Silk Paint Hampton Olive – Little Half Moon Table Makeover

Next up I’m sharing a little half moon shaped table makeover. I found this little table on Facebook Marketplace. It’s a cute and sweet but small little table. And, it got a cute makeover using Silk Paint Hampton Olive color.

If you’ve been around this blog much, you know I love a little table makeover. And I love Dixie Belle Silk Paint. So this makeover combines both of these loves.

Half Moon Table Makeover Dixie Belle Silk Paint Hampton Olive

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Now more about this little half moon table makeover in Silk Paint Hampton Olive

Little Half Moon Table Makeover Silk Paint Hampton Olive
Here’s the “Before” Photo of the table

Prep and Prime for Silk Paint Hampton Olive

This little table was in great shape, no dings, scratches, or gouges. But it did have a very slick surface, looks like it had some type of poly topcoat on it.

And, because of the spindles and such I just didn’t want to try to sand it. So first, after cleaning, I applied two coats of Dixie Belle Slick Stick. Dixie Belle Slick Stick is a bonding primer that can be applied to any slick surface to create a base for paint to stick to.

Therefore, Dixie Belle Slick Stick can be applied to glass, metal, laminate, plastic and other slick surfaces. Apply the first coat and allow it to dry fully and then follow with a second coat. It dries pretty fast.

Read more about when to prime before painting go to this post.

Apply The Paint: Silk Paint Hampton Olive

Once the Slick Stick is dry, usually overnight, you are ready to apply the paint. For this I chose to use the Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Hampton Olive. This is a gorgeous color, a greenish gray, a great neutral.

Silk Paint goes on like a dream. I used the Dixie Belle Synthetic Brushes in Flat Small and Flat Medium and the Oval Medium.

Apply two coats for optimal coverage and durability. Silk Paint has a built in primer and topcoat. To take advantage of the durability of the paint, the company recommends two coats. But more coats can be added if needed.

However it is important to allow each coat to dry fully for at least 2 hours before applying the next coat.

Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Hampton Olive
Hampton Olive is such a pretty color!

Stencil Design On The Top

Well, you know I have a hard time leaving things plain. Although this table was pretty as it was I had an idea for the table top.

Next, with the Kacha Decor Stencil in Renata I stenciled the top with white chalk mineral paint. To stencil I used the Best Dang Brush by Dixie Belle. This is a great brush for stenciling.

Lastly, after the paint was dry, I sanded it lightly with a 220 grit sandpaper.

For more ideas on how to add Furniture Transfers And Stencils to your projects, click the link.

Apply A Redesign With Prima Transfer

Then to add even more decorative effect, I added two different transfers to the tabletop over the stenciled design. I used a Middy transfer by Redesign With Prima, Blossoming Beauties and a small Scripture Transfer.

To learn more about transfers check out my post, How To Apply Redesign With Prima Transfers To Painted Furniture Makeovers.

Apply Top Coat To The Transfer and Stenciled Design

Once the transfers are applied, they need to be protected with a topcoat. Most often I use a satin sheen topcoat like Dixie Belle Clear Coat in Satin. But sometimes, like in this project, I use Dixie Belle Gator Hide.

Gator Hide works excellent for tabletops and other high usage areas. It is very durable and protects from scratches and water stains.

It is best to apply 2 to 3 coats of Gator Hide for durability.

Half Moon Table Top With the Kacha Stencil and the Redesign With Prima Furniture Transfer

Summary: Half Moon Table in Silk Paint Hampton Olive

I hope you enjoyed this little makeover. I know it’s not for everyone. Sometimes I can get carried away with the designs and then it’s just a lot. But is was a fun quick little project!

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