Green Painted Furniture

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Nothing adds a bold pop of color to a room like green painted furniture. Green is the perfect hue for any season and can be used in both modern and traditional spaces. Whether you’re looking to makeover an old piece of furniture or give your home décor an update, painting pieces green is always a great option!

In this blog post, we’ll be exploring some amazing transformations that were achieved by painting furniture green. From dressers to tables, these furniture flips are sure to inspire you! And if you are new to painting furniture and would like more help with the basics, check out Chalk Mineral Paint Basics.

Green Painted Furniture

Why Paint Furniture Green?

Green painted furniture is the perfect way to add a touch of brightness and cheer to any space. Not only does it provide a bold pop of color that will stand out in any room, but green also has psychological benefits that have been linked with increased happiness.

Green is associated with nature and growth, making it the ideal choice for those looking to bring some freshness into their home. Plus, it’s versatile enough to fit in both modern and traditional spaces without feeling dated or out-of-place.

So if you’re looking for ways to brighten up your living area, consider giving green painted furniture a try!

Popular Shades of Green For Painted Furniture

Green is one of the most popular colors for painted furniture, and there are a variety of shades to choose from. There are so many furniture paint brands offering all an array of green paint options that can help you achieve the perfect look for your space. Below I’ll mention a few of the most popular green paints.

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Dixie Belle Green Paint Colors

Some of the most popular shades of green paints by Dixie Belle Paint Company:

Wise Owl Green Paint Colors

Wise Owl features lovely shades of green also like

Country Chic Green Paints

If you like Country Chic Paint check out:

Fusion Green Paint Shades

Fusion Paint shows off with their:

General Finishes Green Paint

And lastly, I’ll mention General Finishes. Their milk paint is a fabulous product and not truly a milk paint. Instead it is more like an acrylic and very durable. But check out their sweet lighter green color Basil.

I used General Finishes Milk Paint in a gray, seagull color, to paint kitchen cabinets. It’s a great paint product for both furniture and cabinets.

70s style brown kitchen cabinets

There are many other brands out there to choose from, but those above are just a few of the most popular.

Midnight Green Silk All-In-One Paint

As I mentioned above one of my favorite green paints is the Midnight Green Silk Paint by Dixie Belle. This is a true rich deep jade green. And Silk Paint is a high quality product that has excellent coverage and durability. Silk Paint is in my opinion one of the Best All-In-One Furniture Paint Products on the market. Read more about Silk Paint in my blog posts:

Luckily there are so many colors to choose from in the Silk Paint Line. And I love that you don’t have to use a separate primer and topcoat unless you just want to.

And most importantly, that is the benefit of the all-in-one paint product! Quick makeover results with excellent durability and a beautiful finish.

Green Painted Furniture Makeover Inspiration

If you browse Pinterest and furniture painting blogs you’ll find so many different types of green painted furniture! And green is such a cheerful, fun color! So if you’re considering giving your furniture an update with some green paint, check out these furniture flips for inspiration!

Green and Gold Dresser

Kacha Gold Damask Transfer

Green and Gold Table

  • Next up, this Silk Green Painted Table with a gold stencil design. Again, using the Silk Midnight Green Paint this table has deep rich color. To add a little something extra, the tabletop was stenciled in gold paint using the Kacha Anisa Stencil by Redesign. There’s just something about green and gold together!
Green Painted Furniture With Gold Accents

Painted Green Dressers

Now I’ll share a few dresser makeovers using various brands of green furniture paint. All of these are amazing makeovers by excellent furniture artist, so I’m excited for you to click their links and check out their green painted projects!

