Patina Painted Tabletop With A Texture Finish & A Nautical Transfer

Patina Painted Tabletop With Texture finish and Nautical Transfer

I’m a big fan of the patina look. I love the aged industrial vibe that patina paint gives to furniture and home décor.

I’ve done some prior projects using patina paint on candle holders, glass jars including mason jars, and copper metal bowls, but today I’m going to share something with you that is just a bit different.

I’m sharing a patina painted tabletop with texture finish. And for a whimsical finishing touch I added one of the new Dixie Belle Belles transfers. This transfer is the new Nautical Life transfer from Dixie Belle’s new Belles and Whistles line.

And if you would like to learn more about all that Dixie Belle Paint Products have to offer read more in this post – How To Use Dixie Belle Paint.

What Is A Patina Finish?

Firstly, I’ll explain what I mean by a “patina” finish. Patina typically describes the typically greenish colored film that forms on some metals, like copper, with extended exposure to air and the elements. It’s a type of corrosion. While that doesn’t necessarily sound appealing, a patina finish is a really cool on various home décor items and even furniture.

Creating a patina finish can be a little disconcerting for some folks, like myself, who are somewhat perfectionistic in their painting. This is primarily because a patina painted finish is somewhat unpredictable, as it tends to vary from piece to piece. But that can be freeing and really neat to try also.

Check out my page at Furniture Transfers And Stencils for more ways to get creative with your painted furniture makeovers.

Chalk Paint Project Planning. Patina Paint
An example of a patina painted glass jar

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How To Create A Faux Patina Finish

So, there are several ways to create a faux patina finish, from spray paints and brush on paints to colored waxes, and more. But the method with which I am the most familiar is the Dixie Belle Patina Paint Product Line. I find this method to be easy to use as well, which is always a plus.

Well, if you’ve hung around this blog with me very long, then you are likely to know that I’m going to choose a Dixie Belle product. Their product line just seems to be my go to. And it’s no different with their Patina Collection.

Dixie Belle Patina Paint Products

Using Dixie Belle Patina Paints To Create A Faux Patina

Next, let’s talk about the Dixie Belle Patina Paint collection. There are three colors of paints to choose from. They are bronze, cooper, an iron. And, there are two activating patina sprays, blue or green. The combinations of each paint color and spray creates a different patina finish. Each combination is unique and creates plenty of options for achieving a really cool fun finish on your piece.

This line also includes Patina Guard which is a topcoat to seal in the patina paint. You can also use any of your standard topcoats with patina, which is what I do. And there is a Prime Start which you would use if you were applying the patina paint to metal.

So that sums up the Dixie Belle Patina Paint Collection. But if you’d like some basic help on using Dixie Belle Patina Paints you can find out more in my previous blog posts which I’ll list below:

How To Use Patina Paint To Create An Aged Finish
How To Use Patina Paint To Create An Aged Finish

Tips On Using Patina Paint

Next, let me give you just a few tips about using the Patina Paints:

  • It’s a bit messy and a bit unpredictable, so be prepared to be surprised and give up just a little control over the outcome!
  • It’s really cool – a neat industrial yet rustic aged look. And both modern and rustic vibes can be detected in your finish.
  • Protect your work surface. The patina spray can splatter.
  • Wash out your spray nozzles with clear water to before storing them. And store the nozzles separately from the container bottles. I always keep the little black lids for the bottles for storage.
  • Use old brushes or sponges that you can toss away. Don’t rinse patina paint down your drain. It contains metal flakes and particles, which you don’t want in your plumbing.
  • Patina paint can be brushed on in neat brush strokes for a more controlled look. And it can be stippled on forming peaks and valleys for a completely different look.
  • Don’t be afraid to combine colors and sprays too. Like using a pattern of copper and bronze. And then spraying with both blue and green spray.
  • You can apply the blue and green spray using the spray nozzle. But you can also dab it on using a brush, Qtip, or other applicator for a more controlled application.
  • Be careful not to get your Patina Sprays into your containers of Patina Paints. That will cause a mess and ruin your paints.

