How To Re-Purpose Thrift Store Items Into Christmas DIY Décor

Re-purpose Christmas DIY Decor

Do you love to scour thrift stores, Goodwill, and clearance tables? Well, if you do, we are kindred spirits! That was a throwback to Anne of Green Gables – one of my favorite movies ever! Well, I sure do love a good bargain. And I want to share with you a few fun items that I’ve found at thrift stores or on a clearance table. And, here’s the fun part! I want to show you how you can re-purpose thrift store or clearance items into Christmas DIY Decor! It’s a fun, budget-friendly way to decorate your home for Christmas.

What Items To Re-Purpose For Christmas DIY Decor

Here are some of my favorite thrift store and clearance items to re-purpose

Picture Frames

Mason Jars

Other Glass Jars


Metal Buckets or Containers

Candle Holders

Vintage Ornaments

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Project Supplies Used In This Post

Slick Stick by Dixie Belle – Primer for Slick Surfaces

Dixie Belle Clearcoat Topcoat in Satin or Gloss

Moonshine Metallics Paint by Dixie Belle

Dixie Belle Paint in Cotton

Festive Ribbons

Festive Greenery

Fine Glitter

Epsom Salts

Mason Jars

Examples of Items To Re-Purpose Into Christmas DIY Decor

Candle Holders

Now, I’ll share with you a few items that I recently found to re-purpose into Christmas DIY decor. First I’ll show you a pair of candle holders that I found at Goodwill. They are heavy, but not metal, more likely resin. The dark color finish was chipped in a few places. They weren’t in bad shape as they were, but I had an idea that could make these candle holders perfect for Christmas.

Re-Purpose Christmas DIY Decor Candle Holders

Because this item is a little slick I applied Dixie Belle Slick Stick. The Slick Stick is a great base for any slick item, like laminate, plastic, glass, or resin. It is white so especially nice if you are painting the item white. Then I did two coats of Dixie Belle Paint in cotton. And lastly, I added a coat of Dixie Belle Clear Coat in Satin.

Adding Dixie Belle Slick Stick

To make these candle holders festive I used a plaid holiday color ribbon and 2 pillar candles. These candles came from Hobby Lobby, but you can find similar candles about anywhere. And there you go, simple dark beat up candle holders transformed into pretty holiday décor. And the neat part is that these will be easy to change out for the seasons by simply changing the ribbon and the candles with whatever matches the seasons ahead.

Re-Purpose Items Into Christmas DIY Decor

Cute Fall Metal Pail

Next up, a cute metal pail that was on a fall clearance table at Michael’s. This pail was cute as is, but I wanted to use it for Christmas. So, I decided to try a new fun little technique. I mixed Dixie Belle chalk paint in Evergreen, Epsom Salts, and fine silver glitter. Yes, I know it’s a weird combination, but I wanted a little chunkiness and some sparkle.

Fall Metal Pail

It was a certainly a trial and to my surprise it worked okay! I did add in just a little water to thin the paint. Using a cheapo chip brush I applied the paint to the metal bucket after a base coat of Slick Stick. I stippled the paint on using a dabbing motion rather than a brushing motion. It formed little peaks. This acted similarly to Dixie Belle’s Sea Spray texture additive if you’ve ever tried it. This bucket turned out really cute with a nice deep green color and a little sparkle from the glitter!

Re-Purpose Items Into Christmas DIY Decor
Cute Glitter Green Painted Metal Pail for Christmas

5 X 7 Metal Ornate Picture Frame

Next up is a picture frame, a 5×7 size, with a pretty brassy gold frame. It’s nice as it is but I decided to paint this with Dixie Belle Moonshine Metallics. Have you used Moonshine Metallics? If so, you know that these paints are really thin and they go on thin, so it can take a few coats to cover well. I’ve learned from my experience that this paint goes on better if you apply a base coat. I typically apply a neutral base coat like a gray but I used Dixie Belle Kudzu Green for the base. Then once dry I applied two coats of Moonshine Metallics in Deep Woods. I just love this color Deep Woods. It is the perfect green for holiday décor. Finally I applied a coat of Satin Clear Coat to protect it.

