Gold Accents With Gilding Wax

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Adding a touch of glamour to your furniture and home décor can be as simple as incorporating gold accents. One of the most effective methods to achieve this is by using gilding wax. This versatile medium gives your furniture and home décor pieces a rich, luxurious feel with minimal effort. In this blog post, we will explore the art of applying gilding wax to create stunning gold accents. We’ll talk about the basics of Gold Accents With Gilding Wax and review tips to achieve a perfect finish. Get ready to transform your painted furniture and home décor with the glamorous appeal of gilded accents!

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Gold Accents With Gilding Wax

What is Gilding Wax?

Gilding wax is a highly pigmented metallic wax used to highlight and accentuate the design elements of furniture and home décor. It’s made from a blend of premium waxes, metallic powders, and color pigments. It delivers an intense, rich metallic finish.

For the purposes of this blog post we’ll focus on gold gilding wax. The timeless elegance of gold can instantly elevate any piece of furniture or décor. Gold adds a touch of luxury and glamour. Whether you prefer a more antique gold or a rich bright gold, gilding wax promises to add a touch of elegance and glamour.

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Painted Furniture With Gold Accents

However, besides gold options, gilding wax comes in a variety of other stunning colors. From the cool silver to warm copper, there are so many beautifully pigmented shades available. Some popular options include bronze, copper and silver. However, gold gilding wax holds a special place in this spectrum.

Painted Hardware using gold gilding wax

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Brands of Gilding Wax

There are several reputable brands that manufacture high-quality gilding wax. Among them:

  1. Pebeo: Known for its high-quality craft supplies, Pebeo offers a variety of gilding waxes. Their gold shades include Empire Gold, King Gold, Renaissance Gold and Antique Gold.
  2. Annie Sloan: This brand’s gilding wax, particularly the ‘Bright Gold’ is a favorite for its easy application and lustrous finish. But this brand also makes a warm gold that is pretty.
  3. Redesign With Prima: Offers so many colors, but their Eternal is their standard gold that they are most well known for.
  4. Dixie Belle: This company, known most for their incredible paint products, offers gilding wax even in zinc and black shades. They have one true gold gilding wax. It comes in a little tin so easy to use.

I’ll confess though that my favorite gilding wax from this list is the Pebeo brand. My friend Nicole encouraged me to try it and she was right!

Furniture & Home Décor Makeovers Featuring Gilding Wax

So, now that you know that I am a fan of gilding wax, I’ll share a few makeovers I’ve done in the past that show how gilding waxes can be used.

While many of these feature gold gilding wax, you’ll see other colors of gilding wax as well.

How Is Gilding Wax Different From Regular Furniture Wax?

Gilding wax is very different from regular furniture wax. Regular furniture wax is often clear or lightly tinted rather than metallic, and s primarily used to seal and protect painted furniture. It provides a subtle sheen and preserves the furniture against wear and tear.

On the other hand, gilding wax is mainly a decorative option with vibrant metallic pigments. As discussed earlier, it comes in various shades—gold, silver, bronze, and more—allowing you to accentuate specific details of your furniture or artifact. Rather than protecting the piece, gilding wax adds a luxurious, upscale accent.

However, it’s important to note that gilding wax is generally used sparingly, only on the details or raised areas, as opposed to furniture wax that is often applied over the entire piece. So, while furniture wax is primarily for protection gilding wax is principally for decoration.

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How To Apply Gilding Wax

Gilding wax is easy to apply and offers transformative results. Simply rub it onto the surface with a cloth, an artist brush or your fingertips. it adheres to the most intricate designs, giving them a luxurious metallic appearance. The wax dries quickly and provides a long-lasting finish. Dry times may vary among brands so read your label for details.

Gilding wax is highly pigmented and very rich, so a little goes a long way. A word of caution is to use very sparingly. You can always add more, but it’s hard to take away excess. I love to use gilding wax to enhance detailed ornate etchings on furniture, along edges and corners and honestly anywhere that it makes sense.

Pebeo Empire Gold is my favorite gold gilding wax. It is an amazing, high-quality wax. And this wax is so very creamy that you can easily paint it on with your fingertip or using a small artist brush. The coverage is remarkable!

Allow the gilding wax to dry fully so it doesn’t smudge. But also important to note that gilding wax doesn’t need a topcoat. It will dry tough and solid and the pigmented coverage is beautiful! It adds such dimension and depth. And it is so very glamorous!

Summary: Gold Accents With Gilding Wax

Gilding wax can truly transform a piece of furniture or art into something spectacular. It beautifully accents edges, decorative elements, hardware and other areas of your furniture or home décor.

And Whether you’re looking to revitalize an old antique or add character to a newer piece, gilding wax offers a unique solution. The highly pigmented gold metallic sheen compliments so many paint colors to add a touch of shimmer and beauty to your painted furniture makeovers.

So finally, if you’re in search of an easy, yet effective way to add a touch of glamour and elegance to your pieces, gold gilding wax is a wonderful choice. Remember, a little goes a long way and the results can truly be stunning. Don’t be afraid to experiment and let your creativity shine. Happy Painting!

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