How To Use Dixie Belle Paint: Products For Furniture Painting & More

Dixie Belle Paint offers an unparalleled array of wonderful paint products and other supplies, all equipped to transform your furniture into something new and unique. These products are perfectly suited to any furniture refinishing project. And, here at Simply Refinished furniture makeovers are my passion. I love to share what I learn with my readers so that they can avoid my mistakes and achieve beautiful results. And in this guide I’ll share How To Use Dixie Belle Paint in your upcoming projects.

Dixie Belle offers products for painters from beginner to advanced. Products are available to suit any color preference, from neutrals to bold, vibrant colors and any design style, be it French country, farmhouse or modern and contemporary. So, let’s dive in and learn more about Dixie Belle Paint Products and how they can help you achieve you desired finish.

Dixie Belle Paint Company Products

What Is Dixie Belle Paint?

Dixie Belle Paint is a brand of paint products that are designed for painting furniture, home décor items and more. These paints have several qualities that make them appealing to a wide audience of DIY crafters and painters including:

  • most of their products are water-based
  • low VOCs and environmentally friendly to use indoors and on furniture for children and pets
  • high quality products that are easy to use for even beginner painters
  • forgiving of brush strokes because they are self-leveling
  • a wide range of paint colors, three distinct paint lines, paint supplies and other products available

Dixie Belle Paint Products – Paints, Painting Supplies and More

Dixie Belle makes many great products for furniture refinishing from the beginning to end of the makeover process. The good news is that Dixie Belle has you covered during all those stages.

Now, truthfully furniture makeovers can be as simple or as complex as desired. And, some of that may depend on the state of the furniture in the beginning and the desired end result. To learn more about preparing furniture for a makeover read How To Prep Furniture For Painting.

Once your furniture piece is ready for painting, this is where Dixie Belle Paint products really shine. Dixie Belle has three paint lines currently: the original Chalk Mineral Paint, Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint, and Terra Clay Paint. Each has its own special qualities.

Personally I have not used the Terra Clay line yet. But, use this guide to learn more about the other Dixie Belle Paint Products. First we’ll start with the original Chalk Mineral Paint Product.

Dixie Belle Paint Lines

Chalk Mineral Paint – A Chalk Based DIY Paint For Furniture & More

The original chalk mineral based DIY furniture paint by Dixie Belle is still a go to for so many projects. It is great for furniture but also for home décor and craft projects. The colors are vibrant and the paint is rich and creamy.

This paint is the perfect consistency for spreading across furniture, canvases and so many other surfaces. Also the product is very self-leveling and being water-based it mixes well with most other media.

Just remember that although it dries solid and hard, it is not waterproof and resistant to smudges, chipping, stains and other infractions. A topcoat would be needed to protect and seal it from surface damage.

Learn more about Chalk Mineral Paint by Dixie Belle in these posts:

And here are some furniture makeovers featuring the use of Chalk Mineral Paints:

Next up, we’ll learn about Silk Paint by Dixie Belle.

Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint – Three Products In One

Now, I’d love to share more about Silk Paint. This is my favorite paint to work with on nearly any painted furniture project. This paint is truly an all-in-one product. It is a workhorse. It contains a primer, the paint, and a built-in topcoat.

One of my favorite qualities about this paint is the silky smooth consistency and rich color content. It is a dream to work with. The silky paint not only spreads with ease but it is so extremely self-leveling and brush-mark forgiving.

It dries quickly and leaves an eggshell sheen. The sheen is just perfect, but if you want more shine you can add a topcoat.

I can’t say enough good things about Silk Paint. The color options available are wide, but not so wide as the regular chalk mineral paint. Another feature is that Silk Paint can also easily be used in a paint sprayer. You can learn more about spraying Silk Paint in this post – How To Spray Silk Paint.

The following posts will guide you through some basics of Silk Paint by Dixie Belle:

and the following furniture makeovers feature the use of Silk Paints in various colors.

As you can see by the number of furniture makeovers using Silk Paint, it tends to be my top choice for most projects.

Patina Paint

Patina Paints are a special paint product created for the purpose of adding a patina effect. This is reminiscent of slowly time-aged metals like old anchors and rusting automobiles. Dixie Belle Paint Company makes a line called the Patina Paint Collection.

