Red Painted Furniture Makeovers

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Today I’m sharing a vibrant collection of red painted furniture! Bursting with vitality and charm, these pieces are sure to infuse your living space with warmth and character. This post is a curated roundup of some wonderful red painted furniture pieces, each unique.. Whether you’re a lover of bold tones or seeking a dash of color to brighten your room, you’re in the right place. So, let’s explore these red painted furniture makeovers.

And, if you are new to painting furniture check out Dixie Belle Paint for more helpful tips on getting started and all the great things that Dixie Belle has to offer.

Red Painted Furniture Roundup post

While neutral muted tones are always popular and calming, there’s just something so fun about painting a piece of furniture a bright, bold cheerful color like red. Maybe because it reminds us Christmas time and maybe because of those famous Starbuck’s red reusable cups every holiday season. But red is a special color and such an amazing way to add a pop of cheer to any space.

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Best Red Color Paints For Furniture

Each brand that makes furniture paint has a variety of red colors available. But I typically use Dixie Belle Paints for most of my projects. For some DIY projects like Christmas Painted Mason Jars and Americana Painted Mason Jars I used regular Chalk Mineral Paints by Dixie Belle in the colors Barn Red and Rustic Red. They are both nice shades of red.

But recently I discovered Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint in the color Fiery Sky, an absolutely stunning red. I’ll share a piece with you below that was painted in that color red. I love Silk Paint and if there is a color in the Silk Paint line that suits my project, that’s typically my go-to paint brand. To learn more about Silk check out these posts:

Prepping Furniture For Red Painted Furniture Makeover

But before we move on to showing off some beautifully and creatively red painted furniture makeovers from around the web, let’s talk about How To Prep Furniture For Painting. Most furniture pieces need to be cleaned at a minimum and then other prep depends on the piece and the desired outcome.

Consider sanding, even it is just a scuff sanding. To learn more read: How To Sand Furniture Before Painting. Since I like to paint with Silk Paint I usually do at minimum a scuff sanding with about a 220 grit sandpaper. And all pieces need to be cleaned well.

And a discussion about prep wouldn’t be complete without speaking about supplies. It is important to have good supplies to paint with. A thorough list of supplies can be found in this post: Furniture Painting Supplies.

Speaking of supplies, I’ll say that I am a stickler for having good paint brushes. My favorites are the Dixie Belle Synthetic Flat Medium and the Flat Small. Learn more about Dixie Belle brushes at: Best Dixie Belle Paint Brushes.

And a final option with prepping furniture for painting is to decide if you will prime your piece before painting. Priming can help reduce the paint that you use and it can help prevent stains and odors from coming through your paint.

To prime for red paint a good color is a gray paint, either a dark or light gray. Or you can use a white primer and tint it with just a little of the red paint to make a pink primer. Read more on primers in Primer For Painted Furniture.

Red Painted Furniture

Now, as promised let's dive into these red painted furniture makeovers. There are so many good ones to share. These were taken from around the web, from various wonderful furniture painting artists. I hope you enjoy.

Summary: Red Painted Furniture Makeovers

I hope this post has ignited your inspiration and opened your eyes to the possibilities of red painted furniture makeovers. These vibrant pieces are more than just functional, they are statement pieces.. Red painted furniture is capable of transforming any space into a cozy and inviting haven.

And maybe when you are getting ready to paint your next furniture project, you may consider how an unexpected touch of red might just be the thing your space needs. Red paint adds a quick burst of color while still being warm and welcoming.

So, I hope this roundup of red painted furniture makeovers inspires you to be creative and try out some red paint for your next painting project!

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