Painted Furniture with Gold Accents for Elegant Makeovers

Incorporating gold accents can give your painted furniture makeovers a stunning and elegant look. In this blog post, we will cover different techniques to add gold accents to your furniture, including gold paints, gilding waxes, stencil designs, gold leaf, and more. Painted furniture with gold accents can add a touch of glamour to your home.

And if you are looking for additional ways to accent painted furniture check out Furniture Transfers and Stencils.

How To Accent painted furniture with gold accents

Painted Furniture Makeovers Featuring Gold Accents

If you prefer not to read through the post, here’s a quick list of furniture makeovers featuring gold accents:

How To Paint Gold Accents On Furniture

There are so many ways to add gold accents to painted furniture, each with its unique effects. One popular option is to use gold paints, which come in a range of finishes, from matte to metallic.

Gilding waxes are another option for adding gold accents to furniture. Gilding wax can be used to highlight details or layered more thickly to achieve heavier coverage.

Gold leaf involves applying real or imitation gold leaf to furniture surfaces, creating a luxurious and highly reflective finish.

Other options are gold furniture transfers. Also, gold paint can be added to texture paste and glass bead gel to create beautiful shiny gold raised stencils.

And don’t forget about posh chalk pigments in gorgeous shades of gold to add shine to furniture.

Lastly, consider adding gold painted or gold leaf moldings. These add three dimensional design details to painted furniture. And even gold hardware adds a nice touch to a simple makeover.

No matter which method you choose, adding gold accents is an effective way to elevate the look of painted furniture and give it a touch of glamour. Next, let’s review in a bit more details some of these methods of adding gold accents to painted furniture.

Gold Paint Options

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Redesign with Prima Metallic Acrylic Sheen Paint in Goldenrod

Metallic Acrylic Sheen in Goldenrod

Here I am rolling this paint onto a stencil using a foam paint roller

Wise Owl Heavy Metals Metallic Gilding Paint

This is another option for gold metallic paint

Wise Owl Heavy Metals Gilding Paint in Metallic Gold

One of the easiest ways to add gold accents to your furniture is by using gold paint. Opt for metallic gold paint, like Redesign With Prima Metallic Acrylic Sheen Paint, or Moonshine Metallics by Dixie Belle, which will give your furniture an iridescent effect.

In my experience, Moonshine Metallics is a thinner paint, whereas the Redesign Acrylic Sheen is nice and thick. I tend to use the Redesign option most often.

You can also use heavier gold paint like Wise Owl Heavy Metals Metallic Gilding Paint to achieve a matte finish. This paint is very rich, giving an ornate gold statue look. It may take more than one coat but produces a nice rich gold finish.

Gold Waxes, Like Gilding Wax

Adding gold wax to painted furniture can give it a beautiful luxurious look. Gilding wax is a type of highly pigmented wax that is very thick and waxy. But a very small amount goes a long way to add shine to your makeovers.

I like to use gilding wax to accent edges and enhance details on furniture. Gilding wax also works well to renew old furniture hardware. Once applied it will dry to a nice hard finish. So this makes it perfect for hardware.

Painted Hardware using gold gilding wax

There are two Gilding Waxes that I use most often: Dixie Belle Gilding Wax in Gold and Eternal Gold Redesign With Prima Wax. I tend to apply gilding wax with either a small art brush or my finger! So easy to use!

Dixie Belle Gilding Wax in Gold

Dixie Belle Gilding Wax in Gold

You can see the gilding wax on the edging of the headboard

Redesign With Prima Eternal Gold Decor Wax

This shows you can use the gold decor wax on the hardware

Redesign With Prima Decor Wax in Gold
Silk Deep Seas Navy Painted nightstand with gold accents and gold hardware

Stencil Designs With Gold Paints

Stenciling with gold paint is another way to add beautiful patterns and accents to your furniture. You can use a variety of stencils, depending on your taste and style. You can stencil with nearly any type of paint.

However to get a really beautiful gold stenciled design I often use Redesign With Prima Metallic Acrylic Sheen in Goldenrod. It’s a beautiful water-based gold paint that works very well for stencils and other furniture accents. But you can use any gold metallic paint to stencil a design for dramatic effects.

For more help with stenciling check out How To Stencil Painted Furniture. And one of my favorite stencils is the Kacha Stencil in the Modern Morrocan Pattern.

Furniture Transfers In Gold

It seems furniture transfers are one of the easiest ways to add some rich gold accents to your furniture makeovers. Furniture transfers tend to be easy to apply and really fun to use. And don’t be afraid to combine transfers to create your own styles.

Some of my favorite gold transfers are from Redesign With Prima like these:

Kacha Gold Damask Transfer

I used the Kacha Gold Damask Transfer in this Silk Midnight Green Dresser Makeover.

