Silk Paint Deep Seas & Kacha Deco Peacock Decor Stencil in Gold

This furniture makeover was so much fun! I’m a sucker for anything navy and gold and this one fits that bill for sure. This makeover uses Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Deep Seas, an art deco style decoupage paper by Redesign With Prima, and the Kacha Deco Peacock Decor Stencil in Gold.

To learn more about Dixie Belle Paint Products and other tips for getting started check out this guide: How To Use Dixie Belle Paint.

Silk Paint Deep Sea and Kacha Decor Stencil Deco Peacock for a nightstand makeover

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So let’s start with a list of supplies used in this project.

I found this little nightstand/end table at my local Restore. It was so cute, in fairly good condition with no major scratches, and the perfect size for a small project.

You can get quick results with small projects, so it makes you happy!

Brown Nightstand Table

And here’s a short Instagram video for a quick overview of the project:

Furniture Prep For Silk Paint Deep Seas

I did a scuff sand with a 220 grit sandpaper just to give the paint something to adhere to. This scuff sand can be done by hand or by electric sander.

I used my SurfPrep Sander 3×4 electric ray, but whatever electric sander you have is fine. Even by hand this small table can be sanded fairly quickly.

After sanding wipe down with a wet cloth to remove sanding dust. Then mix your Dixie Belle White Lightening Cleaner with hot water and wipe away all that dust and grime. You don’t want to paint over dirt and stains as they can cause your paint finish to fail.

Even if a piece of furniture looks clean it likely isn’t so never skip the cleaning step. It’s never been my favorite part either, but it has to be done. Then do a rinse with clean hot water to get rid of the cleaner residue.

Next Painting With Silk Paint Deep Seas

But First I Primed To Improve Coverage

Before painting I opted to prime. It never hurts to prime even under dark colors, I used Wise Owl Stain Eliminating and Bonding Primer in Clear.

Primed nightstand for Silk Paint Deep Sea

Even though I primed I opted to use Dixie Belle’s Silk Paint, which has a built-in primer! Gosh I love Silk Paint. To read more about how to use Silk Paint check out my Silk Paint Review Post with all the things you need to know about this great product.

Silk Paint is a three-in-one paint product, primer, paint and top coat all three! And so many colors to choose from!

Silk Paint Deep Sea

More About Silk Paint by Dixie Belle & Silk Paint Deep Seas

The paint color for this makeover was chosen based on the decoupage paper I had selected. I knew a deep navy blue would be perfect.

So, I gave this table two coats of Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Deep Seas. Oh my gosh how I love this color! Most projects with Silk Paint need two coats to achieve the durability and coverage desired. But you can do more coats if needed. It is a quick drying paint and extra top coat can be added also if desired.

Dixie Belle Silk Paint is best applied in long even strokes with a synthetic bristle paint brush. My favorites are the Dixie Belle Synthetic Brushes. For this I used the Flat Medium and the Mini Angle brushes.

Another few favorites in this line are the Flat Small, perfect for smaller spaces and edges and the Oval Medium Brush.

navy blue painted nightstand table

Applying The Decoupage Paper

So, next it was time for the decoupage paper. This paper is by Redesign With Prima and it is called Marbled Scales. The colors in this are navy, beiges, and a very light salmon pink and a hint of light gold. It’s a gorgeous piece of decoupage paper for sure.

Trim the decoupage paper to fit your furniture.

To apply the decoupage I used first a coat of Decoupage Matte Gel by Redesign. You brush that on, then lay down your decoupage paper and smooth out any wrinkles.

My favorite brush for doing this is the Scarlet Brush by Dixie Belle. But you can use your fingers also just be careful not to tear the paper while it’s wet and more fragile.

Once your paper is smoothed out you apply a clear top coat or another coat of the Decoupage Matte Gel. I went with Gator Hide for the top coat. I did 3 coats total of Gator Hide, letting each coat dry completely.

Gator Hide is very durable and waterproof, so it’s great for tabletops and high use furniture. You’ll need to smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles again after applying the top coat of choice.

Applying Gold Accents

Once the decoupage paper was dry on the tabletop and the drawer front, I added some gold flair. I just love gold and can’t help but to add it to most of my projects!

For the gold accenting, I used Redesign With Prima Metallic Acrylic Sheen in GoldenRod applied with an artist brush along the edges of the decoupage paper.

Wow, it really gave this little art deco piece some pizzazz! And it brings out the gold in the decoupage paper.

To add even more fun I also added a new bar style shiny gold drawer pull from Amazon.

Painted Nightstand in Dixie Belle Silk Deep Sea and Marbled Scales Decoupage Paper

Next, Let’s Stencil

Okay another fun fact is that I’m a sucker for these gorgeous stencils. Both Redesign With Prima and Dixie Belle have some beautiful stencils, but the new ones by Kacha With Redesign are just stunning.

The stencil used here is called Deco Peacock Kacha Decor Stencil. Using the Metallic Acrylic Sheen Paint mentioned above

I rolled the stencil design on using small foam roller and then used a stencil sponge brush to get the edges where the roller wouldn’t reach.

Click the link for more ideas on how to incorporate furniture transfers and stencils into your makeover projects.

Adding the stenciled design to the sides of this end table/nightstand may be a bit over the top for some people. But it turned out really fun!

Summary: Silk Paint Deep Seas and Gold For A Fun Furniture Makeover Project

This small furniture makeover project was really fun. It’s so cool to combine design techniques like stencils, decoupage, and adding gold to the edges all in one project.

Adding a little funky hardware can help also make your project more uniquely your style. There are so many fun ways to add some flair to furniture makeovers.

I hope you enjoyed this one and if you’d like more ideas click the link below for more ways to decorate your furniture!

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Let me know if you have any questions or comments and happy painting!




    1. Thank you so much Cheryl! I thought it matched perfectly with the navy paint and you know how I like to add a little gold too.
      I hope you are well and that your projects are coming along well!
      Take Care, Abbey

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