also useful if you do resin work like I do.

    However, if you are just doing sanding, you can consider smaller disposable particulate masks.


    Protective eyewear is needed for sanding for sure. And, is best to have on hand for some painting projects if any splash of paint is likely. I like workshop eye glasses, but full protection goggles are another choice.

    Optional Furniture Prep Items to consider:

    An electric sander can be a great option to help with furniture makeover prep work, especially for larger projects or if you have multiple pieces of furniture to sand.

    An electric sander can save time and effort, making the preparation process quicker and less tiring. It can also help achieve a more even and consistent surface for painting or staining.

    However, when using an electric sander, it’s important to take safety precautions, such as wearing protective gear and working in a well-ventilated area.

    Additionally, some furniture materials, such as antiques or veneers, may not be suitable for electric sanding, so it’s essential to check beforehand and opt for a manual sanding approach if necessary.

    Many prefer an orbital sander, but I use the 3×4 Electric Ray Sander by Surf Prep.

    Original raw wood table scraping off old veneer

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      What Supplies Do I need To Paint My Furniture?

      Furniture Painting Supplies: Let’s Talk Brushes

      There are so many brands and shapes of furniture painting brushes available on the market. Not to mention natural bristle versus synthetic bristle brushes.

      And honestly, most furniture painters have their favorites, including me. I like to keep a variety of sizes, including smaller and larger ones and various shapes like angled, flat and oval.

      It’s best to have variety to get into all the crevices, corners, and work with various furniture surface shapes. Also some brushes work well for applying topcoat and waxes and some work for paints.

      Also a small pack of artist brushes is good too for applying pigments and painting small details..

      Using an artist brush to apply pigment to a table. Artist Brushes can be a great addition to your furniture painting supplies list

      Best Brushes For Furniture Painting

      Here’s a list of my favorite and most used paint brushes:

      Paint Rollers

      Paint rollers work great for larger flat surfaces. A paint roller makes quick work of applying paint to a larger piece. Also helpful for topcoats and primers.

      I usually keep a 4 inch roller and a 6 inch roller pack on hand with the foam refills that are for cabinets and doors.

      The small paint rollers work great for stenciling too.

      Misting Bottle

      A misting bottle sprays a fine mist of water to keep the surface slightly damp and help prevent brush marks while painting. also good for dampening brush bristles before painting. And handy for cleaning paint off of hands.

      Lint-Free Towels

      It’s super handy to have a box of lint-free rags to wipe off excess paint or clean up spills. I recommend keeping a big pack to keep on hand. Also can be handy when applying a stain to furniture.

      Paper Towels or Shop Towels

      Paper Towels are so very useful to clean up larger spills or messes. Available in regular paper towel thickness or blue Shop Towels, which are nearly lint-free and more heavy-duty for bigger projects.

      Let’s Talk About Paint – One Of The Most Important Furniture Painting Supplies

      Oh my, there are so many good furniture paints to choose from! Which can make it a bit overwhelming to choose! And each brand promotes different pros and cons. I tend to use Dixie Belle Paints or Wise Owl Paints, but there are many others.

      Many painters prefer a standard chalk mineral type of furniture paint. While others may choose an all-in-one paint for a quicker end result.

      Often I make the choice based on which paint line carries the color I am looking for.

      Of course one of my favorite paints so far is Dixie Belle Silk Paint, an all-in one paint for furniture makeovers that comes in a wide range of colors. If you’d like to learn more read:

      Dixie Belle silk All-In-One Mineral Paint For Furniture Makeovers


      Not every project requires primer. I wrote a post to help people learn when to prime before painting and my top primer choices. A good primer is a simple step that can help achieve a great outcome in your finish, especially if you are painting a dark wood a light color.

      I often use either Zinsser Primer in a spray or Zinsser BIN Primer in brush or roll-on formula, both in white. Or I will use Wise Owl Stain Eliminating Primer, which comes in many colors.


      Topcoats are designed to protect and seal your paint. Again if you choose an all-in one pain for furniture then you will not require a topcoat. But other standard chalk-type paints need to be sealed with a wax or a brush-on, or even spray-on topcoat product.

      For more information read my Chalk Paint Topcoat Post.

      Again remember that if you use an all-in-one paint, like Dixie Belle Silk then you won’t need to topcoat!

      Here are my most used topcoat products:

      Dixie Belle Clear Coat In Satin

      A Few Other Furniture Painting Supplies

      I want to mention a couple of other products that I use very often:

      • Gel Stain: I love General Finishes Gel Stain in Java – a beautiful deep, espresso brown stain that lays on perfectly, even over old stains. And it is available in other shades as well.
      • Scrubby Soap – for cleaning paint from hands and brushes! Smells so good and all natural!

      While these products are not essentials. They are great “extras” to have on hand.

      Furniture Painting Supplies For Beginners

      Having these essential furniture painting supplies will help ensure that your painting process is smooth, with even coverage and a professional finish. Most importantly, choose high-quality paint and use good painting techniques to avoid drips, brush marks, and uneven coverage.

      You will get better and better with painting as you practice. I recommend finding thrift store furniture that you can work on to try different techniques and products.

      Investing in good quality furniture painting supplies is an essential component of achieving a professional-looking and long-lasting finish. High-quality paint brushes and paints can ensure that the paint finish is smooth and even, without brush marks or streaks.

