Silk Black MCM Table Makeover

Today’s blog post features a Mid Century Modern (MCM) Small Table that has been given a new lease of life. The transformation shows off the power of Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Anchor, a deep and rich black shade. The black paint sets the tone for a truly elegant piece. But, add in a little gold accents with a Redesign with Prima transfer, and this MCM nightstand goes from ordinary to extraordinary. Let’s walk step-by-step through this Silk Black MCM Table Makeover.

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Silk Black MCM Table Makeover

The original MCM Table was a functional piece of furniture, embodying the minimalist and clean lines that define mid-century modern design. This side table is made from solid wood is very sturdy and in good condition. The finish was lovely but a bit faded and I opted to give it a refresh.

I got this side table on Facebook Marketplace for $20, so given it’s condition, it was a bargain. And its sturdy structure made it an excellent canvas for the makeover.

When I saw this piece I knew that the potential was there, waiting for the right vision to bring it to life. So, let’s talk about the next step in this makeover and why I chose Dixie Belle Silk Paint.

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To Prep The MCM Side Table

For this makeover I am using Silk Paint by Dixie Belle. Dixie Belle recommends that you do at a minimum a scuff sanding. So to prep this nightstand I simply did a scuff sanding by hand using a 220 grit sanding pad. There were no repairs to be made on this nightstand due to it’s good condition.

To learn more about prepping furniture for painting and how to scuff sand read:

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Once the nightstand is sanded then I simple wipe it down good with Krud Kutter Cleaning Spray and a clean cloth. Then I spray it down with clean water to rinse, thereby removing any cleaner residue. Finally, let it dry fully.

Now this MCM table it is ready for the next step in the makeover.

Silk Black MCM Table Makeover: Gel Staining The Interior

The interior shelf of this little MCM table just called to be left a wood color. Plus, it’s a pain to paint the inside of a cabinet or shelf unless you use a sprayer.

So I chose to use gel stain to freshen up the interior. And the contrast of stained wood with black paint is gorgeous.

For this interior I chose Minwax PolyShades Stain in Espresso Satin. This is one of my favorite gel stains! I love the deep rich espresso color. And gel stain is so easy to apply and it adds a richness to the wood.

Black Silk MCM Table With gel stained interior

Gel stain can be applied overtop of an existing finish. This is such a great option to freshen up an outdated piece. And this stain includes a topcoat also. This makes it so easy!

The gel stain was applied with a stain applicator pad. Don’t forget when applying gel stains to use personal protective gear.

  • Gloves to protect hands from the stain
  • a mask to protect lungs from fumes
  • good ventilation
  • and goggles or protective eye glasses

And a final safety tip: let any stain-soaked brushes, clothes, or pads dry away from the interior of your home and dry completely before disposing in the garbage.

For more on gel stains read:

What Is Dixie Belle Silk Paint?

Next up, let’s paint the rest of the cute little MCM Side Table. For this makeover I used Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Anchor. Honestly, my favorite and most used black paint. And a huge bonus – it’s an all-in-one paint product! So so easy to use. Dixie Belle Silk Paint is just the best!

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Dixie Belle Silk Paint

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So now that you know I’m a big fan of Silk Paint let’s talk about the painting process

How To Apply Silk Paint

Silk Paint goes on well. . . like Silk. No really, it has a very smooth consistency. Truly silk-like with an eggshell finish.

To protect the stained portions I applied some delicate surface purple painter’s tape. Next, I apply the Silk Paint in Anchor. I used two brushes, a Dixie Belle Synthetic Flat Medium and a Dixie Belle Synthetic Flat Small.

These are two of my favorite brushes for most any project. Dixie Belle makes great brushes that hold up for many years. Learn more in this post, Best Dixie Belle Paint Brushes and Best Brushes For Painting Furniture.

Silk Paint goes on like a dream. It is smooth and creamy, low odor and safe to use indoors. It dries quickly and has an eggshell sheen. For most projects two coats provide excellent coverage.

Silk Paint Is An All-In-One Paint Product

Silk Paint has a built-in primer and topcoat. Therefore, I didn’t use any other products prior to painting. These two coats provided such wonderful coverage and they protect from stains, scratches, and other damage.

And furniture painted with Silk Paint is easy to clean. Just wipe with soap and water and dry or wipe down with a clean cloth.

While you can use additional topcoats with the Silk Paint you don’t need to unless you desire to change the sheen or add additional protection. All of the Dixie Belle topcoat products work excellently with Silk Paint.

Silk Black MCM Table Makeover: Apply The Redesign With Prima Transfer

Next, to add some flair I added a transfer. The one I chose for this Silk Black MCM Table Makeover is the Moroccan Diamonds Middy Transfer by Redesign With Prima. They make so many beautiful transfers.

This is such an elegant transfer that comes with three sheets of unique designs. It took two packages to cover the length of the drawer front on this MCM Table. To continue to pattern, just cut the transfers to match up the patterns.

Transfers must be applied to painted surfaces prior to any topcoat. And, always make sure the surface is fully dry before application. Then to secure the transfer apply a topcoat or sealant. Any clear coat is fine. I typically use Dixie Belle Clear Coat in whatever sheen I want for that project.

For this I used Dixie Belle Clear Coat in Satin. Two coats work beautifully and let the first coat dry fully before applying the second. To learn more about topcoats read, Protect and Seal Painted Furniture and Topcoats For Chalk Paint .

Spray Painting The Original Hardware

Now, to match with the elegant Redesign With Prima transfer I opted to paint the one drawer pull with gold spray paint. Honestly spray painting is the easiest way to update hardware.

This drawer pull is the original hardware that was on the little side table. I felt it was perfectly styled for the MCM piece, but it needed brightening up.

And, I’ve found a gold spray paint to perfectly match the gold in most of the Redesign products. This paint is Rust-Oleum Bright Coat Metallic Finish Spray Paint in gold. It is so shiny and goes on beautifully, drying quickly.

MCM Black Silk Painted Table with gold drawer pull

Summary: Silk Black MCM Table Makeover

In conclusion, this Silk Black MCM table makeover is an absolute testament to the transformative power of paint and creative accents. From the Dixie Belle Black Silk Paint to the Redesign With Prima gold transfer, each element has contributed to breathing new life into this piece.

With a bit of creativity and patience, you too can take your old furniture pieces and turn them into stunning centerpieces for your home. Remember, the key to achieving great results lies in combining the right choice of colors, high quality products like Silk Paint, and patience with your painting process

Until next time and best wishes with your next projects.

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