Painted French Provincial Dressers And Chests: Ideas To Inspire

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In this blog post we are talking about French Provincial style furniture And in this post I’ve rounded up makeovers featuring painted dressers and chests of this style. This is a beautiful style that is very elegant. The charm of French Provincial furniture lies in its ability to seamlessly blend vintage elegance with modern comfort. And, when these pieces are given a fresh coat of paint, they maintain their beauty but once again come alive. Hopefully these makeovers will inspire you to take on your own projects for your home space.

And if you are totally new to painting furniture you may want to check out Chalk Mineral Paint Basics for helpful tips on getting started.

Painted French Provincial Dressers and Chests

What Is French Provincial Style?

French Provincial style is like the beautiful, fairy-tale furniture. I could see it being used by Princesses even. It originally came from a region in France called Provence, and that’s why it’s called ‘Provincial’. This furniture has curvy, rounded lines and pretty details and carvings.

When painted, the furniture looks even more elegant. I think it looks really pretty painted in bold rich colors and especially when accented with gold. But in this roundup from so many talented furniture artists, you’ll see many colors and styles used. This will encourage you to consider all your options and see what inspires you!

How To Prep French Provincial Furniture For Painting

First consider checking out this post to learn all the details about prepping for paint:

Before we show off these gorgeous makeovers of French Provincial Painted Dressers and Chests, let’s do a quick review of prep. What I mean by this is how to prep furniture for painting. And French Provincial furniture is not unlike other furniture. If the furniture is solid wood, it can be sanded or scuff sanded. I talk more about How To Get A Smoother Finish With Chalk Paint.

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Primer For French Provincial Painted Furniture

But, much of the French Provincial furniture I have painted is a slick veneer type overlay. It is heavy and sturdy but the outer layer is somewhat slick. So, I have not tried to sand these pieces. Instead, I chose to use a bonding primer.

You may be wondering what is a bonding primer? Well, a bonding primer is a primer that acts as a layer between your furniture and the paint you choose to allow the paint to adhere to slick surfaces. Examples of these slick surfaces include laminates, veneers, plastics, glass and others.

I talk about primers, including bonding primers in these post:

There are several good bonding primers, but I chose Wise Owl Stain Eliminating Primer for this project. It is an excellent primer in general but also a bonding primer. It comes in clear, gray, white and dark gray. Two coats offered very good coverage for my French Provincial Painted Furniture pieces.

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How To Paint French Provincial Dressers And Chests

There really is no magic to painting these French Provincial style pieces. Pretty much follow the same path as with other furniture items. After you prime the piece (if needed) paint can be applied.

I have painted these French Provincial style pieces with Amy Howard One Step Paint and with Wise Owl One Hour Enamel Paint. Both paints worked very nicely. It’s honestly more about choosing a good quality paint with good coverage.

Another important factor in painting any furniture, French Provincial or otherwise, is having the right supplies. So check out:

For most pieces I do a minimum of two coats, sometimes three. Also, I failed to mention above but to save time with the primer and painting process, consider using an all-in-one paint product. I talk a bit more about these types of paint here:

  1. Best All-In-One Paint
  2. Dixie Belle Silk Paint
  3. Silk Paint For Furniture

One advantage of these products is not being required to prime and topcoat. However, you can choose to add additional topcoats if you choose. Especially if you are applying transfers or gold leaf you will need some type of topcoat or wax to seal.

Transfers And Stencils For French Provincial Dressers And Chests

These gorgeous curvy features and rounded corners of many French Provincial pieces creates the perfect backdrop for beautiful designs. Consider adding design elements like stencils, transfers, gold leaf, painted hardware, and more.

There are so many options for adding a special touch to your painted French Provincial Dressers and Chests. However, if these types or details are not your style, you can certainly go with a more simple look which is always fresh.

Next, let’s look at some gorgeous makeovers from various furniture artists. Hopefully these will inspire you with some ideas for your French Provincial pieces.

Painted French Provincial Dressers And Chests

Now I want to share some gorgeous makeover from various furntiure artists. These makeover feature French Provincial dressers and chests that have been beautifully updated with paint. These styles vary so much from one to the other, but all so lovely.

Summary – Painted French Provincial Dressers And Chests

So now that you’ve seen so many wonderful ideas I hope you’ll be inspired to paint a French Provincial find as well. They are beautiful furniture pieces to add some character to your home. And, as you can see there are so many painting styles and colors from which to choose.

So, wishing you luck with your next painting project. Let me know if you have any questions!

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