My Top Ten Christmas Gift Ideas For Chalk Painters

Top Ten Christmas Gift Ideas For Chalk Painters

Do you have someone on your Christmas gift list that loves to paint furniture and home decor? Honestly it’s such a popular hobby and pastime for so many right now! Well, Christmas is less than 2 months away so I’m going to give you my top ten Christmas gift ideas for the chalk painters on your list. And who’s to say that you can’t sneak in a gift for yourself too while you are at it! Or is it just me that does that ? LOL

So many people are using chalk mineral paint products now. Furniture makeover projects often include updating furniture and décor. And folks are looking for creative outlets to help reduce stress. These factors have lead to more and more people learning to refinish their furniture and décor to brighten things up or add color! And in many cases painting just really makes people happy.

There are so many great products for folks who DIY and paint, and that can be confusing to those not familiar with these products. So, I figured with the Christmas season close, I’d make a list of my top ten Christmas gift ideas for chalk furniture painters. These items would make any furniture painter happy I suspect.

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Quick Overview: Supplies Listed In My Top Ten Gift Ideas For Chalk Painters

Dear Santa - Gift Ideas For Chalk Painters

Gift Idea Number One – A Great Brush for Chalk Painting

There are quite a few great brushes out there. But I’ll tell you my top three choices. These would be great all-purpose brushes for any DIY furniture painter. The Cling On! S50 is a superb brush that gives nice smooth strokes and leaves a low brush mark free finish. The other two brushes I love are by Dixie Belle. I have and love both the Dixie Belle Synthetic Mini Angle brush and the Synthetic Oval Medium brush.

Cling On! S50 Paint Brush

Chalk Mineral Paint Basics: Tips For Success With Your Next Project

If all this talk has you thinking about a furniture makeover of your own check out the link above for basic chalk mineral paint basics! Tips to help you get started also! A bit of warning though, once you start you’ll be addicted!

Gift Idea Number Two – Stick & Style Stencils

These stencils come on a roll and stick to the surface making it easier to use. They have super cute patterns that work for so many different tastes. These are really perfect for adding a little flair to the sides of drawers when refinishing. While there are several nice styles, two of my favorites are the Stick & Style Stencil Royal Ann Garden. And these stencils are repositionable and reusable over and over.

I use stick and style stencils in this makeover project: Nightstand makeover with a golden yellow chalk mineral paint and Redesign With Prima Stick & Style Stencils.

Gift Idea Number Three – Scrubby Soap Paint Remover and Big Momma’s Butta

I know these are some funny named items to get for gifts but they are both great products that are super useful and are a nice small gift for DIY chalk painter. Scrubby Soap is just the best for getting paint out of brushes and off hands and the smell is out of this world. There are three varieties to choose from , orange, lemon lime, and lemon. Big Mama’s Butta is a great salve for reviving wood and works great to use inside drawers to refresh and shine. This product also smells just fabulous. It is available in three varieties, orange grove, Suzanne’s Garden and unscented.

Top Ten Gift Ideas For Chalk Painters - Scrubby Soap

Gift Idea Number Four – Chalk Paint Wax Variety Pack

It’s fun to accent a painted finish with different color waxes. I’m linking here to Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax products. Dixie Belle makes water-based waxes which I prefer because you can layer with other water-based Dixie Belle products. They do come in a very small tin, so it would be cute to make a little gift set with various color options. Best Dang Wax comes in white, clear, brown, gray and black. This wax can be applied with either a wax brush or a cloth.

Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax and the French Tip Brush

Gift Idea Number Five – Redesign With Prima Transfers

Have you heard of these transfers? They are not just for accenting furniture. They work well also to accent home décor. And with so many design styles to choose from, you can’t go wrong. You might want to consider what type of taste your friend or loved one has, but some really nice ones are listed here. One favorite is a classic floral transfer, called the Royal Burgundy transfer.

Here is a Redesign with Prima transfer on a vintage phone table

I used furniture transfers in several projects:

And I give you helpful tips and tricks for easy application of Furniture Transfers in another blog post. These transfers can be a bit tricky but overall they are easy to use even for beginners!