      Additionally, investing in good quality supplies can save you time and money in the long run, as you’ll need fewer coats of paint and will avoid having to redo the job due to poor results. While it may be tempting to opt for cheaper, lower-quality supplies, investing in good quality furniture painting supplies is a wise choice that will help ensure beautiful and long-lasting results.

      So at a minimum for a beginner, I would recommend:

      • a few good paint brushes of different size and shapes
      • high quality paint – consider using one of the best all-in-one paint brand products to get a quick finish with primer, paint, and topcoat all-in-one. Two coats and done!
      • if not using all-in-one paint, then a good primer and topcoat product.

      Once you decide you want to keep painting, then slowly invest in additional brushes and other products to build up your supplies.

      Best All-One-Paint for Furniture Makeovers

      Furniture Transfers, Stencils & Other Non-Essential Furniture Painting Supplies

      In addition to the essential furniture painting supplies for prep work and painting, there are a few additional tools and materials that can be useful when taking on a furniture painting project.

      Paint Sprayer

      One of these is a paint sprayer. I tend to do most of my projects with a brush, but a sprayer can also be advantageous.

      Many painters love using a sprayer because it allows for faster and more even coverage with less risk of drips and brush marks. I did purchase a sprayer and you can read about my experience: How To Spray Silk Paint with the Home Right Paint Sprayer

      Furniture Painting Supplies To Embellish Projects

      Next up, let’s talk about some fun furniture painting products and supplies that can be used to enhance or embellish painted furniture.

      If you’d like to learn more about these techniques, check out my post on decorative Furniture Transfers And Stencils

      Let’s Talk About Stencils

      Stencils are used to create unique designs or patterns on the painted surface. Stencils are one of my favorite ways to embellish painted furniture.

      One of my favorite stencils is the Modern Moroccan Stencil, which I used on this French Provincial Desk Makeover.

      How To Stencil Painted Furniture

      Decorative Hardware

      It’s fun to find new hardware to replace existing hardware for a fresh look. You can find such cool hardware, like these drawer pulls on Amazon! Changing up hardware makes such an impact!

      Gold Leaf

      Gold leaf adds gold metallic accents to furniture.

      I love this new product by Redesign With Prima, the Kacha Imitation Gold Leaf.

      Gold Leaf makes a great gold accent for painted furniture

      Furniture Transfers

      There are so many absolutely wonderful transfers available for painted furniture, that often it can be hard to choose one! Transfers are an easy and fun way to add design and get creative with your project. There are many brands that design these transfers, but one of the most popular is Redesign With Prima.

      Here are a few projects done with transfers:


      I haven’t used glaze in a long time, but it is used to add depth and dimension to the painted surface.

      A dark glaze is particularly pretty and really changes up the look of a painted piece.

      Decoupage Papers

      There are so many gorgeous designs in both rice papers and fabric decoupage material available. Decoupage has recently gained popularity for embellishing painted furniture.

      Decoupage papers are applied with a decoupage medium to adhere it to the furniture surface.

      Here are two projects I completed with decoupage to give you a few examples:

      Colored Waxes

      Use colored waxes are particularly useful to create a vintage or distressed look on the painted surface. Again, like the glaze, applying a dark wax, like Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax in black, creates such depth.

      Metallic paints

      Metallic paints are great for adding a bit of bling and elegance. I use this Redesign With Prima Metallic Acrylic Paint often to stencil with. My favorite color is the gorgeous gold, called Goldenrod.

      Gilding Waxes

      I love to add gilding wax for a nice extra metallic sheen to the painted furniture. Gilding wax is highly pigmented and thick so a very little goes a long way. I tend to apply it with either my finger or a small artist paint brush.

      I love the Redesign With Prima Decor Wax in Eternal Gold.

      Decorative Moldings

      Have seen the pretty mouldings furniture artist are using on their makeovers? These are embellishments that add three-dimensional character to your piece.

      They can be individually made from silicone moulds, like these Redesign With Prima Moulds, or purchased pre-made, like WoodUBend brand.

      Here are a few makeovers I created using these molded decorative pieces and they are both easy and fun to create:

      These additional furniture painting products and supplies are certainly not necessary. But, if you like to add a little pizzazz to your painted furniture, these décor items offer unique ways to personalize your projects.

      Best Place To Buy Furniture Painting Supplies

      So you may be wondering where to buy your furniture painting supplies? Well, there are so many choices. Typically I start by looking for my small local retailers who sell the brand of paint I want to use. Most often they carry other supplies as well.

      Next, consider what you may find at your local hardware stores, like Lowes or Home Depot. And art and craft stores, like Joanne’s Fabrics and Hobby Lobby.

      And you can always purchase online, including Amazon and Etsy.

      Summary: Furniture Painting Supplies

      In conclusion, painting furniture can be a fun and cost-effective way to update the look of your home. However, to achieve the best results, it’s important to have the right furniture painting supplies on hand.

      From prep work essentials to paint and finishing tools, this comprehensive furniture paint supplies post will help you gather all the necessary materials to complete your projects with ease and confidence.

      While investing in quality furniture painting supplies may seem like an additional expense, it is essential for achieving a professional-looking and long-lasting finish. And, with the right tools and techniques, you can transform any piece of furniture into a beautiful and unique addition to your space.

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