How To Apply Redesign With Prima Transfers To Furniture

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Redesign With Prima Transfers are Fun And Easy To Use!

Did you know that you can apply Redesign with Prima transfers to your furniture and home décor? Social media is flooded with beautiful images of furniture artists’ works using these transfers! And they are so easy that honestly anyone can use them, whether you call yourself a skilled furniture artist or a beginner!

Redesign With Prima Transfers. How to apply step by step

For All The Tips On Furniture Transfers, Moulds, Decoupage, Stencils & More! Design Elements To Make Your Chalk Mineral Painted Furniture Uniquely Yours!

Gossip Bench - How to Use Redesign With Prima Transfers
Gossip Bench Before Paint and Transfers

Here is the Gossip Bench transformed using paint and a transfer and re-upholstered seat

How to Use Redesign With Prima Transfers
Same seat with a different upholstery that I had tried initially

I am just in awe of all the beautiful transfers available! My wish list is long! I can scroll for hours on Instagram and Facebook looking at all of the makeovers of furniture and home decor using these transfers. There are so many styles available, from farmhouse, French country, nature themes and more.

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Redesign With Prima Transfers Can Be Applied to A Variety of Surfaces

There are so many ways to apply Redesign with Prima transfers to add character and charm to your home. The possibilities seem endless. While most people apply these transfers to furniture, they work on glass, lamp shades, metal, walls, and even fabric. Some people have even applied them to their kitchen appliances such as Kitchen Aid Mixers. How cool and unique is that?

Example of a transfer on fabric:

Here is a transfer applied to a mixer:

Transfer applied under a kitchen sink:

Painted Silver Tray with French Ceramics transfer - How to Use Redesign With Prima Transfers
Silver platter painted with Dixie Belle Fluff and added pieces of remaining Redesign With Prima French Ceramics transfer
Wooden Frame from Goodwill
Simple $3 wooden frame from Goodwill. Not bad, but bought it because the frame was brand new and I new I could do something else with it

Here is the wooden frame madeover using paint and a transfer

How To Use Redesign With Prima Transfers to Makeover your Decor and Furniture

These transfers offer so many ways to customize your furniture and decor!

In this post you can see where I placed Redesign With Prima Peacock Dreams transfers on a painted upholstered chair. This was a whimsical colorful makeover and a bit out of my comfort zone, since I’m usually more of neutral girl, but I did learn that these transfers stick great on upholstery!

And here I used a transfer on a vintage table with blended paints in black and wine color. The edges of the transfer were distressed and aged with a dark wax to add character.

And lastly here is a vintage desk makeover using Redesign With Prima Postal Birds transfer.

Where to Buy Prima Transfers

Prima transfers can be purchased from a variety of places. If you have a local retailer check them out. Each local retailer’s inventory will vary, so you may want to give them a call first if you are looking for a specific transfer. I have so far purchased from Amazon, because they had what I wanted and the delivery was quick. Check out to find options for both local and online retailers. The other place I find transfers is on Etsy. And, now Dixie Belle Paints are making their own line of transfers called Belles and Whistles. You can check those out here.

Two Important Tips Before You Apply The Transfer

Important Tip #1: The surface must be clean and dry before you apply the transfer. The transfer instructions recommend waiting 48 hours after you paint to allow the surface to dry well. I will admit that I didn’t wait that long. I have done these transfers after about 6-8 hours of dry time, but to be safe wait longer. Check out my post here for chalk paint basics:

Chalk Paint Furniture Makeovers Made Simple: How To Use Chalk Mineral Paint

Important Tip #2: Apply the transfer directly to the painted surface before you apply a top coat or sealer. This will give the transfer something to grip onto.

Easy Step By Step Instructions to Apply Redesign With Prima Transfers To Furniture and Decor

I’ve broken down transfer application into basically the five steps listed here. For a quicker reference get my Five Steps To Quick and Easy Transfer Application at the bottom of the post.

Step 1: Carefully unroll your transfer

The transfers are delicate, so use care when unrolling the transfer. The roll will be secured with a piece of tape. There will be two sheets to the transfer including the clear top sheet which is the actual transfer on a bottom white paper backing.

How to Use Redesign With Prima Transfers

Step 2: Will You Use the Whole Sheet or Do You Need to Cut It?

Decide if you want to cut the transfer apart to use only pieces of it, or if you will use the transfer as a whole. Keep the transfer attached to it’s white paper backing until the last minute when you actually get ready to apply it. Decide if it fits and get your placement right, laying the transfer or the piece of transfer on your furniture or item. Use painter’s tape if needed to tape the transfer in place. I like to use Scotch Blue painter’s tape.

