Silk Green Painted Table With Gold Stencil

Another Silk Paint makeover to share today. You know I love me some Green and Gold so today I”m sharing this Silk Green Painted Table Makeover With a Gold Kacha Stencil Design.

Silk Paint by Dixie Belle is quickly becoming one of my favorite paint products. And I am so loving their beautiful Midnight Green color paint. Midnight Green is a true deep green, a very rich color.

What makes Silk Paint of of my favorite paint products? Well, read a bit more to see this makeover and find out why I love Silk Paint.

Need more information on Silk Paint or other Dixie Belle products? Learn more in this guide at: How To Use Dixie Belle Paint.

Silk Green Painted Table Makeover

A Few Of My First Painted Furniture Makeovers

The Original Table “The Before”

Okay so this table caught my eye on Facebook Marketplace. It had beautiful details. I knew it would be even more beautiful once painted.

It was a little banged up with some scratches and loose veneer on top.

So, I opted to remove the veneer from the top. I looked online for how to remove loose veneer and came across a very helpful post by Natalie at It took a bit of work, but following her instructions I was able to get the old veneer off.

Unfortunately I made a few gouges in the wood underneath the veneer. And even with sanding I didn’t think it looked smooth enough for a gel stain.

And that is why I decided to stencil the top. Stencils, transfers, decoupage and textured designs are a great ways to mask an uneven surface.

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Supplies For This Silk Green Painted Table Makeover

The Silk Green Painted Table Makeover Steps

Step 1: Sand

Once the loose veneer was removed I sanded the top starting with 100 grit and worked up to a finer grit, 320 to finish. I used my Surf Prep Sander which does great around curves to scuff sand the rest of the table including the rounded table legs. Scuff sanding is a light sanding and I used a 220 grit for this.

The only reason to scuff sand is to rough up the finish just enough to help the paint adhere very well. While you don’t have to scuff sand before painting it is recommended. And it can be done relatively quickly! By hand or using an electric sander like I did.

For more information about smoother finish with chalk paint read my post on the basics of sanding.

Original raw wood table scraping off old veneer

Step 2: Clean The Furniture

Next up, we need to clean the furniture. Cleaning is such a crucial part of the furniture refinishing process.

Furniture can be dirtier than it looks! So it’s crucial to get off any dirt, oils, and more that can interfere with your paint job sticking!

There are several ways to clean, but I typically use Dixie Belle White Lightening. It is a granular cleaner and you mix it with hot water. I mix it in a bucket. Using a soft white cloth I wipe the furniture down with the cleaner. Then rinse with plain water and let your furniture dry.

Step 3: Primer (If Needed)

Okay, so primer is not really needed if you are using Silk. But I wasn’t sure what color I was going to choose at first. This furniture was a mahogany stain also and those tend to bleed.

So, even though you don’t have to prime I did it just in case I wanted to paint it white or light color. That way you need less paint.

For priming I used a spray primer, called Zinsser Cover Stain Oil-Based Primer in white. Again, really with Silk you don’t have to prime.

Primer Before Painting With Dixie Belle Silk

I review some great primers for chalk paint in my post on Prime Before Painting

Step 4: Ready to Paint

Okay so once the furniture is clean and dry and primed, it is time for paint! Yay!

Now we finally get to dip our paintbrush in this beautiful green Silk Paint! This color is called Midnight Green and it is stunning!

Silk Green Painted Table

I did two coats of Silk. Let each coat dry at least 2 hours. For this, I used a couple of my favorite brushes, the Dixie Belle Flat Medium and the Flat Small. It is important to use a good synthetic bristle brush with Silk Paint.

To learn more about Dixie Belle Silk Paint read more in my blog post all about this cool paint product!

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    Other Silk Paint Furniture Makeovers

    And If you’d rather Spray Silk Paint check out this post on How To Spray Silk Paint

    Step 5: Stenciling the Design On The Top of The Silk Green Painted Table

    Okay, so I just love these Kacha Decor Stencils by Redesign With Prima. And I love green and gold together. So I used the Kacha Anisa Stencil to add a design on the table top.

    You know I do love gold, therefore I wanted a really nice rich gold color for the stencil. This may sound strange, but I mixed A Maker’s Studio Art Ink Gel in gold with the Posh Chalk Pigments in Lemon Gold. I used this medium and stenciled the design onto the tabletop.

    Kacha Renata Stencil with gold metallic paint for this green painted tabletop

    For stenciling I use the Dixie Belle Best Dang Brush and I apply the medium to the brush and dab off the excess on a paper towel. Then I apply it with a pouncing motion onto the stencil.

    Once done, I pull up the stencil gently and voila, a beautiful stenciled design with crisp edges and lines.

    I used a different Kacha stencil design on this makeover – Silk Paint Deep Seas Nightstand Makeover

    Step 6: Accent Trim in Gold

    So, for the trim I wanted to accent with gold. Therefore, I mixed Posh Chalk Pigments in Lemon Gold with a clear Satin Topcoat, like the Dixie Belle Clear Coat in Satin. Apply the gold pigment mixture to the areas desired with a small artist brush.

    These Posh Chalk Pigments are so pigmented and rich in color! Beautiful!

    Here is another makeover where I used the Posh Chalk Pigments to accent the trim – French Provincial Desk Makeover

    Step 7: Topcoat the Tabletop of the Silk Green Painted Table

    Okay, so another not completely necessary step is topcoating the tabletop.

    Silk Paint is a three in one paint – primer, paint and topcoat! But for extra protection on tabletops and such you can add an extra layer or two of topcoat if desired.

    Finally, I opted to do two coats of Gator Hide Topcoat, letting each coat dry fully. I added this topcoat to protect both the paint finish and the stencil design.

    And you will find some helpful tips on choosing the best chalk paint topcoat in this post.

    The Silk Green Painted Table “The After”

    Finally, now for the complete makeover, the “After”. This vintage table was painted in Silk Midnight Green Paint by Dixie Belle. And, accented with beautiful gold accents and a stenciled design.

    The Kacha Stencil in metallic gold was perfectly regal and added a royal touch to this beautiful green makeover.

    Hopefully this post inspired you to try Dixie Belle’s Silk Paint for your next makeover. This paint is truly a game changer for painting furniture!


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