Popular Dixie Belle Paint Colors

Dixie Belle Paint has made a name for itself in the world of chalk mineral based paint products. These paint products were designed primarily to be used with furniture makeovers, but can be used on home décor also. This blog post will guide you through some of the most popular Dixie Belle paint colors, helping you choose the perfect shade for your next painted furniture makeover project..

And if you would like to learn more about all that Dixie Belle Paint Products have to offer read more in this post – How To Use Dixie Belle Paint.

Popular Dixie Belle Paint colors

Dixie Belle offers a wide range of paint hues. Whether you’re looking for a soothing pastel, a bold vibrant color, or a muted dark tone. Dixie Belle has a color to match your vision. So, in this post we’ll cover a few of the paint colors I’ve used and that seem to be popular with others also.

But first, let’s start by covering a few basics about Dixie Belle Paint.

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What Is Dixie Belle Paint?

We’ll start by talking about Dixie Belle Paint Products, specifically the Original Chalk Mineral Paint and their Silk All-In-One Paint. These paints are offered in various colors. Learn more about Silk Paint here at: Dixie Belle Silk Paint and Best All-In-One Paint For Furniture.

The Original Chalk Mineral Paint offers so many colors, over 60 shades. The Silk line offers less colors, but still a good range of options. But there are some differences.

Dixie Belle products are known to be high quality products known for several qualities:

  • Environmentally Friendly- low VOCs, non-toxic, safe for use around pets and children.
  • Great Adhesion to so many surfaces
  • Excellent Coverage – 1-2 coats for most projects
  • Easy To Use Even For Beginners
  • Water-Based – making it compatible with other DIY furniture paint products

How To Use Dixie Belle Paints

And, just a quick note on how to use Dixie Belle Paints. These paints require little to no prep. But, of course a little bit of preparation can go a long way.

To learn more about prep for painting read: How To Prep Furniture For Painting.

Basically cleaning is the most important preparation step in getting ready to paint. If you want to sand for a smoother finish that will help, even a scuff sanding will help. To learn more check out:

How To Sand Furniture Before Painting

Smoother Finish With Chalk Paint

Once the furniture is cleaned and ready, you can choose to apply a primer or not. Priming depends on the project. Read more about Primer For Painted Furniture.

Next, open your paint can and stir well. Then using a brush of your choice apply a coat of Dixie Belle Paint. Read more on: The Best Brushes for Painting Furniture.

This paint dries quickly. Chalk Mineral Paint dries in about an hour and then you can recoat. Dixie Belle Silk Paint dries quickly too, but they recommend to recoat in 2 hours minimum.

You may desire to apply a topcoat to Protect And Seal Painted Furniture.

Popular Dixie Belle Paint Colors

Dixie Belle Paints come in so many colors. I won’t cover them all here but I’ll cover a few of the most popular.

Some of the most popular colors are blues like Antebellum Blue, In The Navy and Bunker Hill Blue. Whites and other neutral colors, like grays, are quite popular also.

Blacks are popular like the popular shade of Caviar Chalk Mineral Paint and Silk Anchor (another true black color). And then you have your more vibrant hues like Reds, Pinks, Yellows and Oranges. Oh, and don’t forget green, one of my favorite colors for sure.

So, next I’ll share some projects I completed in a few of these popular shades. And don’t forget that you can mix these paints to make your own custom colors also.

Dixie Belle Blues

First up, let’s talk about some of these gorgeous shades of blues. One of my favorites is Dixie Belle In The The Navy in the original chalk paint line. This makeover, Painted Gossip Bench Makeover . This makeover also featured the use of a beautiful Redesign With Prima Transfer called French Ceramics.

Another blue paint color that is stunning is Dixie Belle Silk Deep Sea. This color was the feature in this nightstand makeover: Silk Paint Deep Seas.

In the Round Accent Table Makeover I a few paints to create a blended finish, but the primary color is Vintage Duck Egg. It is a beautiful shade of blues.

Another painted furniture makeover using Vintage Duck Egg and Antebellum Blue to create a textured paint finish on this vintage chair. It turned out really unique. You’ll find details in: Textured Paint Finish: A Vintage Chair Makeover Using Salt Wash.

I’ll end this section with this Chalk Painted Upholstery makeover on a fabric chair using a mixture of Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint Colors: Peacock, Mermaid Tail, and Cobalt Blue.

Dixie Belle Greens

Okay and lastly, let’s talk about green paint. This is one of my favorite colors of painted furniture. Dixie Belle has green shades in both the original chalk paint line and the Silk Line. The makeovers featured here will show Silk Paints.

First up in the color line is Dixie Belle Silk Midnight Green. It’s a lovely color, so rich and deep, a perfect green color. First up is this Silk Green Painted Table and next Silk Midnight Green Dresser. These two pieces feature Kacha stencils and Kacha Transfers from the Redesign With Prima Collection.

And, if you’d like to see other makeovers with green paints, check out Green Painted Furniture, a collection of green painted furniture from several furniture artists.

Finally, I’ll include this makeover in this section as it’s somewhat of a blueish green. This Side Table Makeover Using Silk Paint In Serenity & Gold Accents.

White Painted Furniture With Dixie Belle Paints

First up this Farmhouse Style Painted Furniture: Antique Washstand Makeover used the original Chalk Mineral Paint in Cotton.

And then, the perfectly hued Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Salt Water is used in these two furniture refinishing projects:

White Painted End Tables

Twin Headboard Makeover

And this Vintage Desk Makeover using Chalk Mineral Paint in Cotton and gel stain. Then finished off with a bird and floral transfer by Redesign With Prima.

There are so many shades of Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paints in white to choose from. A few other popular shades include Drop Cloth, Buttercream, and Fluff.

