Redesign With Prima Kacha Products

Have you used any of the Kacha designed products by Redesign With Prima? This collaboration between Kacha, a gifted furniture artist and Redesign With Prima, has produced some of my most favorite products ever. In this post, we’ll explore some of those special products and how they can help transform your furniture makeovers. These products have the power to add some serious pizzazz to your designs. So, why wait, let’s dive in and learn more about Redesign with Prima Kacha Products.

And, if you are totally new to painting furniture you may want to check out this post for tips and tricks on getting started – Chalk Mineral Paint Basics.

Redesign With Prima Kacha Products

As mentioned above, we’re going to explore the transformative power of Redesign With Prima’s Kacha designs. a collection that features an array of stencils, transfers, moulds, and more. These products offer endless possibilities to turn ordinary painted furniture into extraordinary pieces of art.

Kacha designed products are known for offering beautiful patterns and high-quality materials. These allow you to use your creativity to really enhance your furniture and home décor. From upcycling a vintage piece of furniture to giving a modern twist to your home décor, this collection provides everything you need to make your designs stand out.

With Kacha designed products, your painted furniture metamorphoses from ordinary to extraordinary, as these products allow for intricate detailing and a professional finish.

But before we go any further you may be wondering who is Kacha?

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Who Is Kacha?

While I don’t know Kacha personally, I have watched so many of her furniture makeover and product demonstration videos to know that she is super knowledgeable on all things painting furniture! She is a very talented furniture artist who creates tutorial videos that you can find on YouTube and other social media like Instagram.

And in my opinion her work is absolutely exquisite. She looks like she has so much fun too! You can really see her passion for painting furniture translate into her work. I would love to meet her someday, so I guess you could say that I am definitely a fan! And now Kacha even has her own store in Maine where you can go and see her work and buy her products.

But, don’t worry if you can’t get to Maine, you can easily buy her products online on Etsy, on her website and at retailers that sale Redesign With Prima products.

Kacha has collaborated with both Redesign With Prima and Annie Sloan Paints, so she has some huge companies that have faith in her work.

She has countless tutorial videos and helpful information to walk you step by step through using her products.

What Are Some Of The Redesign With Prima & Kacha Products?

So, Kacha’s collaboration with Redesign With Prima produced some of my most favorite products ever for enhancing painted furniture. These Redesign With Prima products include:


Renata Stencil

Anisa Stencil

Deco Peacock Stencil

Sun Lit Diamonds

Modern Moroccan Stencil


Les Roses

Gold Foil Bird Song


Petit A Petit

Elegant Neutrals

Manor Swirls Gold Foil

Morning Purple

House of Damask Gold Foil

Perfume Notes in Gold Foil

Golden Damask

Dana Damask

Décor Moulds

Imperial Intricacy

Enlightened Edgings

Lavish Swirls

Engraved Medallions

Other Products

Kacha Imitation Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf Glue

Okay, wow that is some list of products! Amazing and it shows your for sure how talented Kacha must be to have her hand in all these designs.

What Makes The Kacha Designed Products Special?

The fact that Kacha combined her talents with Redesign With Prima, a company known for producing superior high-quality furniture painting products makes her products stand out. Add that to the Kacha fan base and you have a winning combination.

Kacha’s designs are so intricate, beautiful, and truly elegant. While a few of her designs feature more neutral or muted colors, the majority are more bold and glamorous. and so many of them feature gold designs. If you look at so many of Kacha’s furniture makeovers you’ll see gold accents and more gold accents. She loves gold and if you are also a fan of gold then you are in luck!

Kacha Imitation Gold Leaf

Well, to start there is Imitation Gold Leaf. This is a booklet of small rectangular gold leaf sheets. These sheets contain a high quality gold leaf product that matches perfectly with the other Kacha gold designs, such as the transfers. I also find that it matches with the Redesign With Prima Gilding Wax in Eternal.