My Patina Painted Tabletop With Texture Finish Project

Next I’ll share with you my fun little project. I had been thinking about combining the patina paint with texture, like using Dixie Belle Sea Spray additive with the patina paint possibly. But then I saw a video of Brushed By Brandy doing a texture finish with Dixie Mud and a texturizing applicator. And in the end she applied the new Dixie Belle transfer from the Nautical Life theme to her textured finish.

Top Tips For Chalk Painters
Here is another patina project – a vase with blue, ivory, and patina

My Inspiration For This Patina Painted Tabletop With Texture Project

Well, I hate to be a copycat , but once I saw this I knew that I had the perfect furniture piece to do something similar. That’s how I got the idea for doing this patina painted tabletop with texture finish. So you can certainly say that this makeover was inspired by Brushed By Brandy.

If you haven’t checked her out, you may want to. She is so talented and her designs are out of this world. And she’s inspired so many furniture painters so I hope she didn’t mind me using her as inspiration for this project.

Step 1: Painting The Table

I had this piecrust table that I had gotten from my local Restore a while back. I painted the base in Dixie Belle Moonshine Metallics in the color Steel Magnolias. Prior to applying three coats of Steel Magnolias I applied a base coat of Dixie Belle Hurricane Gray.

The Moonshine Metallics are beautiful metallic paints that create a finish that nearly glows and shines, even looks magical, but they are super thin. So a base coat is almost always necessary if you want decent coverage.

The Moonshine Metallics can be applied with any brush you would normally use for your chalk painting. I had also applied a topcoat to the piecrust table already, using Dixie Belle Clear Coat in Satin.

Pie Crust Table Painted in Dixie Belle Moonshine Metallics in Hurricane Gray
Moonshine Metallics in Steel Magnolias
Cling On S50 Paintbrush
Cling On S50 Paintbrush – love this brush!

On the top of this table I had tried to do a raised stencil but had messed it up, So I was going to have to sand it all the way down or strip it and repaint. So when I saw Brushed By Brandy do this textured finish it sparked a thought about this project.

I could do a texture finish using Dixie Mud and effectively cover up my mess up from the raised stencil attempt! And then no sanding or stripping required! It doesn’t take much to count me in for avoiding sanding down and stripping projects.

Step 2: Create The Texture Finish on the Patina Painted Tabletop

I found a really cool 4 inch texture roller on Amazon. I used the 4 inch sponge texture roller to give a the tablet a raised textured finish. First I applied a thick coat of Dixie Belle Dixie Mud in Brown to the whole top of the table. I put it on thick and spread it out using a putty knife.

Then I put the 4 inch texture roller on the roller handle and rolled out the texture into the Dixie Mud spread across the pie crush tabletop.

Dixie Mud is a neat product. It’s thick, just like mud, so hence the name. You can use it to do raised stencils, repair veneer and scratches, and even fill nail holes.

The Dixie Mud is therefore quite a versatile product and it comes in white, brown, and black. Now to let it dry. I let it dry overnight. The Dixie Mud can take a while to dry, especially if applied thickly.

Just remember with Dixie Mud to rinse off any reusable applicators like the putty knife outside. Dixie Mud can’t be rinsed down a drain cause again, the plumbing wouldn’t appreciate it!

Using Dixie Mud and a Texture Roller to Create the Texture Finish Base
Dixie Belle Mud painted tabletop with texture and first coat of bronze patina paint
You can see the texture created by the texture roller and the Dixie Mud

Step 3: Create The Faux Patina Finish

So, now the texture finish on this tabletop is dry, we can move on to creating the patina painted magic. I chose to use Dixie Belle Patina Paint in Bronze.

First I applied one coat of the bronze paint to the texture finish on the tabletop and let it dry overnight. Then the next day I applied the second coat of bronze paint.

I used a cheap synthetic bristle brush and brushed the patina on in neat brush strokes over the dried texture finish.

Applying the bronze patina paint to the tabletop
Dixie Belle Bronze Patina Paint and Blue Spray

While the second coat of patina paint was wet I sprayed on the Dixie Belle Patina Spray in Blue. The bronze paint and blue spray together is probably my favorite combination. It creates a beautiful blue patina finish.