With this line of paint products you can create a patina finish on any surface and I do mean any surface. From plastic, wood, glass to an artist canvas. You can use patina paint on furniture, metal and glass décor, and so much more.

I review the Patina Paint Line in the following posts:

and I used Patina Paint in this fun furniture makeover:

Patina Paint By Dixie Belle

Dixie Belle Products & Supplies For Painting And Decorating Furniture

Next up we are going to cover all the other cool products that Dixie Belle makes. All of these products are created to aide in the art of painting furniture and anything else you decide to paint.

Dixie Belle makes some of the best paint brushes for painting furniture especially. Learn more about in this post – Best Dixie Belle Paint Brushes.

Beyond paint brushes, Dixie Belle also makes excellent products for protecting and sealing painted furniture. You can learn more about Dixie Belle topcoat products in this post: Topcoats For Chalk Paint. The benefit to using one of Dixie Belle’s topcoats is that you are guaranteed they are designed to work seamlessly with their paint products.

And, a huge bonus is that they provide superior protection for your hard work. And, if you choose not to do a poly topcoat you can consider using a wax which you can learn about in this post – Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax.

Just like they make excellent topcoats, Dixie Belle also makes excellent primers. In this post – Dixie Belle Boss Primer – I discuss how this primer is designed to work very well with chalk paints. It is a water-based primer that provides great hiding ability for stains and odors.

Finally, for priming slick surfaces like laminates and glass read this post to learn more about Dixie Belle Slick Stick. This is a great primer for slippery surfaces and it makes your paints stick like crazy!

Products To Accent Painted Furniture

Lastly, I’ll share some excellent Dixie Belle products created to enhance or accent painted furniture. There are so many fun ways to really get creative with your furniture designs.

Your furniture makeover can be as simple or as artistic as you desire. And there is no right or wrong way to accent your painted masterpiece. It totally depends on what you like and want out of your project. But don’t be afraid to try new things and get totally carried away with your design plan!

One example of a great complimentary product by Dixie Belle is their gel stain. They make several stains for wood furniture. Learn more about their gel stain product in this post: Dixie Belle No Pain Gel Stain. It is a top notch quality gel stain for wood.

Another cool product for adding an artistic element to your designs is their Crackle Product. This creates a distressed cracked paint finish. See more in these posts:

I used Crackle in the following project posts:

Stencils For Painted Furniture

There are some fabulous stencils on the market. Stenciling is one of my favorite ways to achieve a unique design with a makeover. Learn more about stenciling in general in this post: How To Stencil Painted Furniture.

Dixie Belle makes fabulous stencils for furniture. They are sold under the product line named Belles & Whistles. A few of my favorites are:

To see some makeovers featuring these stencils go to:

Decoupage Papers To Accent Painted Furniture

Along the same lines as using a stencil, another seriously cool way to decorate your painted furniture is by using decoupage papers. And of course as you would expect, Dixie Belle makes a line of beautiful and unique decoupage papers under their Belles & Whistles name.

To learn more about the art and method of using decoupage on furniture makeovers read – How To Decoupage Painted Furniture.

There are so many designs to choose from. Anything from farmhouse style to boho and Gothic. I’ve used some of these decoupage papers in a few makeovers here and there:

Furniture Transfers – Another Fun Way To Decorate Painted Furniture

Finally, since we’ve covered decoupage papers and stencils, let’s talk about furniture transfers. There are so many furniture transfers on the market and they are increasingly popular. While many of the transfers I use are made by Redesign With Prima, I have also used Dixie Belle Belles & Whistles transfers.

Check out these posts to see a few of these makeovers:

Transfers are so versatile and extremely easy to apply. And with so many styles available you can certainly find one to suit your creative endeavors.

Summary: Dixie Belle Products For All Aspects Of Painting Furniture

As you can see Dixie Belle makes such a wide variety of products for the flipping furniture and so much more. Their products are not only varied, but high-quality and widely available in most counties and online.

There are many more products than I have listed above, so by all means this post is not exhaustive of everything Dixie Belle has to offer. But certainly it is evident that they cover so many facets of a furniture makeover from start to finish with their inventory.

I hope you consider checking out how some of these products can enhance your next makeover! And as always Happy Painting!

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