My Top Ten DIY Tools List

DIY Tools List – Basic Tools & Power Tools

I love my DIY tools! I mean what’s more fun than power tools?! When I first started doing some DIY I scoured blog posts looking for information on which tools were best for beginner DIY’ers. Thankfully I did find helpful information and now want to share that information with you. So here on this page you will find my top ten DIY tools list and supplies for making your DIY projects easier to accomplish!

This list is not exhaustive by any means. There are so many cool DIY tools. I have a list of tools that I still want to get in the future. But this list of my top ten DIY tools is a good basic starter list if you desire to do some DIY projects around your house, or make some small furniture or even just make wood signs.

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Top Ten List DIY Supplies List

Power Drill

Power Sander

Measuring Tape


Screwdriver Set

Utility Knife

Stud Finder

Glue Bot Dispenser

Power Stapler

Power Nail Gun/Nailer

Bonus: Kreg Jig Pocket Hole Tool

Power Drill

A drill is one of the most useful tools in most folk’s workshops. So many uses from hanging shelves, putting a new hinge on a cabinet, building a shelf and so many more projects. And a drill comes in handy for putting together Ikea furniture. The idea of putting together Ikea furniture just makes me nauseated haha. I’ve done it many times but all those parts and pieces and instructions. . . oh my! So in creating this list of my top ten DIY tools I just had to put a power drill at the top.

Ryobi Drill To Remove Hardware

I have a two drills for some reason. I have a Ryobi One+ 18V drill that is cordless which I love because the battery pack is interchangeable with my other Ryobi tools. You can find Ryobi at Home Depot. But I also have a very good Dewalt drill. Dewalt makes great powerful rugged tools that you can depend on. It is also cordless and uses an interchangeable battery pack. You can find the Dewalt drill on Amazon or at your local hardware store.

Power Sander

I do quite a bit of hand sanding but if you really need to sand something down  and want to save yourself some sweat and aggravation, a power sander is recommended. I have two sanders that I use. First is an old inexpensive orbital sander that I bought from Wal-Mart. It’s a decent small sander that gets the job done and it is easy to hold if you have smaller hands. The other sander I use is a Ryobi 18-Volt One+ Corner Cat sander. It is a smaller sander with a pointed tip. It is not quite as  effective as the orbital sander but it gets into corners and smaller spaces more easily. And a big plus is that it is cordless and uses the Ryobi batteries I mentioned above.

My bucket list sander is a SurfPrep sander, but I’ll have to save up for one of those. You can see lots of cool reviews on these sanders and they really get the job done quickly and with less effort, but it’s an investment. While you certainly don’t need to spend an exorbitant amount of money on a sander, a top ten DIY tools list wouldn’t be complete without a power sander.

Ryobi Corner Cat Sander

Measuring Tape

A good heavy duty retractable measuring tape is indispensable! Literally so many  uses if you are doing your own DIY projects. They typically come in both shorter and longer length sizes. I have two by Craftsman brand, one 16 foot one 25 foot The longer ones are heavier and bulkier but come in handy if you are measuring a larger room for square footage or furniture placement.

simple measuring tape is a top ten DIY tools list must have


From hanging pictures to putting up a faux shiplap plank wall a level is necessary. If you’d like to read about how I put up a faux shiplap planked wall to cover stuck-on ugly 70’s style wallpaper, check that post out here. I have two levels, a shorter level and a long level. The shorter level definitely gets more use, but it’s handy to have both. If you have to choose, get the small level first.

Screwdriver Set

If only I had a dime for every time I went searching around the house for a decent screwdriver. A good set of screwdrivers, with both Phillip’s head and Flat head versions, is so useful. From putting in a new hinge on a drawer or unscrewing the battery cover on a flashlight or Nerf gun (yep. some of them have battery packs!), a screwdriver is one of the most used tools in any household. This Craftsman set on Amazon is a great sturdy set with a variety of sized screwdrivers.

Utility Knife

Everyone will need a good utility knife at some point. In fact, I have several. It’s good to have a few on hand because they do get dulled with use. Some come with replacement blades if you prefer. Here’s a good one from Amazon You can also find plenty of options for good utility knife’s at your local hardware stores.