Once that was dry I touched up a few spots on the piecrust tabletop edges with the Moonshine Metallics in Steel Magnolias. Just to cover a few spots where the patina paint had splattered.

Another Look at the patina finish being created

Step 4: Add The Furniture Transfer To The Patina Painted Tabletop With Texture Finish

Lastly, the final touch was to add the Nautical Life transfer to the patina painted tabletop with texture finish. This transfer is from the new Belles and Whistles line by Dixie Belle. This transfer is so cool and comes with several neatly themed transfers.

The one I chose for this was the sea creature and the pirate ship. I guess you formally call this a Cracken. Again, not to totally copy Brushed By Brandy but she used this same transfer on her textured finish and it was a really cool look.

Also the patina paint finish always makes me think of old aged anchors and pieces of metal on ships that have corroded over time with exposure to the sea air and salt water.

Belles And Whistles Nautical Life Transfer
You can see the burnishing stick provided with the transfer

How To Add A Furniture Transfer

I found the Belles and Whistles transfers to be very similar to those I’ve used in the past by Redesign With Prima. They come with a burnishing stick for application. The transfer is on a white backing sheet.

You peel away the backing sheet and lay the transfer onto your project. The transfer is on a clear sheet. Once you decide on placement you lay the clear sheet containing the transfer onto your project.

Next you begin to burnish the transfer by rubbing in onto your surface. This causes it to separate from clear sheet it comes on. You can both see and feel the transfer separate as you burnish it.

I did have to work to get the transfer to fully burnish onto the raised texture. But this was only because of the grooves in the texture. I found it best to use my fingertip and really press the transfer into these grooves.

Also using the side of the burnishing stick to press the transfer into the grooves worked well. The transfers work great on both smooth and textured surfaces.

I’ve even done a transfer on upholstery, which you can check out here. So, if you are considering putting a transfer onto a textured finish, it is very doable.

The Nautical Life transfer is now applied
Another look at the Patina Painted Tabletop with Texture Finish and Nautical Transfer

Summary: Patina Painted Tabletop With Texture Finish & Nautical Transfer

This patina painted tabletop with a textured finish really turned out cool! I really like the combination of the Moonshine Metallics on the base with the patina painted tabletop. And adding the Nautical Life Cracken transfer added such a fun whimsical touch!

While this whimsical theme may not be for everybody I love it! And I hope you do too! Honestly it’s fun to try different things. The best advice I can give is just to go with what you like. Everybody is different and you have to paint what inspires you.

The Nautical Life Transfer was a fun way to add some unique character to this piece. and transfers in general are a fun way to add a little pizzazz to your furniture and home décor. You can find transfers made by Dixie Belle in their Belles and Whistles line, Redesign With Prima also makes gorgeous transfers, and another company called Hocus Pocus is known for their transfers.

More Info On Transfers

Here are a couple of blog posts where I share my projects with transfers:

And if you’d like a basic refresher on how to apply Redesign With Prima transfers I have a blog post that I think can help with the step by step process.

This Nautical themed patina painted table is even Kitty approved

For more inspiration check out these transfers

Transfers can be fun and whimsical. For a fun whimsical transfers check out this Alice In Wonderland themed transfer by Dixie Belle.

Transfers can be deep, brooding and romantic with florals and wording. For a romantic transfer check out this Royal Burgundy transfer by Redesign With Prima.

Transfers can also be more rustic and give a farmhouse vibe like this one also by Redesign With Prima.

And lastly there are transfers that are more boho like this new transfer by Dixie Belle.

Whichever transfer you choose, you can’t go wrong. If you like to know more about the basics of applying transfers remember to check out my earlier blog post here.

I know we covered a lot in this post – doing a texture finish, using patina paint and adding a transfer. I’d love to know if I’ve inspired you in some way to try something new in your painting! And I’d love to know what you think about this patina painted tabletop with texture finish. And what you think about this whimsical cool transfer. Feel free to leave a comment or feel free to message me on Instagram.

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