Prima Décor Transfer And Crackle Finish: Thrift Store Wall Art Patriotic Makeover

Are you ready to transform a thrifted home décor wall hanging into something totally new and fun? In this blog post, I’ll show you how I transformed an ordinary outdated wall hanging with a patriotic flair. This thrifted home décor makeover project features the elegance of Redesign With Prima Transfers and the rustic charm of Dixie Belle Crackle. If you’re a fan of DIY projects with a twist, then you’re in for a treat. And if you have a US military veteran in the family, you’ll especially love this thrift store makeover project using a patriotic Prima Décor Transfer And Crackle Finish.

And if you’re new to painting furniture, fear not! If you’d like to learn more about Dixie Belle Paint Products you’ll find helpful information in this guide at: How To Use Dixie Belle Paint.

Dixie Belle Crackle And Redesign With Prima Transfers

Simple Steps To Create A Prima Décor Transfer And Crackle Finish Painted Project

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Without any further ado, let’s dive right into the transformation process. First things first, you’ll need to gather your supplies. For this project, you’ll need the Dixie Belle Crackle, a Redesign With Prima patriotic transfer of your choice, your thrifted wall hanging, and of course, your chalk mineral paints.

Make sure to choose a color that will complement your transfer design. Once you have all your supplies ready, set up a comfortable workspace and let’s get to work! Don’t worry, I will walk you through every step of the process.

You can do a similar Prima Décor Transfer and Crackle Finish project as this one or you can create something totally unique of your own using these products.

Supplies List

If you’d like to check out my recent video of how to use Dixie Belle Crackle to create faux cracked surface in your paint, check out my short video:

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Makeover Step 1: Clean & Prep The Surface

This was a wooden sign, likely handmade, very large. I purchased it at Restore for very low price. It had a Hawaiian print on it. Honestly there wasn’t much prep, other than a quick wipe down to remove dust and dirt. I used Krud Kutter for this quick cleaning.

To learn more about prepping furniture and décor check out: How To Prep Furniture For Painting

Makeover Step 2: Apply The Base Coat Of Paint

So next up I applied a base coat of paint to this wooden sign. When using Crackle this base coat is what will show through slightly of the cracks created.

For this I did a striped pattern with red and blue paint. More specifically, I used Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint in Bunker Hill Blue and Barn Red. These stripes were not measured out, just freehand painting.

Now that base coat has to dry completely before moving on to the next step which is the Crackle.

Makeover Step 3: Apply The Crackle

Okay, so now that the base coat is dry, next up the Dixie Belle Crackle is applied. To do this I use a Dixie Belle Premium Chip Brush. Crackle is thick like a glue and clear.

It is applied thickly and in a crisscross style with the brush. Crackle is a water-based product so you can wash your brushes with soap and water.

This Crackle layer is thick so it may take a few hours to dry. And when it is dry, it will look very glossy. In fact, it still looks wet even though it’s not!

Makeover Step 4: Paint Your Final Layer Of Paint

Finally after the Dixie Belle Crackle is completely dry, paint your final layer of paint. For this project I chose a white paint color. I watered it down some because I wanted plenty of cracks to show through.

Let that final layer dry very well. For this particular project there are more steps with the transfer and such. But if you are doing only the Crackle finish then your makeover could end here.

Painted White Board With Crackle Paint

Makeover Step 5: Apply The Redesign With Prima Transfer

I was really wanting to use these transfers I had purchased a while back. I love Redesign With Prima transfers. If you’d like to learn more about how to use transfers check out this post:

The first transfer is a full size transfer containing four separate designs, all America themed. It is Redesign With Prima Patriotic Transfer. Thus the red, white, and blue paint combination! The second transfer is the Middy Veteran Transfer also by Redesign With Prima.

I applied these transfers to my painted wooden board. They rubbed on so very easily also. To apply transfers you peel off the white backing sheet and place the transfer onto your surface and then rub gently with the applicator stick until the transfer releases from the clear applicator sheet. You can also use the Redesign With Prima Transfer Applicator Tool if you prefer.

Makeover Step 5: Apply A Topcoat To Protect And Seal The Painted Finish And Transfer

Before I applied the topcoat I wanted to add some “aging” and emphasize the crackling effect a bit more. The base was just too starkly white for my liking.

To do this I used the color Dixie Belle Silk Anchor. And I dry-brushed the paint very lightly across the surface and the edges. This created a very nice weathered or aged appearance and really added some lovely depth to the Crackle finish.

Finally, I added two coats of Dixie Belle Gator Hide, letting each coat dry fully. I love to use Gator Hide to topcoat transfers because I feel that it really seals them in, making them more secure.

Redesign With Prima Decor Transfer And Crackle Finish Wall Art Makeover

Summary: Patriotic Transfer Home Décor Makeover With Crackle Finish

In this blog post, we explored the transformation of a standard wooden board into a piece of art. This art was created using Redesign With Prima’s Patriotic and Veteran Transfers.

The application process was straightforward – the transfers were peeled off their white backing sheets, placed on the Dixie Belle Crackle painted wooden surface, and gently rubbed on using the applicator stick.

To add an aged look and emphasize the crackling effect, Dixie Belle Silk Anchor was lightly dry-brushed over the surface and edges.

Finally, two coats of Dixie Belle Gator Hide were applied to seal and secure the transfers, producing a piece of patriotic home décor with a distinctive crackle finish.

With this simple yet effective technique, you can bring a patriotic touch to any piece of furniture or home décor.

Experiment with different transfers and finishes to create unique designs that reflect your personal style. And finally, remember that the key to a successful project is patience, creativity, and the courage to try something new. Enjoy the process and happy painting!

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