Stud Finder

I hadn’t invested in a stud finder until I was planning the DIY planked faux shiplap wall project. So, I got a really simple small Craftsman Stud Finder. I found it super easy to use was super easy to use and it works like a charm! Having a small stud finder on hand is helpful for many projects, even hanging heavier picture frames or shelves. You can certainly do the old fashioned method of knocking on the wall and listening for the duller sound where the studs are located but the stud finder helps to improve accuracy . . . and saves your knuckles!

Glue Bot Dispenser

I continually battled with unclogging the tip on my Gorilla Wood Glue Dispenser until finally I decided to research other options. I was reading over a post one day by Shanty 2 Chic and they recommended the Glue Bot Wood Glue dispenser. And let me tell you how cool this glue dispenser is! Like I am not sure why I didn’t get one sooner. This simple Glue Bot dispenser is a game changer! Very inexpensive and no clogged glue dispenser tips! And the glue comes out in a super thin line. You even have more than one type of dispenser tip to help with those really fine tip dispensing needs. This thing is a must have if you are doing many projects with wood glue!

Glue Bot Wood Glue Dispenser is a top ten DIY tools list recommendation

Power Stapler

I have a non-powered handheld staple gun and it does pretty good. It is cheap and works well for most needs. It does get jammed up often though and doesn’t hold as many staples. However, after reupholstering a few items I invested in a power staple gun by Ryobi. This staple gun is a amazing! You can certainly do well with a handheld stapler but the power one saves your hands quite a bit of pain. Talk about fast dispensing of staples and so precise. This thing is just super cool! You can find Ryobi at Home Depot. A similar Ryobi staple gun can be found on Amazon.

Power Nail Gun

If you are going to build a few things and do some DIY projects it is well worth the investment to get a nail gun. Many nail guns require a compressor, which I don’t have. But I found a nailer that I just love that does not require a compressor hook up. And there is no deficiency in the power of this baby. The Ryobi 18Volt One+ Brad Nailer is the ticket. It will take brad nails up to 2 inches in length. And delivers them with such speed, power, accuracy that you will be amazed.

This has to be my absolute favorite tool. I used it to do my DIY Plank Wood Faux Shiplap Wall which you can checkout here. I also used it to attach the shelves on my workbench build which you can see below. Honestly this is my favorite tool! Yes, it’s an investment but it’s great for many projects. And as with all the Ryobi cordless tools the batteries are interchangeable to you can purchase just the tool only if you already have a Ryobi rechargeable battery on hand.

Ryobi Airstrike Brad Nailer
My Big Workbench I built using many of the tools in this top ten DIY tools list

Bonus Tool Recommendation – Kreg Pocket Hole Jig & Clamps

If you plan on building any furniture or decor items a Kreg Jig is a really nice tool to have. And they are affordable as well. The Kreg clamps are somewhat costly but I chose two clamps that I use for most projects and they are very durable. There are little differences between each of the different Kreg pocket hole jig models. You just have to figure out which one is best for you.

The purpose of the Kreg Jig tool is to make “pocket holes” which are hidden holes that you put in your builds to join pieces of wood. Honestly this makes a world of difference in the final look of your builds. And it means less screw and nail holes showing. And less screw holes that need to be filled, sanded and painted over. You can go to the Kreg website and check out the different models of pocket holes. And there are tons of videos on YouTube to explain how to use them. Anika at Anika’s DIY Life has a great mini course on using the Kreg Jig. I recommend you check her out for more help with understanding this neat tool!

Kreg K5 Pocket Hole Jig


This top ten list of DIY tools is a mix of basic tools and power tools. I know that power tools are not cheap! So what you buy first might depend on your next project plans or picking a tool that you can get the most out of. If I had to pick something to buy first, a drill would be my choice. Then work up from there depending on your needs.

If you have any questions about my experiences with various tools I’m happy to help. Other than my Dewalt Miter Saw, most of my tools are by Ryobi. You can find Ryobi tools at Home Depot stores or on I love that Ryobi makes cordless powerful tools that all use the same rechargeable batteries. It just makes things so super easy! And honestly I love the springy green color of the Ryobi tools! You can’t go wrong with that happy green color!

Dewalt Miter Saw - An Investment But I use it often

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