Patina Paint By Dixie Belle

In this latest blog post, we’ll dive into the fascinating world of Dixie Belle Patina Paint. If you’ve ever wondered what it is and how to use it, you came to the right place. In simple terms, this unique product line can be used for for furniture refinishing and home décor projects.. Get ready to embark on a journey into learning more about Patina Paint By Dixie Belle, and discover how you can use it to accent your paint projects.

And if you would like to learn more about all that Dixie Belle Paint Products have to offer read more in this post – How To Use Dixie Belle Paint.

Patina Paint By Dixie Belle

What Is A Patina Finish?

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A patina finish in nature is naturally created on materials over a period of time due to weathering, wear, and oxidation. Examples include old weathered anchors laying on the shore or in a marina, farm equipment like rusty tractors, and old cars that have been in the outdoors for years.

These all have a patina finish. But this was created by nature over a long period of time.

However, for furniture and home décor painting projects, a patina finish can be created quickly. Giving your projects a distinct, aged or weathered look. This adds a rustic, antiqued, and vintage appeal.

There are several products on the market with which you can create a patina finish, but today we’ll focus on the Patina Paint Line by Dixie Belle. With this system, you can recreate this effect on your projects, giving them a unique look that is totally creative and fun.

And a patina finish painted furniture or home décor item can fit in with so many design styles. This could blend nicely with a rustic or coastal style. Also I see it working well in a modern or even a farmhouse style space.

What Is the Dixie Belle Patina Paint Collection?

Well, this collection consists of products that work today to create a faux patina look. Let’s list the products in the line. Not every product is required for every project. It can vary depending what you are working on:

Patina Paints

Patina Sprays

Other Products

Dixie Belle Patina Paint

What Surfaces Can Patina Paint Be Used On?

Patina Paints by Dixie Belle can be used on a variety of surfaces.

  • This includes furniture made of wood
  • Laminates, or even veneers.
  • Plastic, styrofoam, and terracotta
  • Metal Objects
  • Even glass and resin objects

So, as you can see Patina Paint can be used on about anything!

If you use the Patina Paints and Sprays on metal use Prime Start first. Prime Start protects the metal and keeps the reaction from continuing, even after you seal it.

All other surfaces and materials do not require Prime Start.

Tips About Using Patina Paint By Dixie Belle

  1. Patina Paints by Dixie Belle have real metal in the paint. When you open it you’ll see little metal flakes and chips. These metal flakes react with the sprays to cause a real patina result.
  2. The paints are water-based products, so you can clean up with water.
  3. I recommend using synthetic or chip brushes with the patina paints. In my experience they are a bit messy so I prefer to use cheaper chip brushes. This way I don’t have to worry about ruing my good brushes.
  4. Any of the Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint colors can be used with Patina Paints and Spray.
  5. Seal your project with a Clear Coat or the Patina Guard. Patina Guard is designed to work specifically with the Patina collection, but other topcoats can be used also.
  6. Dixie Belle recommends that you use in an area that is well-ventilated and protect your work surfaces and yourself. This is super fun but a bit messy! Also wear gloves and goggles because you are working with sprays that may splash. If you are worried about ventilation, wear a mask.
  7. The Patina Paints & Sprays are fun, but a little unpredictable. So if you are open to some fun possibilities this may be the perfect project for you!
How to get patina on metal with Dixie Belle Patina Paint

Blog Posts & Resources on Patina Paints By Dixie Belle

Next, we are going to talk about How To Use the Patina Paint Collection, but first I’ll share a few other blog posts.

Here are a few other resources from my blog that you can check out to learn more about Patina Paints:

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How To Use Patina Paint By Dixie Belle To Create A Patina Finish

These products are fun and easy to use! Like most other Dixie Belle products in my experience.

Prepare The Project

  1. First, decide what you are going to patina.
  2. Next, clean the project. To do this prep like normal, using Dawn Dish Soap and water, White Lightening or other cleaner. Wipe the project down, rinse with clean water, and allow it to dry.
  3. Once dry, decide if you need to prime the project piece:
  • Basically, this primer will stick to the slippery surface, making your paint adhere well. Two coats of Slick Stick are recommended, allowing each to dry first.
  • If it is metal, use the Prime Start. You can use Dixie Belle Slick Stick first and then Prime Start if needed. Allow that to dry fully.

Apply The Chalk Mineral Paint Base

  1. Apply Your Desired Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint Color base. There are so many popular Dixie Belle Paint Colors choose from. And any of these will work as a base for your patina.
  2. Apply your first coat of Dixie Belle Patina Paint in the chosen color of Iron, Bronze or Copper. Let this coat dry.
  • You can apply in a stippling fashion to give it texture.
  • Or use smooth brush marks for a different look.
  • Even texture powders, like Sea Spray, can be used with the Patina Paints if you want a highly textured finish.

3. Apply the Patina Paint where you want it to react with the spray. Completely cover the project or dab on specific spots. You can also combine different sprays and paints on the very same project.

4. Apply a second coat of Patina Paint & Patina Spray.

5. While this coat is wet, very important, this is when you apply the Patina Spray. You can apply with spray bottle it comes in, dab on with a brush or any other means.

6. Watch the Patina Reaction happen.

  • The reaction will happen over time usually anywhere from right away to about 8 hours later. There may be some white dusty film on the project. Wipe this away with a wet paper towel if desired.

7. Lastly, once you are happy with finish, seal it up with the Patina Guard or a Clear Coat. While Patina Guard is specifically formulated for use with Patina Paints, Clear Coats are fine too.

Typical Reactions of Patina Paint And Spray

  • Copper Paint and Bronze Paint with Green Spray – gives a greenish finish
  • Bronze Paint and Copper Paint with Blue Spray – leaves a bluish finish
  • Iron Paint and Green Spray – creates a traditional rusty finish
  • Iron Paint Does Not React With Blue Spray
  • Yellow Spray Can Be used with any of the paints – creates a yellowish finish

Don’t be afraid to mix the various paints and sprays on the same project for a combination of hues

Summary: Dixie Belle Patina Paint

In conclusion, the Dixie Belle Patina Paint system is a versatile product for bringing an authentic, aged look to your projects with ease. The mix-and-match possibilities of paint and patina spray combinations allow for endless creativity.

Remember, experimentation is key to discovering the finishes and textures that work best for your specific project. Don’t be afraid to play around with the system and develop your own unique style. Happy painting!

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