These gold leaf sheets are applied using Gold Leaf Glue. It’s a messy yet fun technique. And, you can literally gold leaf anything, from edging on furniture to hardware to even walls.

Kacha Transfers

Kacha designed both regular and gold foil transfers with Redesign With Prima.

Kacha’s Gold Foil Furniture transfers are characterized by their intricate designs and rich gold finish, adding an instant touch of glamour and sophistication to any piece of furniture. They match well also with the Kacha Imitation Gold Leaf.

Applying these Gold Foil Transfers is a straightforward process. It’s very similar to the regular transfers. But once you apply the transfer and rub down you peel back the transfer sheet, revealing your beautiful gold design. Then you can seal the design with a clear coat.

Besides the Gold Foil transfers, Kacha also has regular transfers, both florals and gold designs. As you would expect, they are all quite elegant.

Kacha’s standard gold design furniture transfers are a signature product that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any furniture piece. Unlike the gold foil transfers, they don’t have the foil type metallic finish, but the richness of their gold design is undeniably appealing.

And there are a few floral designs that are just so lovely and the colors are amazing. Consider using Kacha’s Elegant Neutrals, Morning Purple, or Woodland Floral transfers.

Here is a makeover featuring Kacha Transfers:

Kacha Moulds

Finally lets’ talk about Kacha’s Moulds

Kacha’s decor moulds are a game-changer in the world of furniture makeovers. Redesign With Prima has so many gorgeous moulds on the market and Kacha created several of these designs.

You can use a casting material, like the Alumilite Amazing Casting Resin in the moulds. Then, once dry demold and then paint your molded design. You can paint the design with a brush-on paint, a wax, like gilding wax, or a spray paint. I like to prime these molded décor accents with Dixie Belle Slick Stick Primer because the casted resin design can be a bit slick. Paint will stick better with a primer.

If I am trying to match the gold in many of the other Redesign With Prima products, such as Kacha’s , I have found a favorite spray paint to spray the casted designs. This is Rust-Oleum Bright Coat Spray Paint In Metallic Gold. It is remarkably shiny and beautiful metallic gold.

Here is a makeover featuring the use of Kacha Décor Moulds:

Kacha Stencils

Lastly let’s talk about Redesign With Prima Kacha Stencil Designs.

Okay, I’ll be honest in saying that of all of the Kacha products the stencils are by far my favorite. I absolutely love her stencil designs. They are just gorgeous. And they are reusable.

These stencils are large allowing you to cover a large space without having to continually move your stencil. I talk a bit more about stenciling in this post, How To Stencil Painted Furniture.

In that post I go into detail about how to stencil but my favorite ways to stencil are with a large stencil brush or by using a 4 inch paint roller. My favorite brush for stenciling is the Dixie Belle Best Dang Brush. It is honestly the absolutely best stencil brush ever.

Some of my favorite stencil mediums are to use the Redesign With Prima Metallic Acrylic Paint in Goldenrod or by using Posh Chalk Pigments mixed with Posh Chalk Infuser. I talk a bit more about Posh Chalk Pigments in this post – Painted Furniture With Gold Accents.

In addition to using stencils on furniture, they can also be used on other surfaces such as walls, floors, and fabrics. The possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating stencils into your home décor.

Summary: Redesign With Prima Kacha Products

So, as you can see I am a big fan of Kacha’s work and her designs. I keep watching for new releases of new products ifor her collaboration with Redesign With Prima. They make such an excellent team.

The versatility and appeal of Kacha’s products, notably the stencils, transfers, and moulds, are truly unmatched. And nobody does gold accenting quite like Kacha! Her gold designs are just unmatched. There’s nothing else on the market like them.

These and all the other Redesign With Prima Kacha products offer a fantastic way to bring out your creativity and transform any plain furniture into a work of art.

So keep an eye out for new designs. You never know what amazing design the pair will come up with next! And keep your creative juices flowing and don’t be afraid to just keep on painting!

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