  • A super sweet cottage green dresser makeover by Cindy at She used a mixture of two Dixie Belle paint colors, Savannah Mist and Kudzu, to create a sweet green for her dresser.
  • This sweet vintage dresser makeover by Lora at used two colors of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint. It is a lovely makeover with a distressed finish that emphasizes the details on this beauty.
  • Natalie used the beautiful Wild Clover by Country Chic on her dresser makeover. You can find details on It’s amazing what a couple of coats of green paint can do for a piece of furniture. I love all of Natalie’s work and this one is just lovely!
  • Roxanne from refinished a vintage dresser with Behr Vine Leaf using her paint sprayer. It is a lovely makeover. If you are looking to learn more about using a paint sprayer you can read about my experience with How To Spray Silk Paint using the Home Right sprayer.
  • A stunning dresser makeover can be found at She used Emerald Green Milk Paint by General Finishes on this upcycle and the results are for sure an eye catcher! The details on this dresser are wonderful and the green really makes them pop.
  • Yet another makeover using that same General Finishes Emerald Green paint can be found on They took an old dresser and really gave it amazing “wow” factor with this color. I am definitely going to have to give this color a try in the near future!
  • Finally, here is another upcycle from Natalie at She painted this dresser in Country Chic Hollow Hill. This is a darker emerald green paint color and to add to the charm she distressed this piece also. It is a gorgeous makeover with stunning finish!

Green Painted Tables

Next up, a few table makeovers to share.

  • Over at Jen used Hollow Hill by Country Chic to refinish a nice antique table. She left the tabletop in wood finish and used a clear wax sealant. It turned out beautifully.
  • Another sweet green furniture upcycle can be found on Anam painted an Ikea nightstand and added a gold stenciled design. It turned out so elegantly. And you know I love green and gold together!

Other Green Painted Furniture Makeovers

And finally, a few other types of furniture upcycled with green paint colors.

  • Carrie at used General Finishes Emerald Green Milk Paint to upcycle this vintage desk with gorgeous details into a stunning beauty. I have a sweet spot for antique desk and this makeover is just amazing!
  • Kandice at refinished this plain brown bookshelf with Emerald City Green by Wise Owl and a butterfly themed decoupage paper. Wow, this transformation truly took this bookshelf from drab to fab!
  • Over at That Sweet Tea Life, Ryan did a gorgeous makeover on an antique washstand using Dixie Belle Paint in Mint Julep. It is so remarkable! What a pop that color adds. I had never really payed any attention to that color paint before, but this makeover is amazing! And I love old washstands.
  • I’ll also share this bed frame makeover by Heather at She took a plain headboard and footboard found on the side of the road and transformed it using Annie Sloan Antibes Green. The results are just stunning! I could totally see how this bed frame would set the tone for a bedroom makeover.

Olive Green Painted Furniture

While most of these makeovers featured are more of a deep emerald or jade green, some prefer a more subtle shade, like olive green. Consider using Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Hampton Olive. Again ,another winner from the Silk Paint line. A lovely color fitting for so many spaces.

Here are two makeovers using Hampton Olive:

  • Silk Paint And Decoupage Nightstand features Hampton Olive and a fun rustic Pallet Wood Pattern Decoupage Paper.
  • And this makeover is a little half moon table painted with Silk Paint Hampton Olive. A little stenciling and transfers added a bit more funky style to this little table as well.

So finally, if you are looking for a good olive colored paint, check out Silk Hampton Olive. It’s a good neutral shade of green.

Green Painted Mason Jars and Other Seasonal Home Décor

While we are mainly talking about green painted furniture, I’ll also mention that green is such a great seasonal color for both furniture and home décor. Perfect for spring and summer décor, but Christmas is when these green paint colors really shine.

  • I used Dixie Belle’s Kudzu, Evergreen, and their Moonshine Metallic in Deep Woods to create Christmas Painted Mason Jars. They are fun, simple little projects!
  • And here in the linked post are some examples of how to Re-Purpose Christmas DIY Decor using various shades of Dixie Belle Paints, especially the green shades. These can be fun projects for the whole family, including children.

Furthermore, since these paints are low-odor, low VOCs and non-toxic they are safe for all ages.

Summary – Green Painted Furniture Makeovers Rock!

Green painted furniture can be a great way to give any space an instant refreshing makeover. Whether you choose subtle shades like olive green or bolder colors such as the emeralds and jade greens, these paint colors will help bring life to your home.

Adding a few green painted furniture pieces to your living space can give the room a bright and fresh look. From dressers, tables, desks and more, these unique pieces will become conversation starters for guests. Additionally, it’s a great way to keep your home looking fresh without having to buy all new furniture.

Get creative and find ways to transform old, outdated pieces with green painted furniture makeovers! With so many green paint shades to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect color for your next furniture makeover.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle hue or something bold and dynamic, there’s sure to be a shade that fits your style perfectly! And I hope these makeovers have given you the inspiration you need to get started!

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