Kitchen Countertop Decorative Wood Risers

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If you desire an creative, yet effortless solution to accent your kitchen countertops, consider creating some decorative wooden risers. These fun DIY projects not only elevate your kitchen accessories to a handy height but also incorporate an element of personality to your countertops. So in this post, I’m sharing five ideas for DIY kitchen countertop decorative wood risers.

Before we begin, if you are totally new to painting furniture and home décor, check out this post for tips on getting started: Furniture Transfers And Stencils & More

Kitchen Countertop Decorative Wood Risers

Kitchen Countertop Décor: DIY Decorative Wood Risers Using Paints, Stains & More

Regardless of whether your kitchen vibe is contemporary or country, decorative wood risers can seamlessly blend in, acting as the perfect compliment to your kitchen countertop or other spaces. The real charm, however, lies in personalizing them with your own style.

These wood risers are fun projects, letting you get your creative juices flowing. They also make fun gifts to give to others. And with the holiday gift-giving season ahead, these make for a personalized way to show someone you care.

Yes, you can certainly go and buy these simple wood risers at any store or online, but what fun is that? So much more fun to add your own style and personality to them.

Now, let’s dive into a fabulous DIY project where you can let your creativity flow. Get ready to paint, stain, and style wooden risers with accents like stencils, decoupage, and transfers, creating unique kitchen countertop décor. And this project is great for anyone, beginners to advanced.

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Main Project Supplies:

wooden rounds of various sizes – you could use any shape though, round, rectangular, square.

small feet for furniture – 2 inch ball round or other shapes

wood glue

chalk paints – various colors

wood stains – Minwax or Java Gel or Voo Doo Gel Stain

clear topcoat/sealant like Gator Hide

other decorative accents – decoupage papers, transfers, stencils

Basic Project Instructions: Attach the wood feet to the wood rounds using wood glue.

You can choose to attach the wood feet first or paint first. Typically I prefer to attach the feet first and then paint as one piece. I use Gorilla Wood Glue to attach the feet letting it dry according to the glue’s label. Once adhered well, I move onto to painting or staining.

Project #1 Farmhouse Theme Decorative Wood Risers For The Kitchen Countertop

Before we begin this first project, I’ll mention that a few years ago I updated our old 70s kitchen with a Budget-Friendly Kitchen Makeover. I painted the cabinets and the walls, even doing a faux shiplap wall. Read more about those projects here: Paint Kitchen Cabinets and DIY Shiplap Plank Wall.

And the countertops also got an update with the Giani Countertop Paint Kit. If you are considering giving your kitchen a farmhouse style makeover check out this post also: Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen Countertop Décor

Project #1 Supplies:

Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint in Fluff

Dixie Belle Gator Hide Topcoat

Best Dang Wax in Black With Wax Brush

Redesign With Prima Small Transfers: Morning Farmhouse and Home & Farm

  1. For this project I painted the wood rounds with the Dixie Belle Chalk Paint in Fluff. Two coats was sufficient for coverage. Let each coat dry before applying the next. Then I added the transfers.
  2. I mixed and matched transfers from the Redesign With Prima Small Transfers in farmhouse style. One is called Home & Farm and the other is called Morning Farmhouse. They are so adorably sweet and so “farmhouse”. Very cute for a rustic kitchen or modern farmhouse style kitchen.
  3. After the transfers, I applied the Best Dang Wax in black to add aging effects. I give the Best Dang Wax a little time to dry before applying the sealant. This makes these risers look a bit more weathered and goes along with the farmhouse style.
  4. Finally, I applied two coats of Gator Hide topcoat to seal everything.

One tip: Remember that transfers need to be applied to a surface that has not yet been topcoated or sealed preferably. This allows them to adhere better.

Project #2 Stained Risers With Chalk Paint Whitewash and Stencil Design

Next up are these larger round risers. These I chose to stain and then add a chalk paint whitewash. This creates a weathered wood look and goes very well with a coastal, modern, or farmhouse theme.

Project #2 Supplies:

Minwax PolyShades in Espresso Satin – I love this color

VooDoo Gel Stain By Dixie Belle in Up In Smoke – a water-based gel stain

Chalk Mineral Paint in Fluff by Dixie Belle for the whitewash and Stencil Design

“Gather Together” Stencil

Apply Stain To the Raw Wood Riser

  • To start apply the gel stain. Minwax PolyShades is an oil-based gel stain so apply with a cheap synthetic brush or use a staining applicator pad that you won’t mind tossing out. Oil based products are not washable with soap and water.

Important Tip: Always use care when working with oil based products. For example, use good ventilation, eye protection, and gloves because they will stain the hands and skin. Allow soiled brushes or rags to dry outdoors rather than inside the home before disposing in a trash can outside the home. And never use around heat or flame sources because oil-based products are flammable.

Minwax PolyShades in Espresso Satin is one of my favorite colors. Once you brush on the stain work it into the wood. Then wipe off excess with a stain applicator pad or lint-free rag. Allow to dry thoroughly. You can apply a second coat if you want a darker color.

  • In contrast to the Minwax PolyShades, the VooDoo Gel Stain in Up In Smoke is a water-based stain. This smoky gray stain goes on easily. I like to apply using a Dixie Belle Premium Chip Brush. Apply as many coats as needed for desired coverage. I did three. It dries so quickly! And it is water-based so easy clean up with soap and water!

