White Painted End Tables With Silk Paint and Gold Leaf

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Are you looking for a way to add some chic flair and sophistication to your home décor? Why not try something a bit different with white painted end tables with Silk Paint, a gold stencil design and gold leaf accents?

In this blog post we’ll discuss how to get started painting your end tables using Dixie Belle Silk Paint as well as adding beautiful stencils and gold leafing accents that will take it up a notch. So let’s get started!

To learn more about Silk Paint and other Dixie Belle products, you’ll find more information in my guide at How To Use Dixie Belle Paint.

End Table Makeover using White Silk Paint

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This Pair of End Tables: The Before

These two matching end tables were actually Facebook marketplace finds, but from two different places! I know, crazy, right? Often times I see one table for sale but rarely two matching so this was fun. And these tables were in good condition which is great, so no repairs.

End Table Makeover

For a short YouTube video of the makeover scroll to the bottom of this post.

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Main Supplies List/Products Used

White Painted End Table Makeover Steps:

Steps In Makeover: White Painted End Tables

Step 1: Sanding

Although these tables were in good condition, I chose to sand. It is recommended when using Silk Paint to at least scuff sand your furniture. I sanded these tables using a 220 grit sandpaper on my Surf Prep 3×4 Electric Ray sanding. I love the way this sander handles all the edges and rounded detail areas too.

end table makeover: sanding and cleaning prep

After a quick sanding, I moved on to the next step, cleaning. If you’d like to learn more about sanding before painting, check out my post on how to get a smoother finish with chalk paint.

Step 2: Cleaning

Okay, after sanding there is lots of dust, even though my Surf Prep is attached to my Rigid Shop Vac.

So first I used wet cloth just to dust the furniture off. Then to really get the furniture clean I wipe it down with a combination of Dixie Belle White Lightening and hot water. After a good wipe down with the cleaner I follow with a clear water rinse. Now these end tables are ready for the next step.

Some people like to use a spray cleaner like Krud Kutter and that works well too!

Step 3: Primer

Okay, so honestly Silk Paint doesn’t require primer. However, I opted to prime these end tables. I tend to prime most often especially when painting furniture white. According to Dixie Belle, the manufacturer of Silk Paint, two coats of Silk Paint will provide optimal priming.

I used Zinsser BIN Shellac-Based Primer in white. This is one of most used primers. Here is a link if you want to learn more about when to prime before painting and my top primer choices. I buy this typically at my local paint and hardware supply store. It comes in spray and roll-on or brush-on versions.

Zinsser BIN Shellac-Based Primer is an oil-based primer and caution must be taken when using. Use appropriate ventilation, respiratory protection make, and eye protection goggles. I also wear disposable gloves because it is hard to remove from skin.

Oil-based primers are also flammable so preferably use outdoors away from heat sources and make sure any primer-soaked brushes or rags dry out completely before disposing and I always dry outside away from my house.

When To Prime & My Top Primer Choices: Zinsser BIN Shellac-Based Primer

But this primer dries quickly and coverage is just excellent. But again it is imperative to be cautious when using oil-based products. I did two coats of this primer and then these end tables were ready for paint. After the primer I did a quick hand sanding on the tops and flat surfaces of these tables with a extra fine grit sanding pad.

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    Step 4: Now For the Silk Paint

    Okay, now finally we get to add the color. I chose Silk Paint in Salt Water, my favorite white Silk paint. And typically with Silk Paint you do two coats, letting each coat dry fully at least 2 hours. I actually needed three coats of this paint.

    Even with the primer I found three coats gave the best coverage. White is in my experience the hardest paint to fully cover To apply Silk Paint use a synthetic brush. My favorite brushes are the Dixie Belle Flat Medium and the Mini angle and the Cling On S30 and S50.

    White Painted End Table Makeover Salt Water Silk by Dixie Belle

    Step 5: Stencil Design on the White Painted End Tables

    Maybe it was a bit much, but I opted to add a stencil design to the top using one of the gorgeous Kacha stencils. This stencil is called Renata from Redesign With Prima, their Kacha design line.This is a huge stencil, making it easy to cover a large area without moving the stencil around too much.

    For the gold I used one of my favorite metallic paints, Redesign With Prima Metallic Acrylic Paint in Goldenrod. And, for great stenciling I apply it using the Best Dang Brush by Dixie Belle in a stabbing motion.

    Tips For Doing a Crisp Stencil Design

    A big key when doing stenciling is to dab off excess paint from the stencil brush before stenciling. It is always better to apply less and then do a second coat rather than apply too much. Too much paint causes bleed through. And with a stencil you want crisp lines!

    This metallic acrylic paint does not have to be topcoated. However, I prefer to always topcoat end tables due to high use. To do so, I used Dixie Belle Gator Hide applied with the recommended blue sponge. Two coats of Gator Hide gives great protection to these white painted end tables.

    Step 6: Now For the Gold Leaf on these White Painted End Tables

    Okay, for the final touches on these white painted end tables. I opted to try the Kacha Imitation Gold Leaf sheets by Redesign With Prima. These are applied using the Gilding Glue and an art brush.

    Here is a short video of Kacha doing gold leaf I found on YouTube. Skip to the 8 minute mark to see the gold leafing.

    Now, let me start by saying that I love gold leaf! So pretty! But a big warning is that this process is quite messy! I had my little Ryobi shop hand vac at the ready to vacuum up all the excess gold leaf that went everywhere!

    Kacha Imitation Gold Leaf

    Kacha Imitation Gold Leaf In Stripe Pattern

    Gold Leaf is So Pretty

    Kacha Imitation Gold Leaf on these painted end tables

    How To Apply The Gold Leaf

    I used painter’s tape to do a stripe pattern on the drawer front. First apply a piece of tape vertically spaced evenly where you want your stripes. Then on the exposed sections apply the Gilding Glue. Wait till it gets tacky.

    Once tacky apply the Imitation Gold Leaf sheet and pat down gently. Allow to sit a bit to make sure adhered. Then use a stiff brush, like a cheap synthetic paint brush and brush away the excess. The gold leaf will stick to the areas where the Gilding Glue was applied.

    This brushing away of excess Gold Leaf is where it gets messy! But it’s also kind of fun!

    If you have areas where you see bald spots in the Gold Leaf design. You can just apply a little Gilding Glue there and re-do. I also applied the Gold Leaf to the drawer pulls. It was a bit tricky but worked well!

    Gold Leaf is messy but so pretty

    Step 7: Topcoat The Gold Leaf

    Last step finally! So, Gold Leaf has to be protected or sealed to protect it from being rubbed or scratched off.

    To protect Gold Leaf areas you can use a wax or a clear coat. Consider a spray or brush-on polyacrylic topcoat product like Dixie Belle Clear Coat or Wise Owl Varnish. For a wax you can try any clear wax furniture sealer.

    Summary: White Painted End Tables

    Okay, so I hope you enjoyed this fun little quick makeover. As I mentioned before, I love Dixie Belle Silk Paint! And the Salt Water is a great option for furniture that you want to paint white. Silk paint is a great all-in-one paint product!

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    If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to reach out. And I’d love to know your thoughts on this makeover in the comments below!

    XOXO, Abbey

    Check out a quick little one minute video of the makeover on YouTube shorts:

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