Gray Painted Furniture

You can’t go wrong with gray paint. It’s always a winner and there are so many colors to choose from in gray tones, from warms to cools to neutrals.

For a few ideas check out:

In this post on Painting Bedroom Furniture I used Silk Paint in Baja Gray to paint my old brown dresser and armoire. You absolutely can’t go wrong with Baja Gray Silk Paint. It is smooth and creamy and the perfect cool to neutral shade of gray.

Several shades of grays in the original Chalk Mineral Paint line were used in the buffalo plaid design on the Farmhouse Style Painted Furniture Antique Washstand Makeover. They were the perfect for a farmhouse finish.

And lastly, for a piece with an interesting twist, check out this Patina Painted Tabletop With Texture done with Hurricane Gray and Moonshine Metallics in Steel Magnolias. The end result looks a bit more greenish gray, but it turned out charmingly with the Nautical Transfer-a beachy theme look.

Black Painted Dixie Belle Makeover

Now, let’s move ahead to one of my favorite colors to use. It’s moody but add some metallic and gold accents and it is stunning. The two colors of Dixie Belle that are the truest black in my opinion are Chalk Mineral Paint in Caviar and Silk Paint in Anchor. Both are wonderful options.

So, here are a few makeover featuring those paints:

Glass Bead Gel on a table and chair set painted with Anchor Silk.

Vintage Vanity Makeover again using Anchor Silk and accented with a decoupage paper and stenciling.

A sweet Vintage Small Table Makeover. For this I used Caviar and Muscadine Wine colors and finished with a rose transfer by Redesign With Prima.

Finally, you may want to check out these ideas on Black Painted Furniture Makeover Ideas. Some of these use other brands, but quite a few feature Dixie Belle.

Now we’ll move on to another neutral muted color, Olive.

Olive Painted Furniture Makeover Ideas

Getting close to wrapping up but if you are still with me I’ll share a few more colors. Another fan favorite is Olive Paint. If you go with a more muted, less green olive color, it really suits so many décor styles.

One of my favorite olive colored paints is Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Hampton Olive.

Additionally here are a few makeovers featuring this color:

A little half moon table painted with Silk Paint Hampton Olive and accented with a stencil and furniture transfer.

And this Silk Paint And Decoupage and this nightstand done in Silk Hampton Olive and a sweet decoupage paper with just a little gold wax and hardware to top it off.

Yellow, Orange/Red Tones, And Coral Painted Furniture and Décor

I can’t leave out the beautiful shades of yellow, pink and coral that Dixie Belle offers. So I’ll share a few of my all-time favorites next:

First up, this Chalk Mineral Paint Nightstand got a makeover using a Country Chic Yellow and also using Dixie Belle Rusty Nail for accenting. Also added for a bit of a highlight a Mediterranean decoupage paper and the Morocco Stencil.

Another nightstand makeover Nightstand Makeover With Stencil used a mixture of Chalk Mineral Paints in Colonel Mustard and Buttercream. Then a pop of whimsy with a Stencil designed drawer fronts and a gel stain top.

I used that same mixture of Colonel Mustard and Buttercream colors in this Morocco Inspired Table Makeover This one also used that same Morocco Stencil by Dixie Belle and their Colorful Tiles Decoupage Rice Paper.

This hutch makeover used a wonderful color Dixie Belle Silk Paint called Desert Rose. It is simply a phenomenal color. I also added some Sea Spray Texture Powder for a twist. Check it out here: Laminate Hutch Makeover.

Finally, if you really like yellow painted furniture you may want to check out this roundup of gorgeous Mustard Yellow Painted Furniture .

Next up I’ll share a few great Dixie Belle Paint Colors for holiday décor and furniture.

Popular Dixie Belle Paint Colors For Holiday Décor and Furniture Makeover

And finally I’ll share some of my favorite Dixie Belle Paint Color for creating holiday décor and painting furniture that is holiday specific.

For Fourth of July and American themed colors, check out this post on Americana Painted Mason Jars. These used Dixie Belle In The Navy, Barn Red, and Cotton.

Next, let’s move on to the popular Dixie Belle Paint colors for fall which include Terracotta, Colonel Mustard, Muscadine Wine, and Rustic Red, and Coffee Bean. These colors were used to do the Fall Painted Mason Jars and the Painted Dollar Tree Pumpkins.

And lastly, some popular Dixie Belle Paint colors for Christmas Holiday season include Kudzu, Evergreen, Rustic Red and Barn Red. These colors were used to do the Christmas Painted Mason Jars.

And, with the popularity of neutral colored Christmas décor don’t forget about Dixie Belle Cotton and Drop Cloth, two varying shades of whites and creams. These were used along with another great holiday color Moonshine Metallics in Deep Woods in this project post to Re-Purpose Christmas DIY Decor.

I would also recommend considering the colors of Silk Paint in Midnight Green and Fiery Sky. Both of these would be perfect for the Christmas season. I used Silk Paint in two makeover that were not holiday specific: Silk Midnight Green Dresser and Silk Green Painted Table.

Summary: Popular Dixie Belle Paint Colors

Dixie Belle Paint provides an expansive color palette that caters to all your furniture and décor painting needs. Therefore, this line offers infinite possibilities to suit your creativity. From neutrals, white, bright bold hues, and deep dark tones, there are so many choices.

And remember, this excellent paint line the is water-based so it works seamlessly with so many other products used for painted furniture designs. From transfers, to stencils, decoupage papers, gilding waxes and more, don’t be afraid to get creative with you projects.

With their extensive range of paint colors, there’s always a Dixie Belle Paint color ready to turn your creativeness into reality. Happy Painting!

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