Re-Purpose Items Into Christmas DIY Decor

While you could use a personal family 5×7 print to fill the frame I created a little print out from using their available elements. Have you tried Canva? It is what I use to create all my pins and blog photos because you have freedom to choose what size print you want, add text as you desire, change colors and choose really cool fonts. It’s really fun to use Canva to create printables and edit photos. The options are endless with this app and it’s super easy to use too. You can see the 5×7 print I made in the photo below.

Painted Metal Frame With Dixie Belle Moonshine Metallic Deep Woods

Metal Decorative Pitcher Vase

Now, here is a really cute fall metal pitcher with a pour spout. Again, like that little fall metal bucket it was cute as it is. But at this point in the fall season I’ve moved past fall and am thinking ahead to the Christmas season! So, let’s doctor up this pitcher vase. Again I opted to use Dixie Belle Moonshine Metallics in Deep Woods. First though I applied a base coat of Mason Dixon Gray. I used two coats of the Deep Woods and then a coat of Clear Coat in Satin.

Fall Metal Pail and Metal Decorative Pitcher Vase
Painted Metal Decorative Pitcher Vase

Once dry I then added a festive cute ribbon that says “Merry Christmas” and some gorgeous faux greenery. I found this box of various festive ribbons at Michael’s. There are so many cute colors and styles to choose from. The greenery pieces came from Michael’s and a few from Joanne’s Fabrics, but I have also picked up some cute greenery at the Dollar Tree. And there you have it, DIY festive Christmas decor! Unique and so pretty!

Metal Decorative Pitcher Vase and Frame Painted With Dixie Belle Moonshine Metallic in Deep Woods

Clear Glass Milk Bottle

Next up, I want to share a makeover of a glass milk bottle I found at Goodwill. I painted it with Dixie Belle Paint in Cotton after prepping with Slick Stick. Once dry, then I simply distressed a little over the raised part of the front and added a sweet ribbon and other festive decorations.

Adding Slick Stick to a Glass Milk Bottle
Painted Glass Milk Bottle Re-Purposed Into Christmas DIY Decor
Painted Glass Milk Bottle With Festive Christmas Ribbon and Greenery

Clear Mason Jars

Another type of item I love to paint are mason jars! I have tons of ideas for holiday styled mason jars. They really do make fun and easy decor. They are a great way to re-purpose thrift store finds into Christmas DIY decor. And they make good storage for candy canes and candies and more. This mason jar was painted with my favorite Dixie Belle Moonshine Metallics in Deep Woods. But first I prepped with a coat of Slick Stick. Next I applied Clearcoat in Satin topcoat they were ready to decorate. And finally, the mason jar was wrapped with a pretty ribbon and some burlap twine and added some greenery. These painted mason jars would also make nice gifts.

I have two posts on painted mason jar decor ideas:

Painting Clear Mason Jars
Mason Jar Painted with Dixie Belle Moonshine Metallics in Deep Woods Re-Purpose Into Christmas DIY Decor

Vintage Metal or Glass Ornaments

And one more project I want to share are these vintage ornaments painted and lightly distressed. Sometimes you can find really nice metal ornaments, some old and vintage and some likely newer. Sometimes these are in perfect condition and other times they are a little beat up. Well, don’t let that discourage you from buying them. They can be painted. I found some cute metal ornaments and painted them with Dixie Belle Paint in Drop Cloth and distressed with sandpaper around the edges. I then used Dixie Belle Topcoat in Gloss to protect as well as give a little shine.

Vintage Glass Ornaments Painted and Distressed

Summary: What Can You Find To Re-Purpose Into Christmas DIY Decor?

The next time you are at a thrift store or Goodwill or looking over the clearance table of past season items, consider the possibilities. Think about the ways in which you can re-purpose the items into Christmas or other seasonal DIY decor. Think about how the items might be transformed to fit the coming holiday season. Or the ways you might turn them into great gifts for loved ones and friends.

I’d love to see what you transform! Send me pictures or post them in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Abbey! Alot of great ideas on how to turn something plain and simple into a pretty Christmas decoration or gift. Thank you for sharing.

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