Raised Stencil And Decoupage Home Decor Makeover Of An Outdated Wooden Sled

This blog post will showcase a total revamp of a wooden sled found at the local Restore. The little wooden sled with a teddy bear painted on it was sweet but outdated and crying for an updated design. In this post I’ll share how to use a few fun techniques to give this cute wooden sled a fresh fun look. So stay tuned for this raised stencil and decoupage home decor makeover.

And if you are totally new to painting furniture and home decor, you can find more tips on getting started here – Chalk Mineral Paint Basics.

Raised Stencil and Decoupage Home Decor

The Before: Wooden Sled Home Decor

Before we begin, I’ll share a quick photo of the sled before the makeover began. I found it at my local Restore and while it was solid wood and very cute, I could see a new vision for this little item. Teddy bears are cute but well . . . I’ll say no more.

Old Wooden Sled Home Decor

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Prep & Prime The Home Decor For The Raised Stencil And Decoupage Design

Firstly I gave a rough quick sanding to the sled using a sanding block, a 180 grit over the bear picture and then a 220 grit overall. Nothing fancy, no major muscle workout, just a quick little sanding job to scuff up the wood and painted bear picture.

Following that I wiped down with a quick spray of Krud Kutter to remove any grime. The rinsed with a nice spray of clean water to rinse. Lastly, I wiped the wooden decor down to remove any dust particles and let it dry.

And finally, I applied a primer over the painted teddy bear design. The previous painting had already been toned way down with the sanding block. But, to make sure it was covered thoroughly I applied two coats of Boss Primer by Dixie Belle. Boss comes in gray, clear, and white, however for this project I used the white Boss primer.

Dixie Belle BOSS Primer in White

Painting the Wooden Sled Decor

Finally we’ll move on to painting the wooden sled. For the body of the sled I used Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Deep Sea, one of my favorite nautical blues. It is a gorgeous navy color. And I applied a coat of Dixie Belle Silk in Salt Water to the front of the sled over the primer. Two coats of Deep Sea finished the body.

Here is a nightstand painted with Silk Paint in Deep sea – Silk Paint Deep Seas

A nice benefit to using Silk Paint is that it is an all-in-one paint product. Dixie Belle Silk Paint contains primer, paint and topcoat, so it is essentially three products in one. And to be honest, Silk Paint is my go-to for most any project. It’s my favorite paint product truly.

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Apply Decoupage Paper & Snowflake Stencils

For the next step, we are going to apply decoupage paper to the sled front. This is the area I primed and painted white over the previous bear picture. I’ll let you in on a little secret, I didn’t use true decoupage paper!

Instead I used decorative tissue paper from my Christmas wrapping supplies. This tissue paper had several colors of snowflakes of various sizes on a white background. And it worked like a charm. To apply the tissue paper I used Redesign With Prima Decoupage Matte Gel. If you’d like to learn more about how to decoupage, check out these posts:

Use one coat of decoupage matte gel as the base and one coat to apply as a sealer. It works like a charm. Just use gentle care with the decoupage and tissue paper so it doesn’t tear. Finally, once the tissue paper decoupage was try, I opted to stencil on some additional larger snowflakes.

Lastly to stencil, I used various snowflake size stencils and Dixie Belle Chalk Paint in Kudzu and Silk Paint in Midnight Green. Using a stencil dauber I applied the paint to the stencils to give a 3D quality to the decoupage tissue paper base. Okay up next we are going to do a fun raised stencil design.

Raised Stencil Design “Let It Snow”

Now for the raised stencil design I am using a “Let It Snow” theme. The letters SNW and for the O is a large snowflake. Raised stencils are fun and a bit messy! For this I used Redesign With Prima 3D Stencil Fiber Paste along with the paint of choice. I used the Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Deep Seas and mixed it with the stencil fiber paste.

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Raised Stencils Steps:

  1. Combine the Redesign With Prima 3D Stencil Fiber Paste and the Silk Paint in Deep Sea to make a colored paste
  2. Place down your stencils. Make sure they are firmly adhered. Use painter’s tape if needed.
  3. Apply a layer of the colored fiber paste and using a putty knife smooth the paste across the stencil pressing firmly enough to make sure the design comes through.
  4. Smooth out the paste and remove any excess from the stencils.
  5. Gently and carefully lift the stencil to see your design.
  6. Keep the design flat so that it can dry fully.
  7. Once dry gently sand any rough edges to smooth and add any additional paint or metallic accents to the raised stencil design.

Lastly, I wanted the raised stencil design to be a darker blue so I painted the raised stencil areas with Silk Paint Deep Sea using an artist brush.

For a final touch I used a bit of Pebeo Gilding Wax in Silver to accent the edges and the raised stenciling. It seems I have to add a touch of gilding wax to everything! It’s my favorite! And Pebeo is the best I’ve found. Read more about Gilding Wax here – Gold Accents With Gilding Wax.

Summary: Raised Stencil And Decoupage Home Decor: Sled Makeover

So, finally that about sums up our makeover of this cute wooden sled with the painted bear picture. You can see how several fun design techniques were used. First simply painting with a solid single color to tone down the prior red. Then I added a fun tissue decoupage paper and some stenciled snowflakes to add extra dimension.

And then for the next step a raised stencil “Let It Snow” design was added. This really created a fun pop of flair to this little wooden sled makeover project. It was such a fun little project! And it gave me a chance to combine several fun painting techniques.

I hope this raised stencil and decoupage home decor project inspires you see new visions for old outdated home decor. And also to try new techniques and combine different design elements into one project. Honestly the design options are limitless! Just have fun with it!

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