Gift Idea Number Six – Chalk Paint Assortment of Colors

A gift card to a local Dixie Belle Retailer always works, but I’ll continue with my list because I know many of us prefer to give something more than gift cards. A great gift for any chalk painter is an assortment of chalk paints. Winter projects usually call for icy grays and whites and even a hint of light blue works too. So my best recommendations for paint colors for a gift basket are Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paints in the colors of Fluff, Haint Blue, Mason Dixon Gray, and Bunker Hill Blue. These are colors that work together well also for blending and Ombre designs.

Chalk Paint Project Planning. Metallic Paint

Another fun idea would be to make a gift bag or basket with a few of those above mentioned paint colors and add in a few stencils. Here is an adorable stencil I found for making a winter “Let It Snow” Sign. These small foam rollers and refills work great or some prefer to use pouncers for doing stencils. A snowman stencil also would be cute! Some people love stencils and some don’t. Wood sign making is really popular right now and stencils are a great way to make your own signs, so I don’t think you can go wrong by throwing in a stencil.

I used Dixie Belle’s Belle’s and Whistles Damask Stencil to create the design in this Vintage Vanity Makeover using a Floral Ballerina Decoupage and Stenciled Design.

Gift Idea Number Seven – Patina Paints

Another great gift idea for creative chalk painters is a set of Patina Paint Products. I use Dixie Belle Patina Product Line and it provides such a fun way to add dimension and a unique touch to your furniture and décor. There are several items in this product line that work together to create the patina finish.

I have a few blog posts about how to use patina paint:

But a great gift basket idea would be to combine Dixie Belle Patina Paint in one or more of the three colors. It comes in copper, iron, and bronze with the patina spray activator, which comes in either blue or green. My recommendations would be either the blue and/or green spray with the copper or the bronze paints. Those are definitely my favorites!

How To Use Patina Paint To Create An Aged Finish
Patina Paints come in three colors – copper, bronze, and iron and you use a blue or green activator spray with it to create the Patina.
Top Ten Christmas Gift Ideas For Chalk Painters
Here are two glass bottles I painted with Patina Paints

Gift Idea Number Eight – Gold Leaf Supplies

You can find great examples online of how to use gold leafing for furniture. You can make a really inexpensive gift bag of gold leafing supplies. Add in gold leaf sheets, gold leaf sizing adhesive, gold leaf dusting brush, and Dixie Belle Satin Clear Topcoat.

I love how Kacha uses gold leaf in her gorgeous furniture makeovers. You can learn more about gold leaf from Kacha’s blog and see some of her amazing work!

Gift Idea Number Nine – Paint Shop Helpers

Did you ever think there were so many fun things available for chalk painting? Well, another fun idea is rolling casters for moving furniture. i have a set of four and I use them so often to place under the legs of dressers and tables for moving across the garage floor to reposition for painting. Also what furniture painter wouldn’t love a rolling work seat to sit on while painting? I haven’t even gotten one of these myself yet but I would love to have one!

Gift Idea Number Ten – Chalk Furniture Painting Books For Inspiration

What about a few great books on furniture painting makeovers? Even if your loved one is not a beginner furniture painter, books can offer inspiration. Even though I’ve done plenty of painting I still love to see what others are up to and I enjoy my copies of Annie Sloan Color Recipes For Painted Furniture and Annie Sloan Paints Everything . There are a couple other books on Amazon that look great and get good reviews but I haven’t personally checked them out yet, although I plan to. The first is by Amy Howard and the second book is by Jen Cider called Amazing Furniture Makeovers. You can also combine one of these great books with a small container of chalk style paint and a nice brush to make a really special gift basket. I don’t know any furniture painter who wouldn’t want to get that gift!

Summary – My Top Ten Christmas Gift Ideas For the Chalk Painters on Your Gift List

Top Ten Christmas Gift Ideas For Chalk Painters

I hope this helps you with your gift buying for anyone who loves to chalk paint furniture. And, if you are still just stuck after seeing these ten Christmas gift ideas for chalk painters, you can always go with an Amazon gift card or Visa gift card. Or consider a gift card to your local furniture paint supply retailer. If your folks like Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint like I do, you can check out their store finder on their website here. That way you can keep your money in your local community and help out small businesses too which is always nice.

If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email or message. Find me on Instagram as that’s where I hang out the most or on Facebook. And to see what I’m up to check out my Pinterest as well.


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