Paint Colors For Farmhouse Furniture Makeovers

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Are you as captivated by the rustic charm and warm aesthetics of farmhouse-style furniture as I am? In this post we’re diving into the world of farmhouse furniture and its paint colors. Farmhouse paint colors are those muted tones that can give your furniture a more cozy, rustic appeal.. We’ll explore shades that capture the warmth and charm of a rustic country town. So, let’s dive in and talk about paint colors for farmhouse furniture that bring a sense of rustic charm into your home!

But before we begin, I want to invite you to check out: Chalk Mineral Paint Basics if you are new to painting furniture. You’ll find helpful tips for getting started.

Paint Colors For Farmhouse Furniture Makeovers

Prepping Furniture For Painting

Before diving into these paint colors, here’s a few links to some helpful posts on preparing your furniture for the paint project:

Farmhouse style furniture has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Its unique charm and character can instantly bring a sense of comfort and warmth to any space. The style and type of furniture itself is an one aspect that makes if “farmhouse”. But the paint colors and finishes used on these pieces also play a role in creating the desired farmhouse look.

Many will say that the farmhouse style craze started with Joanna Gaines. And I imagine they are correct. Her style of design has changed so much over the years her basic style still has a cozy appeal. And overall in many of her home renovations, you still see the farmhouse aesthetic in her work.

Some people believe that farmhouse style is dead. In fact many argue that the farmhouse style has been so overused that is no longer appeals to most audiences. Well, I think what we see is that although farmhouse style craze has cooled somewhat, it still has a place in the home décor styles. And rather than being “out” or “dead”, it has transformed and adapted to blend with other styles and bring in more rich colors.

Also you have to consider that the popularity of a style of furniture can also depend on the style of the home and individual preferences. So let’s move on and talk about popular paint colors for farmhouse furniture makeovers.

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White Paint Colors For Farmhouse Furniture

One of the most iconic colors associated with farmhouse style is white. There are in fact many shades of white. And it is always classic and timeless in any space.

White paint colors brighten up a space but also creates a clean and fresh backdrop for other furniture and home décor pieces to stand out.

Consider using shades such as off whites and ivory shades for a traditional rustic farmhouse feel.

Here are some of my favorite shades of white for farmhouse style makeover:

And here is a makeover painted in white paint colors with a weathered finish on the top:

Gray Paint Colors For Farmhouse Furniture

Another popular paint color choice for painted farmhouse furniture is gray. Gray paint colors are available in so many shades. From blue grays to greenish grays and even neutral grays. Grays have become almost as popular as white shades in painting farmhouse style furniture.

It’s also popular to mix gray shades in with other colors, such as whites and deeper shades like black. I think gray painted furniture with dark waxes for aging effect is very appealing as well.

I don’t have any farmhouse style painted furniture in gray, but I’ll share this gorgeous makeover by my friend Natalie over on her blog, A Ray Of Sunlight. She shares her weathered wood gray finish on a set of end tables. And the outcome is just so perfect for a neutral, cozy effect.

And if you are looking for ways to incorporate a farmhouse style into your home using a nice neutral gray, check out my posts on my kitchen makeover where I painted the cabinets and the countertops with shades of gray:

Farmhouse Style Blue & Green Paint Colors

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, consider incorporating muted or paler blues and greens into your farmhouse paint color selections. These soft and soothing hues can add a touch of serenity to any room, while still maintaining the rustic feel.

These are not your bright or deep blues but more so the gentler versions such as seafoam green, dusty blue, and sage green. Here are some gorgeous furniture pieces painted with these muted greens and blues.

Some of my favorite paint colors for farmhouse furniture in blues and greens include:

I used Dixie Belle Silk Hampton Olive in these makeovers:

Deeper Warm Paint Colors For Farmhouse Furniture

In addition to these classic colors, there are also some unexpected options that can add a unique twist to your farmhouse style painted furniture. For example, painting furniture in shades of mustard yellow or burnt orange can bring a warm and cozy atmosphere to a space. These colors also pair well with natural wood tones and can add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral room.

With the transition of farmhouse style to more modernized styles, you will likely see more wood tones incorporated as well as more use of deep, rich colors, such as a pine or forest green, deeper warm orange colors and as mentioned above, mustard yellows.

One of my favorite paint colors by Dixie Belle is Colonel Mustard. Also Terracotta is a gorgeous color, often used in painted home décor. Check out these fall projects showing off some of these colors:

Paint Techniques For Farmhouse Furniture Makeovers

When choosing paint for your farmhouse furniture, it’s important to consider the finish as well. A distressed or antique finish can enhance the rustic look. Experiment with different finishes to see what works best for your space and personal style. Consider incorporating wood tones into your projects adds to the farmhouse style.

Paint & Gel Stain Finishes

Another idea is keeping wood tones but refreshing with new stains or even a wash of paint. Consider white washing for a beautiful finish on wood as well. And, I love to see the combination of farmhouse paint colors with gel stain, such as gel-stained dresser and table tops.

These posts feature the use of gel stains in farmhouse painted furniture makeovers:

Patina Paint Finishes For A Farmhouse Makeover

Patina finishes, whether on painted furniture home décor, always reminds me of antique metal farm equipment or tractors. You know the ones that have rusted and aged by sitting out in the elements over the years. You can use Dixie Belle Patina Paint Products to add some patina to your space. Combine patina with neutrals or bold colors for a unique finish that has an industrial, rustic vibe.

Another idea to add some rustic farmhouse appeal when painting furniture is to use a patina finish. I talk a bit more about achieving a patina finish in these posts:

Summary: Paint Colors For Farmhouse Furniture Makeovers

In conclusion, the art of painting furniture extends far beyond just applying a coat of paint. It’s about embracing creativity, experimenting with colors, finishes, and techniques to achieve a unique farmhouse aesthetic that speaks to your personal style.

Whether you’re inspired by the rich hues of autumn, the weathered look of patina finishes, or the rustic charm of wood tones, remember that there are no set rules.

Most importantly keep an open mind and be willing to get started. You can transform your home and space one paint project at a time. Best wishes and happy painting!

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