Somewhere In France Transfer

Kacha Petit A Petit Transfer

Redesign Interlinked Fans Transfer

For more in depth details and help with furniture transfers, check out How To Apply Redesign Wtih Prima Transfers.

Redesign With Prima Kacha Transfer in gold Damask

Gold Furniture Transfers

This shows the Kacha Gold transfer in Gold Damask

Kacha Gold Damask Transfer on the Silk Midnight Green Dresser Makeover

Green Painted Dresser Makeover with Gold Damask Furniture Transfer

Gold Leaf Accents For Painted Furniture

Gold leaf can transform your furniture into a work of art. You can apply the gold leaf on your painted furniture by using gold size or another gold leaf adhesive, which acts as a glue.

Once the adhesive becomes tacky, you carefully apply the gold leaf sheets on your furniture surface. Then use a soft brush to remove any excess gold leaf.

Gold leaf is highly metallic and reflective, so it is very glamorous. It transforms your furniture makeovers into luxurious works of art. Lately I have been using the Kacha Gold Leaf and Gold Leaf Glue.

Gold Leaf works beautifully in a stencil pattern also, using a tachy spray with a stencil. And gold leaf is really pretty on hardware and curved edges of furniture. So many ways to use Gold Leaf on your furniture makeovers.

Gold Texture Accents

Another option for adding gold accents is to use a textured material, like glass bead gel or posh chalk texture pastes. By mixing glass bead gel with pigmented gold paint you can create a beautiful raised design. Combine with a stencil and voila, absolute glam right there!

Posh Chalk texture pastes come in gold metallic colors to create a raised effect. Use the pigmented pastes with stencils or on their own to add some unique finishes to your furniture makeovers.

Posh Chalk Pigments

Lastly, I’ll mention Posh Chalk Pigment Powders. This is a highly pigmented powder. To apply, a very small amount is mixed with a clear topcoat. I like to apply this pigment with a small artist brush. And my oh my the sheen it creates! So rich in gold color!

These go on beautifully to add gold accents, especially to edges and details. While these can be used to stencil, I find that other paints work better for stenciling.

Moldings Painted In Gold

Lastly, let’s not forget about beautiful moldings done in gold. Silicone moulds are readily available with which you can create various moldings to add to furniture. I use casting resin with the molds other mediums are fine too. I have painted my moldings with gilding wax and metallic gold paint. Gold leaf can also be used on these.

Redesign With Prima Decor Mould and process of creating moldings

A few of my favorites are by Redesign With Prima:

Blossoming Spring Decor Mould

Kacha Engraved Medallions Mould

Kacha Enlightened Etchings Mould

IOD Decor Mould He Loves Me

I used the last mould by IOD Decor in this colorful Twin Headboard Makeover

Bird moldings created using gold paint and mouldings

Gold Hardware For An Elegant Accent

Even adding gold hardware to furniture makes a glamorous statement. Combining a single color painted piece with gold hardware is an easy way to complete a makeover. I found these sweet drawer pulls in gold on and they were perfect.

And, if you have original hardware that is in good shape, consider updating it with gilding wax or gold leaf or even a gold spray paint to complete change its look.

Black Painted Furniture With Gold Accents

This Glass Bead Gel Stenciled Table Makeover Features Gorgeous Gold Accents.

There truly is just something quite glamourous about the combination of gold and black. That pop of gold sheen on a black base really stands out and grabs attention.

Glass Bead Gel on this black painted table and chair

Green Painted Furniture With Gold Accents

A few examples of green painted furniture with gold accents can be found in the following makeovers:

  • Silk Midnight Green Dresser Makeover using a gold damask Kacha transfer and a gold molding
  • Silk Green Painted Table with a gold stenciled design and gold paint accenting the edges.

Just like black and gold, I’m also quite a sucker for beautiful deep green painted furniture with gold accents. Just so elegant!

Silk Green painted furniture table with gold accents

Purple Painted Furniture With Gold Accents

One other gold accented furniture makeover I want to share with you is the French Provincial Desk Makeover.

As you can see in this makeover a Kacha Modern Moroccan Stencil in gold was combined with a deep Black Cherry One Hour Enamel Paint by Wise Owl to create a glamourous combination.

Black Cherry (Purple) Painted Furniture with Gold Accents

SUMMARY – How To Create Painted Furniture With Gold Accents

Transforming your furniture with gold accents is a great way to add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your home décor.

Whether you prefer a subtle or bold look, various techniques, and products that can help you achieve your desired effect.

So, with a little bit of creativity and patience, you can create stunning painted furniture makeovers with gold accents that will impress your guests and elevate your designs.

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