Silk Midnight Green Dresser Makeover: With Kacha Gold Damask Transfer

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Today I’m sharing this elegant painted furniture makeover. This vintage dresser with a pull-down cabinet door got a makeover with Silk Paint in a gorgeous green. So, I’ll share this Silk Midnight Green Dresser makeover with you next.

If you are new to Silk Paint and other Dixie Belle products, you can learn more in this guide at: How To Use Dixie Belle Paint.

Silk Midnight Green Dresser Makeover

This was a fun makeover. Honestly I was just longing to try this gorgeous Dixie Belle Silk Midnight Green on some piece of furniture. So, when I came across this lovely vintage dresser I knew I couldn’t go wrong with using this beautiful color for this piece.

And nothing goes better with a deep green than gorgeous gold accents. So, once I came across this Katcha Gold Damask Transfer, I knew the direction this furniture makeover would take!

So to start we have this vintage dresser which was in really good condition. It has 3 drawers and storage space at the top hidden behind a pull down secretary style door. The door has a small lock with a vintage looking key.

My idea is to do a basic makeover of the whole dresser in a single color, Silk paint in Midnight Green. And then, add the gold damask transfer to the pull-down door and a gold vintage-style lock mould to embellish even further.

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Why Dixie Belle Silk Paint?

Okay so let’s start by answering the question why I chose to use Silk paint by Dixie Belle. There are certainly plenty of beautiful deep green paints out there by several brands including the original chalk mineral paint that I also love by Dixie Belle.

However, I have come to love the Silk Paint line particularly and if there is a color in that line that I want, then that’s the paint I’ll use for most projects from now on.

So, what makes Silk Paint special and different from other paints? Well, let me provide a list:

  • this paint is all-in-one, primer, paint and topcoat. Two coats for most colors and you are done!
  • It goes on like butter, like silk truly. The consistency is fabulous and smooth.
  • It dries fairly quickly and you can re-coat in as little as two hours usually.
  • Coverage is fantastic and the color choices are phenomenal. Lots of neutrals and some brighter colors also.

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So, those are the reasons that I love Silk Paint. I have a few other blog posts that go into more detail about this line of paint:

Next, let’s get more details about this particular makeover.

Prepping The Dresser For Silk Midnight Green Paint

This particular dresser was in good condition. A few little areas needed some light repair and sanding, but nothing major. For the most part just a good overall cleaning was all it took to get this piece ready for the fun part.

To clean my pieces for painting I typically use hot water and mix in Dixie Belle White Lightening, a granulated cleaner. I use a white rag and wipe down the furniture good getting the insides of drawers and under all the edges also. If the piece is very dusty you may want to vacuum it first.

Next rinse well with plain hot water. I use a new rag and wipe away and cleaner residue with fresh hot water. Then let the furniture thoroughly dry after rinsing. Sometimes I let it dry overnight to be sure but if it’s warm outside these pieces usually dry rather quickly.

Next Up, Apply The Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Midnight Green to the Vintage Dresser

Then, the next step, once the piece is clean and ready, is to apply the paint. This paint provides such good coverage and goes on smoothly. One advantage of this paint also is it’s ability to level nicely, avoiding brush marks and lines.

However, to really get good finish with Dixie Belle Silk Paint, a key is to use a synthetic smooth brush.

My favorite is the Dixie Belle Synthetic Brush in Flat Medium. Other great options are the same line of brushes in the Mini Angle and the Oval Small and Oval Medium. These are all great brushes for applying Silk Paint.

Read my blog post on Dixie Belle Silk Paint basics for some tips and tricks for applying this Silk Paint for optimal finish!

Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Midnight Green
Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Midnight Green on this vintage dresser with a Kacha Gold Damask transfer

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Furniture Transfers and Stencils

Applying the Kacha Gold Damask Furniture Transfer to the Silk Midnight Green Dresser

Well, I applied two coats of the beautiful Dixie Belle Silk Midnight Green paint to the dresser. The top of the dresser got three coats for full coverage and protection.

Next up, this dresser was ready for the gorgeous gold damask transfer by Kacha and Redesign With Prima. When I saw this transfer I knew that it would pair beautifully with a deep shade such as green, navy, plum, or even a red or black. So green it was!

Helpful Blog Post On Furniture Transfer Application

If you’d like some more information on techniques for application of furniture transfers, I have a blog post that you might find helpful:

How To Apply Redesign With Prima Transfers to Furniture

The technique is the same for other brands of transfers also. They all go on similarly. The transfers by Redesign With Prima are very high quality. They can be applied with either the applications stick that comes with the transfer or a transfer application tool like the one by Redesign With Prima.

The most important thing with these transfers is to use caution and proceed slowly. Keep the backing on until you have the placement correct and slowly peel away backing as you carefully ensure the transfer is adhered well.

I did have a few spots where I tore the transfer or a small piece got pulled away from the design. Luckily I was able to correct this with a gold acrylic paint, also by Redesign With Prima, and a fine brush.

Apply Top Coat

Once your transfer is applied, you should apply a top coat to protect it. I used Dixie Belle Clear Coat in Satin, but you could choose flat finish, gloss, or Gator Hide to protect the transfer. I applied three coats of the top coat, letting each dry thoroughly.

  • A helpful tip: always apply the top coat after the transfer but not before. The transfer should be applied to painted surface alone as long as the paint is thoroughly dry. Typically they recommend that you let the paint dry overnight before you apply the transfer.

Since I painted with Silk paint it was not necessary to apply top coat to the other areas. You can do this if you’d like extra protection. But with two coats of Silk the piece should be protected from scratches. Remember, Silk Paint has a built-in primer and top coat! Making your makeovers so much easier!

But, I did opt to apply Dixie Belle Gato Hide top coat to the top of the dresser. I did this to ensure that the top of the dresser, which would likely see some use, would have extra protection from scratches, water marks and the like.

Creating the Mould For The Keyhole Décor

I decided to get a little more creative by making a mould from the Finnabair Locks and Keys Mould for the key hole. To make these moulds you can use Alumilite Amazing Casting Resin. You can find this quick casting resin on Amazon or at your local arts and crafts stores.

This resin is not your typical epoxy resin. It sets up fast, getting hard in 10 minutes. After the quick casting resin is hardened you can de-mould and voila you have a sweet decorative item for your furniture.

To add the moulded design to your furniture you can use TiteBond Quick and Thick adhesive. Use painter’s tape to adhere the décor to your furniture until it sets up.

These décor pieces can be painted with décor wax or paint. Spray paint or brush on paint will work. However, use a primer first like Slick Stick because the casting resin is slick and paint or wax won’t stick well. Apply Slick Stick and let it dry well and then apply your color.

For this piece I used Redesign With Prima Décor Wax in Eternal, which was a perfect gold match to the transfer.

Finnabair Locks and Keys Mould to create a keyhold with gold

Summary: Silk Midnight Green Dresser Makeover With Kacha Gold Damask Transfer

This Midnight Green Silk Paint is just stunning. I love the deep green. I’ve always been partial to greens though! Truly my favorite color, but adding the Gold Damask transfer by Kacha really added such a flair to this dresser. Truly a transformation!

The last and final touch to enhance the gold even further was adding new hardware. The original dresser had plain wood knobs. I found these gold pulls on Amazon and knew they would be perfect! It is so amazing what new hardware can do for a furniture makeover!

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