Transfers For Painted Furniture

Transforming a piece of old, worn-out furniture into a work of art is a truly satisfying process. One of the most effective ways to breathe new life into repainted furniture and home décor is to use furniture transfers. There are hundreds of transfers to choose from in so many styles! This blog post aims to dive into the exciting world of furniture transfers. We’ll talk about why they’re a fantastic option for furniture makeovers, the brands and styles available. And we’ll cover how to apply them. So, buckle up and let’s learn more about Transfers For Painted Furniture.

And if you are new to painting furniture, you can learn more at Chalk Mineral Paint Basics. In that post you’ll find tips and tricks on getting started.

Transfers For Painted Furniture

What Are Transfers For Painted Furniture?

So, to start let’s answer the question “What are furniture transfers?” Well, these transfers are essentially stickers with various designs that you can apply to your painted furniture to give it a fresh and quite unique look. And you can also apply transfers to unpainted wood or an existing finish.

These transfer designs are on a clear backing. Peel away the backing and adhere them to your furniture or décor. Not only are they easy to use but they add such a nice touch. Once you use a transfer on a piece, you’ll want to place transfers on everything! It’s quite addictive just like painting furniture!

And remember, transfer aren’t just for furniture. Transfers are fun to use on home décor items like vases, trays, walls, lamps, and so much more. The options are really endless!

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You can even use them on fabric and create one-of-a-kind pillows, tote bags, and clothing items. And I’ve recently seen them used on purses and shoes. Check out this post where I placed transfers on a chair after painting the upholstery: Chalk Painted Upholstery.

The transfer used in this project is the Peacock Dreams Transfer by Redesign With Prima.

Dixie Belle Painted Upholstery Fabric

Well talk more about how to apply transfers shortly, but for now let’s discuss styles available.

Furniture Transfer Design Styles

Whether you’re aiming for a vintage, rustic, modern, or whimsical feel, there’s a transfer to match your vision. There are so many design available. And several companies make transfers for painted furniture, adding to the variety of styles on the market.

Some of the most popular styles are the florals, gold designs, farmhouse style, and even whimsical styles such as the Alice in Wonderland themed designs that are so popular. There is really a transfer to suit any and every style personality.

And the transfers come in so many colors too. Some of these designs look better on light colored painted backgrounds while others really pop on a darker or richer paint color base.

One of the most well known transfers are made by Redesign With Prima. Their products are top-notch. Such beautiful designs in any décor style you can imagine. A few other companies that make transfers include Iron Orchid Designs and Dixie Belle. Each company has its own unique style and designs to choose from.

Transfers also come in different sizes. So think about the piece of furniture or décor that you are choosing a design for to determine which transfer to buy. The possibilities are endless when it comes to furniture transfers. You can even layer different designs for a truly unique look!

Furniture Makeover Projects Featuring Transfers

If you are interested in learning more about furniture transfers and seeing some of the various design styles available, check out these posts. Each one features the use of at least one furniture transfer. And a few projects mix and match transfer designs.

How To Apply Transfers To Painted Furniture

In terms of application, there are a few techniques you can use depending on the type of transfer and the surface you are applying it on. Most standard transfers come with a protective backing that needs to be removed before application. Kacha by Redesign With Prima has a few newer gold foil transfers that need to be rubbed onto the surface with no backing to peel away beforehand.

  1. Make sure your surface is clean and dry. If it has been painted let the paint fully dry before applying the transfer.
  2. Next, decide on placement. Cut the transfer if needed to fit the space desired. You can also cut out pieces of several transfers to layer and create unique designs.
  3. Then once your placement has been decided, peel away the white backing sheet and place the clear sheet with the embedded transfer down onto your surface.
  4. Burnish the transfer onto the furniture or home décor surface. I like to start in a corner or middle and work my way outward or across the transfer. Take care to burnish carefully, gently rubbing out any bubbles as you go.
  5. As your transfer design is burnished gently lift away the clear sheet and voila your project is coming together!

To burnish the transfer use either the burnishing stick that comes with the transfer or use the Redesign With Prima Transfer Applicator Tool.

It’s very satisfying to see that transfer design on your furniture makeover project! You’ll be amazed at what it does for your projects!

How To Protect And Seal Your Transfer

Furniture transfers need to be sealed to protect them. While any clear poly sealant or furniture wax will work, most people have their favorites. Choose the product that best suits the paint brand you chose.

Learn more in this post about how to – Protect And Seal Painted Furniture

My favorite products to use to seal transfers are the clear poly topcoat products. I typically use Dixie Belle Clear Coat in Satin or Gator Hide Topcoat. Both work fabulously. For most projects two coats will suffice to perfectly seal and protect the transfer.

The clear coats do add a little sheen so if you prefer a matte finish just go for a flat or matte topcoat. For this I use either Wise Owl Varnish in Matte or Dixie Belle Clear Coat Flat Finish.

Tips For Applying Transfers To Furniture & Décor

Here are a few tips for using and applying transfers to your projects. Overall transfers are super easy to use, but hopefully these tips can save you some frustration.

  • If you get a bubble in your transfer during the application this can be tricky. If you can’t gently lift it and re-place it down without tearing the design you can get rid of the bubble using a simple technique. Take the tip of a craft knife like an Exacto and pop the bubble and then smooth it down. This will release the air in the bubble and make it disappear.
  • To get rid of the white haze around the transfer edges that may be visible, especially on a dark painted surface, use a clean lint-free soft cloth to firmly rub across the transfer. This burnishes that hazy edge into the furniture and gets rid of that hazy film. This haze also tends to further disappear once the clear coat is applied.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match transfer designs. Cut out designs to fit your space and create you own unique styles. Even layer one design over another to create unique combinations.
  • Mix and match colors too. The colors in the transfers don’t always have to match the paint. Your transfer design will really pop on a painted surface that is different than what is in the transfer.

Summary: Transfers For Painted Furniture

In conclusion, using transfers on painted furniture and home décor adds a unique flair and personal touch to your items. With a bit of creativity you can elevate your projects to new heights. Remember, it’s not just about matching colors, it’s about creating a design that resonates with you.

So don’t be afraid to experiment with different designs and surfaces. As you begin to try out transfers on your furniture and home décor projects, you’ll see that there are so many possibilities. Not to mention that they are just a blast to use!

I encourage you to go ahead and let your creativity run wild with transfers for painted furniture. The end result will be a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece. Keep on creating and have fun!

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