How to use redesign with prima transfers

Step 3: Apply Your Transfer

After you get the transfer where you want it go ahead and peel off the white backing paper. You can rub it down a little to get the transfer to mostly stick to the surface. However, you will need to apply some pressure to get the transfer to release from it’s clear top sheet.

The transfers all come with a plastic stick that looks like a popsicle stick that you can use to rub down on the top clear film to apply the transfer. When you apply enough pressure it should release from the clear sheet and stick well to your surface.

Sometimes it can be stubborn so gently lift up the clear top sheet as you go and make sure it is sticking good. If there are areas that are being particularly stubborn just lay the top clear sheet back down and rub again with the stick provided until you see and feel the transfer release.

Once you do this a time or two you will get a feel for when the transfer releases from the clear sheet. If there are little bubbles or spots just rub gently with your finger or the stick and see if you can work them out. It’s really like a bit of magic, and honestly so fun!

two sheets to the transfer
Peel off the white backing to stick the transfer down
how to use redesign with prima transfers

Step 4: Apply Topcoat or Sealer

After you finish applying your transfer to your furniture, you can then apply your topcoat or sealer. I recommend Dixie Belle Gator Hide or Clear Coat in Satin or Flat. These are my favorite topcoats and both work great with the Prima décor transfers! However, if you have other topcoats that are your favorites, they should work fine.

I have a post on how to choose between various topcoats, including the debate between wax and polys. You can find that post here:

Chalk Paint Topcoat: How To Choose Between Wax or Poly Topcoats For Furniture Makeovers

Step 5: Marvel at Your Gorgeous Transfer and Add Any Additional Touches

Now step back and admire your work! These transfers add such a special touch to your decor. They look wonderful alone but did you know that they can be customized in many ways? One option is to combine pieces of different transfers or even overlap transfers. Additional touches such as stencils, decor and gilding waxes, metal leafing, decor moldings and appliques can also be added.

Summary: Redesign With Prima Transfers Add A Special Touch To Your Chalk Painted Projects

With Redesign With Prima transfers, truly the possibilities are only as endless as your imagination!

With this tutorial you can see how easy it is to apply Redesign With Prima transfers to add beauty and character to your painted home décor or furniture! I encourage you to pick your favorite transfer and give it a try!

I’d love to see your finished works in the comments!

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  1. Hi. Thank you for your information. I was looking to see how to apply to fabric for a seat cushion but that information had been removed. Can you tell me how or direct me to another tutorial? Thanks, Jana danielson.

    1. Hi Jana,
      I apologize that you had trouble finding what you were looking for! Did you find me through a Pinterest Pin? If so, I will check that pin to make sure that the link is correct. Here is the blog post that talks about re-covering a chair seat pad: Re-Covering A Chair Seat Pad
      I hope this helps! If you don’t find what you are looking for with this blog post, please let me know and I’ll direct you to another post. I know a few others from other sites that I like as well!
      I’m happy to try to help in anyway I can!
      Abbey Barnes

  2. I am new at this , I’m nervous about the transfers but want to put one on a chest of drawers.
    How do you cut between the drawers? Do you cut after you apply or have to cut before?
    Hope this makes sense

    1. Hi Marie,
      I agree that this is tricky but these transfers are really thin and easy to apply. I go ahead and apply the transfer across the surface and edge of the drawer too if you want it to cover the edge as well. Then smooth it down to get out any bubbles and adhere it. But if you use a nice sharp craft knife like an X-ACTO knife (carefully of course haha – these things are so sharp) or you can take a fine grit sanding sponge and rub along the edge to remove the unwanted piece. But I do find that the sharp craft knife works best for me between the drawer edges.
      I hope this helps!

  3. Hi Abbey! I enjoy your blog so much. I’m fairly new to it
    The links that you posted other people’s projects are not working here. Links to your projects are. Thank you for the inspiration. I have.tje.frsnch ceramics transfer and im just waiting on the.right piece. I have notices that tables with transfers on top do not sell well for me. Makes me sad. Haha.. if the.transfer is on a dresser they sell just not table tops. Not quickly anyway.

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      Thank you so much for your nice comments! I am so glad that my blog is helpful to you! I hate to hear that your transfer designed table tops are not selling good! That is sad because I also love the transfers! They are just so fun and colorful!
      I appreciate you letting me know about the links not working. I will go and check those out now to see what is going on!
      Thank you so much!

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