Silk Red Painted Credenza: A Makeover Featuring Silk Fiery Sky & Gold Accents

My most recent Silk painted furniture project was a total transformation of an old credenza. And I must say, the results were stunning. Since we are approaching the Christmas season I was really wanting to paint something red. So, I decided to use Silk Paint in the color Fiery Sky, a luscious red, for this piece. This bright red paint color served as the perfect backdrop for the golden accents to come. And now let’s go step-by-step through this Silk Red Painted Credenza makeover. It is a transformation story that illustrates the power of paint and creativity.

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Silk Red Painted Credenza  in Fiery Sky

The original piece is a brown wooden credenza in a long shape with one side flat to sit against the wall and the other has three sides like a half of a stop sign (if that’s a way to describe something). And the credenza or console table has a central door that opens. along with three faux drawers.

I found this credenza at my local Habitat Restore for $35. it was cute, simple, in decent shape and looked like a fun project piece. And truthfully, that is how I shop, looking for things that would make good projects for a reasonable price.

When I saw this credenza I knew that it would be perfect painted red for a holiday theme, even though he color is the only thing that makes it holiday. I didn’t use any specific Christmas or other holiday theme decorations on it. But this red paint color chosen as discussed below is very festive.

THe Original wooden credenza before painting

The Color Of Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint: Fiery Sky

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In the realm of furniture revamping, sometimes a bold color and a touch of gold can work miracles. A vibrant red paint was chosen for this piece. Seeing all the Christmas decorations in the stores made me want to go with a gorgeous red. I looked at so many options. And, well of course what paint did I circle back to? – Silk Paint by Dixie Belle of course.

You know I do love Silk Paint. Typically ,I first check to see if there is a shade available in the Silk Paint line. that suits my project goals. If not, then I’ll look at other brands, but Silk is my go to, my sidekick, my main squeeze so to speak.

And as luck would have it they had a gorgeous bold red in the Silk line called Fiery Sky. I just love that name too. It is a pretty red – a bright red, perfect for holidays or just to paint a beautiful and cheerful red piece. And we all know that Silk Paint goes on like a dream.

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Prepare The Credenza for Painting

After removing the hardware, none of which I plan to re-use, I gave this credenza a quick scuff sanding with a 220 grit sandpaper using my SurfPrep Sander. Then, I cleaned the piece with a good wipe down using Dixie Belle White Lightening, a granular cleanser that dissolves in hot water. Finally, once I sprayed with clean water and wiped down to rinse.

To learn more about prepping furniture for painting read – How To Prep Furniture For Painting.

Silk Paint recommends at a minimum a scuff sanding to prep pieces for painting with Silk.

Next up, you can decide if you need to prime your piece. I chose not to prime this time for this particular piece. Whether or not to prime depends on many factors. If in doubt i, just know that t is best to prime. But, given that this piece is not likely a bleeder I did not prime.

To learn more about primers and priming and how to decide read – Primer For Painted Furniture.

Applying the Paint to The Silk Red Painted Credenza

Okay first I’d like to say a bit about this paint. Silk Paint is dreamy. Simply put it is an extraordinary paint and it has a silky smooth consistency. And this color, Fiery Sky, is just absolutely perfect – a bold, deep rich color of red. It is magnificent. And it was just the color I was going for.

Silk Paint goes on best using synthetic brushes. My most used brushes for Silk Paint are the Dixie Belle Synthetic Brushes in flat medium and flat small. Dixie Belle also makes oval synthetic brushes which are also nice.

These synthetic brushes have smooth, silky bristles. To apply Silk you do not use a misting bottle and you do use a dry brush. To learn more about paint brush choices read:

Apply the paint across moving one direction with your brush strokes. With Silk it is best not to back brush or overwork an already painted area. The paint is very self leveling so you shouldn’t have to worry about brush marks. I find that Silk Paint settles out so nicely and dries to a wonderful eggshell finish.

This credenza took three coats of Silk Paint. Two coats would have been fine if I had primed. But since I didn’t prime I chose to do three coats for excellent coverage.

Adding Black Glaze

While I love this bold red color, I opted to deepen it just a bit. To do so, I went with Dixie Belle Black Glaze. The black glaze looks blue in the jar. But when you apply it is is dark black. I primarily wanted the glaze to settle into the nooks and crannies of the piece to give it some depth

To apply glaze I used a Dixie Belle Premium Chip Brush and I apply the glaze in sections. . After letting the glaze sit a few minutes, wipe back excess going in the direction the grain using a clean lint-free towel. Reapply more glaze to get a deeper shading in the crevices and such if you desire.

Finally, once the glaze dries I move on to the next step of adding the transfer. The glaze adds a bit of of depth to the piece. I like the way it turned out.

Dixie Belle Black Glaze

Gold Foil Transfer By Kacha With Redesign With Prima

Of course this bold color red calls for a little drama. And nothing adds drama and glam like gold accents. Red and gold go together magnificently and perfectly achieve that holiday look I was going for. You can find more furniture makeovers featuring gold accents here: Painted Furniture With Gold Accents

The transfer I chose for this piece is a gold foil transfer. It is my first time using this type of transfer. It is called, Bird Song by Redesign with Prima and Kacha. To apply, you peel away the backing and apply the transfer sticky side down onto your desired surface.

Then next, burnish gently with the stick enclosed to rub the transfer off of the carrier paper onto the painted surface. But before burnishing the transfer I measured and cut each sheet to size after deciding on placement. Now that the transfer is placed on I smooth it out rubbing across all the surfaces to make sure everything is adhered well. I used a soft lint-free cloth to do this because I want to be gentle.

I found this transfer a little tricky to work with. I’m not sure why I got some of the gold flakes from the carrier paper onto the surface no matter how gently I worked. I’ll have to try a bit of different technique next time. Luckily the little extra gold flakes don’t detract from the piece.

Also I had a few pieces of the Redesign With Prima Sweet Notes Transfer that I cut to size and added to the top faux drawer portion of the credenza.

Transfers need to be sealed. To seal I used Dixie Belle Clear Coat in Satin. I applied two coats – over the transfers and two coats for the credenza table top. Just to give it a bit of extra protection from fingerprints, smudges, water marks. etc.

Gold Accenting with Gilding Wax & Finishing Touches To The Silk Red Painted Credenza

To accent the edges and add a bit more glitz, I used Pebeo Gilding Wax in Empire Gold. These waxes are rich and thick, but smooth so they spread easily. They have very little odor, unlike some waxes. This wax could easily be painted on with an artist brush.

Pebeo Gold Gilding Wax applied to the red painted credenza

Let the wax dry overnight for sure before tying to buff it if you desire.

Then to finish out this piece I switched out the hardware to some pieces from Amazon that are quite sturdy and a beautiful bright gold. I used these drawer knobs and these golden pull rings, both from Amazon.

Summary: Silk Red Painted Credenza Makeover

This project, my Silk Red Painted Credenza makeover, really turned out so much better than I expected. I absolutely love the red and gold together. Talk about a stunning combination.

While the festive red Fiery Sky color is gorgeous, the gold transfer and gold gilding wax accents really elevate the piece and give it a luxurious feel. And the new hardware adds a touch of modern elegance.

Overall, I am very pleased with how this project turned out and can’t wait to try out new techniques and combinations in my future furniture makeovers. I hope this inspires you to get creative and try something new with your own furniture projects. Happy painting!

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