There are so many fun ways to enhance your furniture makeovers! The options for creativity are truly endless these days with all the products and supplies available.

While simply painted furniture is gorgeous, there is something so fun about adding that extra “wow factor” to your painted furniture pieces. So let’s talk about Furniture Transfers And Stencils & More!

Furniture Transfers, Moulds, Decoupage and Stencils Design elements

In this guide I’ll cover mainly transfers and stencils, but there are a few other similar product options to add unique designs to your painted furniture. These include silicone moulds, decoupage papers and texture mediums to add a little oomph to your makeovers.

Furniture Transfers

Furniture transfers are certainly one of the most popular ways to decorate painted furniture. There are more and more brands producing these transfers. And so many different styles available.

Whether you want farmhouse, boho chic, romantic floral or modern geometric styles there are a multitude of choices available. So many colors and patterns to pick from.

A few photos below show just some of the examples of transfers I’ve used in my furniture makeover projects.

The main companies that make these transfers are Redesign With Prima, Dixie Belle, and Hokus Pokus. But there are other brands popping up, for example Maise & Willow.

The furniture transfers I use the most are by Redesign With Prima.

I find most of my transfers at my local retailer where I buy my furniture paint supplies. Or online at Etsy.

Helpful Furniture Transfer Blog Posts

Basic Tips On How To Apply Furniture Transfers

  • In this post I explain the basics of how to apply Redesign With Prima Transfers to painted furniture. While this post focuses on Redesign With Prima brand transfers, the application is the same with other brands.

Furniture Makeovers Using Transfers

Here are a few posts showing how I used transfers in my furniture makeovers:

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Transfers are a fabulous way to add your own style to a painted furniture makeover. I buy most of my transfers from my local Redesign With Prima retailer or from my favorite Etsy shops!

Stencils For Painted Furniture

The stencils available now are not your run of the mill stencils of yesterday. They are top quality products that you can use over and over to create gorgeous designs. I have quite an assortment of stencils and I can’t help but to want a few more!

My favorite stencils are by Dixie Belle and Redesign With Prima. I find these most at my local furniture paint retailers but you can order on Etsy. And you can find lots of other stencils at craft stores.

The latest stencils by Kacha Decor with Redesign are just amazing! I say that about everything Kacha designs though. Her newest stencils are the Anisa Stencil and the Renata Stencil.

And one helpful tip for storing stencils is to hang them up with pants hangers. This way they don’t get bent out of shape.

Furniture Makeovers Using Stencils

Adhesive Self-Stick Stencils For Painted Furniture

There are stencils that self stick to painted furniture to make stenciling easier. This is the case with Redesign With Prima’s Stick and Style Stencils. Here are two makeovers where these stick on stencils were used.

Redesign With Prima Stick and Style Stencils on Yellow nightstand

Moulds For Painted Furniture

Next we’ll talk about another way to add some fun unique accents to your painted furniture. So, have you heard of silicone moulds?

These moulds come in so many varieties! So many options to choose from.

While there are different brands of moulds available, the main ones I use are from Redesign With Prima and Iron Orchid Designs.

There are several mediums you can use to create the moulded shape but mainly I have used Alumilite Amazing Casting Resin. This stuff works quick and so easy peasy!

Furniture Makeovers Using Moulds

Decoupage Papers For Painted Furniture

Decoupage sounds “old timey” like making paper mache and decoupage stuff in elementary art classes.

Well this is similar but a bit more sophisticated.

There are so many stunning decoupage papers available to use on furniture. You can use them on tops, sides, to line drawers, and to decorate the sides of the drawers. So many options really.

To apply decoupage papers to your furniture you can use any clear coat product. I most often use Dixie Belle Clear Coat in Satin.

Another option is to use Redesign With Prima Decoupage Gel Matte. It is more paste like and works a bit better for the thicker material-like papers available.

Furniture Makeovers Using Decoupage Papers

I could go on and on about these gorgeous decoupage papers.

I buy most of my decoupage papers on Etsy but some I buy through my local retailer as well! If you can buy local I encourage you to do so!

Anywhere that sells Dixie Belle and Redesign With Prima products will typically have a selection of decoupage papers.

Other Products To Accent Furniture Makeovers

Other types of products are made for adding unique touches to your chalk mineral painted furniture makeovers:

  • Another fun design element is Patina Paint. I have mostly used patina paints on home decor, but there are so many cool ways to add Patina to your furniture makeovers also. For a furniture makeover using patina paint check out: Patina Painted Tabletop With Texture.
  • And lastly you can use a Salt Wash texturizer to add some cool texture to your painted furniture. I like both Dixie Belle’s Sea Spray Powder and the Salt Wash brand product for adding texture.


So, I am hopeful that this page has given you some great ideas on ways to add unique design elements to your furniture makeovers.

There are so many fun ways to add character.

While simply painted furniture is also beautiful, it can be exciting to add some fun design elements!