Silk Paint Table Makeover – Repainting a Previously Painted Table With Dixie Belle Silk Paint

Introducing the transformative power of Dixie Belle Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint! You might have an old previously painted table fading under the wear and tear of time. Instead of discarding it, why not breathe new life into it with a fresh coat of paint? This post will explore a Dixie Belle Silk Paint Table Makeover. This previously painted table turns into a revamped centerpiece that brightens up any room.

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Silk Paint Table Makeover

The Original Vintage Hall Table

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Okay so let’s get started with this simple yet fun makeover. To start I’ll share a bit about the original table. This table was a very sweet antique table that I purchased at a Habitat Restore many years ago. It was first painted with General Finishes Milk Paint and Java Stain for the table top.

A 50/50 mixture of General Finishes Antique White and Snow White created the perfect off white color for the table base. Then I opted for my very favorite gel stain for the top, General Finishes Java Gel Stain. This stain is top notch.

If you’d like to check out the original makeover you can find it here – How To Use Milk Paint. The finished product was so sweet however the table top got scratched and the base got some other paint colors splashed on it. It was downstairs and it got something sharp drug across it which caused a large scratch.

So, after all these years my Mother requested that I repaint it for her to use in her cottage. She requested a white table base and a black painted table top. Next, we’ll move on to discuss this makeover.

I didn’t take many pictures of the makeover project, but I’ll walk through step-by-step.

Prepping The Original Table For the Silk White Paint Table Makeover

You can find a bit more about prepping furniture for painting in this post: How To Prep Furniture for Painting. And for a Silk Paint makeover Dixie Belle recommends at minimum a scuff sanding. I talk more about sanding in this post – How To Sand Furniture Before Painting. But before I got started sanding, the two drawer pulls were removed.

So, to scuff sand this previously painted table base, I used a 220 grit sanding pad on my electric sander. The electric sander I use is the SurfPrep 3×4 Electric Ray. I love this sander and how easy it is to use. When connected to my shop vac it really helps reduce dust. And finally, I really like this sander because of the way it handles curvy edges and details.

Now the top of this vintage hall table needed a full sanding to remove the scratched finish. So I fully sanded this down to raw wood. To do that I started with an 80 grit sandpaper and worked up to a very fine grit to finish off smoothly.

After the sanding, the piece was fully cleaned with Dixie Belle White Lightening and then a rinse with clear, clean water and a fresh cloth. Let it dry and then we are ready for paint.

Prepping furniture painting is not the fun part, but it is a crucial step to achieve a good, durable finish.

What Makes Dixie Belle Silk Paint Special?

Before we talk about the application of the Silk Paint, let’s discuss what makes Silk Paint so special. Silk Paint by Dixie Belle is a three in one paint. This means it combines a primer, paint and a topcoat all in one product.

It has a phenomenal consistency that is creamy and silky. And, it dries to an eggshell sheen, which is so nice. And the durability of this paint is excellent.

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Table Makeover: Apply The Dixie Belle Silk Paint

The color chosen for the base of this table is Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Salt Water. Salt Water is a true white. Coverage is excellent. I applied two coats of Salt Water to the base. To apply Silk Paint, use a synthetic brush.

I mainly used the Dixie Belle Synthetic Flat Small Brush and to get into the crevices and details I used the Dixie Belle French Tip Brush. It’s not a synthetic brush but it has fantastic tapered bristles that work well to get into the grooves.

To learn more about brushes read – Best Dixie Belle Paint Brushes.

For the tabletop I used Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Anchor. Anchor is one of my favorite paint colors as it is true rich black. It has a lovely black matte eggshell sheen finish. For the table top I used three coats of Anchor. Allow each coat to dry fully before applying the next.

To apply paint to the table top I used the Dixie Belle Synthetic Flat Medium Brush. With a larger size it applies paint to a broader area. Of course Silk Paint has a built-in topcoat, but I wanted just a little more sheen to the black painted table top.

However, I do find topcoat tricky to do on black and navy painted flat surfaces. So, I decided to add Dixie Belle Hemp Oil to the table top. A coat of Hemp Oil gives the black painted finish a beautiful shine and it adds a little protection also.

Finishing Up This Dixie Belle Silk Paint Table Makeover

To wrap us this makeover, I updated the drawer pulls. I used a simple crystal clear flower knob that I got at Hobby Lobby. Honestly you could go with several different styles. However, the simplicity of the crystal flower knob suited this makeover perfectly.

In conclusion this post shows how a few simple coats of Dixie Belle Silk Paint gives this old previously painted table a much needed upgrade. And finally, I hope that this makeover also inspires you to grab your paint brush and a few jars of Dixie Belle Silk Paint and find something to paint today!

Not only will you get to be creative and have fun painting, you’ll have a “new to you” piece of furniture for your home! But I must warn you that once you paint once piece of furniture, you’ll want to do more!

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