Chalk Paint Whitewash

To give both of these risers a whitewash, you mix a little white chalk paint with water. Then using a paintbrush apply across the riser in the direction of the grain. Wipe off excess with a lint-free rag. This will give a whitewashed effect that creates depth. It looks like weathered wood and remind me of the coast.

For festive fall table décor, I used this stencil that says “Gather Together”. Place the stencil where you want the design and tape down then apply the paint to the stencil using a small paint roller or a stencil brush or dauber. Most importantly use only a small amount of paint to stencil and dab off excess before applying. Less is always more when stenciling.

Once the stencil design is dry I like to apply a clear topcoat, like Gator Hide to seal and protect the design. Two coats should do fine.

Project #3: Patriotic Wood Riser With American Flag

Styling these wood risers is a fun way to use leftover pieces of transfers or decoupage paper sheets. This riser features an American Flag transfer from the Redesign With Prima Middy Veteran’s Transfer.

Project #3 Supplies:

Redesign With Prima Middy Transfer: Veteran

Silk Paint Saltwater

Gator Hide Topcoat

Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax Brown

Chalk Mineral Paint in Barn Red and Silk Paint in Deep Seas

Similarly as above, I painted two coats of Silk Paint in Saltwater, allowing each coat to dry a few hours before applying the next. Then I added the transfer design. Once adhered I applied two coats of Gator Hide topcoat to protect the transfer.

Silk Paint itself does not require a topcoat but the transfer does need to be sealed. To learn more about Silk Paint read:

To add an aging effect use Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax in Brown applied with a wax brush and wiping off excess. This given the American Flag transfer a weathered look like “Old Glory”.

To add a cute little feature I painted the dome feet on this riser with red and blue paint. Two feet were painted with Dixie Belle Barn Red and two feet were painted with Silk Paint in Deep Seas.

Project #4: Kitchen Countertop Decorative Wood Risers With Fall Flower Transfers

This wood riser features a sweet fall floral transfer and some muted fall colors. So pretty and neutral to go with any décor style.

Project #4 Supplies:

Metallic Spray Paint in Copper

Amy Howard One Step Paint in Toscana Sage

Gator Hide

Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax In Brown

Redesign With Prima Blossomed Beauties Middy Transfer

This riser was painted with two coats of Amy Howard One Step Paint in Toscana Sage. This paint is a very light sage color. And I spray painted the wooden feet for this riser with a metallic paint and primer spray.

  • To learn more about this paint by Amy Howard check out these posts:

Once the riser was painted and dry I added the transfer by Redesign With Prima. Blossomed Beauties is a lovely fall color floral transfer, perfectly sized for this riser.

The feet on the riser were first spray painted with the copper spray paint. But I wanted a bit more shine so I coated the feet with Annie Sloan gilding wax in Copper.

To add an aging effect as in the previous project, I used Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax in brown. This wax was applied with a wax brush and then excess wiped back with a lint-free rag.

Once the wax was fully dry a couple coats of Gator Hide Topcoat was added to seal the transfer.

Project #5: Kitchen Countertop Decorative Wood Risers With Decoupage Paper

This wood riser project features a pretty ornate blue and white decoupage paper. Decoupage is such a fun way to add a bit of personality to any project. Learn more about decoupage here: How To Decoupage Painted Furniture

Project #5 Supplies:

Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Salt Water and Deep Seas

Rice Decoupage Paper – Blue Glass Ornate

Premium Chip Brush

Decoupage Matte Gel By Redesign

Dixie Belle Scarlet Brush

This final riser was made using decoupage paper. To start, the wood riser was painted with a couple of coats of Silk Paint in Saltwater. Once dry, I added the decoupage paper.

Basically, decoupage requires these simple steps:

Kitchen Countertop Decorative Wood Riser with blue and white flower decoupage paper
  1. Apply a coat of Decoupage Matte Gel.
  2. While wet apply the decoupage paper by placing where you want it.
  3. Smooth out the paper along the surface working inside toward outside to get rid of any wrinkles or bubbling. Use a decoupage brayer to smooth or you can use the Dixie Belle Scarlet Brush.
  4. Once smooth allow it to dry.
  5. When the paper is dry apply the topcoat. For the topcoat you can again use the Decoupage Matte Gel or you can use Clear Coat.
  6. Again smooth using the Scarlet Brush and allow to dry fully.

Once fully dry I used a Xacto Craft Knife to trim off the excess decoupage paper along the edges. The feet of the riser are painted in Deep Seas Navy.

Then I dry brushed on some Silk Paint in Deep Seas to help accent the edges and add some depth. I love dry brushing. I show how I dry brush in the video below:

Summary: Kitchen Countertop Decorative Wood Risers

Painted Kitchen Countertop Decorative Wood Risers are a fun way to unleash creativity. And also a way to use leftover products like pieces of transfers. Plus, they are such a cute way to decorate your space. You can paint them to match any style of kitchen or home décor, whether it be rustic, modern, shabby chic, or coastal.

With some chalk paints or stains, a dash of imagination, and your own personal flair, you can transform a simple wooden riser into a unique piece of home décor.

Not only do these projects offer a fun and engaging pastime, but they also result in a beautiful, functional addition to your kitchen countertops.

Kitchen Countertop Decorative Wood Risers

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